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Embassy killings fuel Jordan-Israel tensions

The entire Israeli Embassy staff was evacuated from Jordan after a guard shot and killed two Jordanians following a dispute on embassy grounds.

Yazidi boys forced to fight for IS still need psychological help

Hundreds of Yazidi boys indoctrinated by the Islamic State have managed to escape, but without professional treatment, their trauma continues.

Arab areas of Iraq see demands to join Kurdistan Region

The secessionist wing in Iraqi Kurdistan is working on using demands from some Sunni Arabs to join the region to support the upcoming referendum and independence.

Without reforms, Iranian banking crisis looms

As he prepares to begin his second term, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is faced with the prospect of a major banking crisis.

Israeli, Turkish chefs hope food can bridge divide

For Israeli food blogger David Dudi Califa, a victim of the IS attack in Istanbul a year ago, the best reply to terrorism is to cook with love.

Following deadly clashes, Nile island residents keep up fight against evictions

The residents of al-Warraq island in Cairo woke up July 16 to see police and army forces implementing a government decision to remove all unlicensed buildings and illegal use of state-owned land.

Fatah leverages Temple Mount crisis to confront Israel

Israel is concerned over Fatah officials' call for continued mass protests stemming from recent events at the Temple Mount.

Iranian MPs request to visit imprisoned opposition leader

After news that Mehdi Karroubi and Mir Hossein Mousavi are reportedly suffering from serious illnesses, some are calling for their release.

Knesset's summer session ends in disgrace

A vicious debate in the Knesset over the nationality bill guarantees further turbulence into the fall.

Palestinian Christians, Muslims come together over Al-Aqsa protests

Palestinian Christians are participating alongside Muslims in demonstrations and sit-ins in Jerusalem in a show of solidarity for their cause.

Netanyahu's power drunk government

Instead of listening to Israel's security experts, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu keeps provoking the Palestinians and escalating tensions.

With Islamic State gone, barbers are busy in Mosul

Mosul barbers, whose profession was outlawed during the Islamic State's rule, are becoming popular again in the newly freed city.

Gaza's beaches unseasonably empty

The Gaza Municipality has increased rent for the land used to set up beach resorts every summer, forcing many lodge owners to condense their facilities or close altogether.

Turkish parliament expels more pro-Kurdish lawmakers in absentia

Turkey has stripped two more pro-Kurdish lawmakers of their seats in its ever-widening dragnet as pro-Kurdish politicians and their supporters take to the streets of Diyarbakir.

Visiting Lebanon PM seeks to temper Washington's anti-Hezbollah zeal

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri is fighting back against aid cuts and new sanctions.

Visiting Lebanon PM seeks to temper Washington's anti-Hezbollah zeal

Prime Minister Saad Hariri is fighting back against aid cuts and new sanctions.

Women gain foothold at Iran's seminaries

In Iran, institutional change in favor of women's participation at seminaries is moving ahead at an exceptional pace.

Turkey's Kurdish movement seeks to mobilize street protests

Turkey's main Kurdish political movement has called for street protests against government oppression but faced a stiff police blockade on the first day of the initiative.

Rouhani: US House bill repetition of past sanctions

Iranian leaders indicate they are readying a response to the US House of Representatives passing fresh sanctions on the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and the country's ballistic missile program.

Netanyahu's scandals run deep

The many scandals directly or indirectly involving Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, coupled with media criticism over his handling of the Temple Mount crisis, are seriously destabilizing his administration.

Moscow's shifting strategy in Yemen

With the recent appointment of Ahmed Salem al-Wahishi as Yemen's ambassador to Russia, Moscow finds itself in a strong position to lead a political solution to the Yemen conflict.

Turkey needs new Syria plan as CIA ends rebel support

The US decision to pull the plug from the CIA's training and equipment program for the Syrian opposition will affect Turkey's plans for Idlib in northern Syria.

Israelis quick to forgive Netanyahu for latest security debacle

While most Israelis are unhappy with the way that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu handled the Temple Mount crisis, they also believe that he was right to install the metal detectors there.

Militants stifle civil society in Syria's Idlib

Civil society groups in Syria's Idlib are doing what they can to provide aid to about 1 million citizens, despite pressure by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, an al-Qaeda-linked group that is trying to impose its own presence in the province.

Egypt's traditional recipes get a makeover

Ambitious restaurant owners give traditional dishes a makeover and often give them English names, while traditionalists simmer in anger over the degeneration of gastronomic heritage of Egypt's traditional dishes.

Turks savor small doses of heartwarming news

Though Turkey's various crises continue to bubble, the recent news wasn't all bad.

New congressional sanctions tie Trump's hands on cooperation with Russia

The House passed legislation today that could impact US-Russia cooperation on Syria and curb Russian arms sales to the Middle East.

Kuwait-Iran diplomatic row could have wide-ranging impact

Kuwait's expulsion of Iranian diplomats over the Abdali terror cell case may affect domestic politics, business deals and Iranian relations with the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Appearances get people killed in Iraq

Several Iraqis have been killed or received death threats recently because they are gay, "look gay" or in some way don't meet extremists' religious mandates.

Inflation likely to rise in Rouhani's second term

Despite its drastic cut in inflation to single digits for the first time in years, reports predict that Iran will see a return to its usual high inflation rates.

Erdogan hopes to woo Saudi Arabia with Gulf damage control tour

President Erdogan said his visit to the Gulf was mainly about the GCC-Qatar crisis, but analysts indicate Ankara is also trying to curry favor with Saudi Arabia.

Congress closes in on first new Iran sanctions since nuclear deal

Tehran has vowed to retaliate if a US bill imposing additional sanctions on Iran becomes law.

Israel sees Bedouin polygamy as security threat

Some Israeli Bedouin men continue to practice polygamy, in part to milk state benefits, but some worry the practice is creating a security threat.

Palestinian photographer devotes decade to capturing life in Gaza

An exhibition of 1,000 photographs shows the work of Palestinian photographer Fadi Thabet, who has worked for 10 years to capture the beauty of the people in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli-Palestinian water pact raises hopes, suspicions

Israelis and Palestinians have reach a water-supply agreement, though some worry such economic deals might become a poor substitute for a true peace settlement.

Netanyahu's dangerous delusion

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the right remain under the delusion that they can sustain the occupation at no cost to Israel.

Surprise meeting sparks talk of Rouhani-IRGC conciliation

Commanders of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps met with President Hassan Rouhani, giving rise to speculation that the two sides are ready to bury the hatchet after a period of public feuding.

Al-Aqsa protests unite Jerusalemites

The Palestinians of Jerusalem collaborated to keep the protests against Israel's restrictions at Al-Aqsa Mosque ongoing.

Ai Weiwei highlights survival in Jerusalem exhibition

Ai Weiwei's first exhibition at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, Maybe, Maybe Not,' features iron trees, hand-painted seeds and a tribute to a tiger who was in the Khan Yunis zoo.

Erdogan touts missile deal as Ankara, Moscow exchange favors

Turkey's president has claimed an agreement with Russia to buy a missile defense battery system is going forward despite objections from its NATO partners and the likely difficulties of satisfying Moscow after the deal.

The motives behind Turkey's decision to reveal US military intel

Turkish anger over US weapons being used by the Kurdistan Workers Party against its soldiers may be the leading cause behind the leak by its state-run news agency.

Turkey flexing military muscle in Qatar

Turkey is signaling a shift to "hard power" foreign policy by incrementally building its military presence in Qatar to a brigade-level force.

Iraqi forces keep up fight for strategic areas south of Mosul

Despite its recent losses, the Islamic State was able to temporarily retake some liberated areas such as the village of Imam Gharbi, cutting the key highway between Qayyarah and Shirqat for weeks.

Iranian TV series dogged by real-life drama

"Shahrzad," one of the most popular and expensive TV series in Iran, has been confronted with a huge campaign to stop it after its producer was mixed up in allegations of corruption.

Iran in no mood to renegotiate nuclear deal

Iranian officials have rejected the possibility of renegotiating the nuclear deal and appear to be making contingency plans should the United States renege on it.

Turkey's forex market in agony after drastic measures

Many brokerage houses have closed in Turkey since February, when the authorities drastically lowered the leverage ratio for foreign exchange transactions.

Netanyahu's rash decision on Temple Mount sparks speculation

Is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu letting the Temple Mount crisis simmer to deflect attention from the scandals swirling around him?

PA, Israel security coordination out as Temple Mount crisis continues

Tensions over the current Temple Mount crisis have reached unprecedented levels as Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas terminated the enduring security coordination between the Palestinian Authority and Israel.

Terrorists in Sinai up their game

In a striking development, an Islamic State splinter group in Sinai has targeted an elite Egyptian army battalion, which raises concerns that militants might be adopting a new pattern of qualitative operations.

Water pictured around Renaissance Dam alarms Egyptians

As negotiations to complete the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam studies remain stalled, satellite images show water pooling around the dam, raising Egyptian suspicions of unauthorized storage.