ANSA (56)

Barcelona terrorists were aiming for Sagrada Familia

Arrested suspect confirms during questioning

Gaza's Rafah crossing to Egypt headed for reopening

In September, after remodeling work by Cairo

Chaos in Spain's Cies Islands, inundated by tourists

Double amount of daily tickets leaves tourists stuck on mainland

One in three radicalized in France has mental health issues

Interior Minister Collomb says Marseilles attack was 'emulation'

Three boys rescued after two women die in Ischia quake

Naples Bay island hit by 4.0-magnitude tremor

Fall exhibits on legends from Caravaggio to Van Gogh

Picasso to be showcased in both Rome and Genoa

Astronaut Nespoli takes pix of solar eclipse

From ISS

Ischia quake kills 2 women, child alive under rubble

4.0 on Richter scale, 39 injured and tourists fleeing

'Coalition airstrikes kill 167 civilians in Raqqa in 8 days'

Backing Kurds, Russia hitting ISIS fleeing to Deir Al-Zor

Italy strives to rebuild quake-damaged heritage

Plan to begin with major churches including San Benedict's

Barcelona murderer killed with explosive vest on

Man who drove Las Ramblas van shot dead north of Barcelona

Festivaletturatura in Mantua a window on Mediterranean

From 'supermuslim' to Arab Springs chaos,focus on current events

Erdogan arrives in Jordan, focus on Syria and Jerusalem

Football: UAE and Saudis face off in AFC Champions League

Awaited in Arabian peninsula for Al Ain-Al Hilal derby

Tunisian industrial production fell in Q2 2017

Phosphates, mechanical-electrical and agro-food doing well

Manhunt to nab Barcelona attacker extended in Europe

Arrest warrant sent to other countries

Caracalla baths and hypogeum showcase mixture of cults

Open at night until 3/10 for guided tours

Austrian FM wants Med migrant route 'closed'

'They don't have the right to asylum. Send them back'

Troops in Damascus take four oil fields from ISIS, says SOHR

Alleged Barcelona driver Moussa 'dead, two on run' - sources

Among terrorists killed in Camrils, awaiting confirmation

Astronaut Nespoli busy with experiments in VITA mission

First time saliva sample to be analysed on ISS

Rome under tighter security, car rentals checks

Attention for vans in centre

More than 300 migrants pushed back at Ceuta, 20 arrests

New attempt to scale wall comes after reopening at Tarajal

2 Italians among 14 killed in Barcelona terror attacks

Victims named as Bruno Gulotta and Luca Russo

Russia claims ISIS-held eastern Hama town surrounded

Militants 'fleeing towards Deir Al-Zor under drone strikes'

France clears 2,200 migrants from camp north of Paris

'Secret operation', 500 in new camp south of the city

2 of 3 Italians injured in Barcelona attack out of hospital

Ambassador Sannino tells Sky

Las Ramblas reopens after mass killing, 3 days of mourning

police op kills 5 alleged terrorists

'Several dead' after van ploughs into Barcelona crowd

Italians give dramatic testimony

Night visits to Caracalla Baths begin

Ceuta border reopened for passage of vendors and wares

Tarajal gate had been closed due to migrant attempts to scale

Govt to brief parliament on Regeni case Sep 4

House and Senate foreign affairs committees

Algerian PM Ouyahia presents new government

Industry, trade and building ministers replaced

Israeli High Court freezes law legalizing outposts

Government has two months to respond

Spanish airports risk chaos from strike starting 15/9

Barcelona's El Prat staff launch indefinite strike action

New Algerian PM Ouyahia to present government today

After Tebboune removed three months into his term

Spain rescues 600 migrants in 24 hours

On 15 boats, including small rowboats

Austria sends 70 soldiers to guard Brenner Pass

'To step up checks but no tanks'

'US gave Rome proof Egypt services killed Regeni' - NYT

Premier's offices denies, Cairo hails envoy return

Tehran looks to accord with Turkey for border security

Pasdaran spokesman vows to 'strengthen fight against terrorism'

Jordan: Muslim Brotherhood claims victory in local elections

Secures at least 3 major mayoral seats, final results today

Spanish NGO seized for 2 hours by Libyan coastguard

Proactiva Open Arms forced under threat to enter Libyan waters

No 'explosive' evidence on Regeni from US - Italian govt

Regeni's family "indignant" at sending ambassador to Cairo

Aid flight leaves for Libya - Italian Foreign minister

For Sabratha clinic. 'Proof of govt solidarity to Libyan people'

Tunisian commission working on inheritance law reform

Taboo issues like gender equality

Al-Azhar criticizes Tunisian call for inheritance equality

Between women and men, 'against Islamic teachings'

New Regeni documents sent from Egypt

'Step forward' say prosecutors

Jordan: Iran backed militia near border is major threat

Haftar spoke with Lavrov on military assistance

'Topic in the hands of Libyans. Any role for Moscow welcome'

Moroccan folk song praises 'beating women like cumin'

Controversy over 'advice' so 'women won't forget you'