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The Note: 'Kimmel test' challenges Republicans on health care

Republicans will have to own the policy as well as the process of health care.

First lady Melania Trump to speak on children at UN luncheon

The first lady will shine a spotlight on vulnerable children around the world.

Trump threatens to 'totally destroy' N. Korea, calls Iran 'murderous regime'

Trump outlined his "America first" ideology to a global audience.

Senate investigators postpone meeting with Trump's lawyer

Senate investigators postponed their scheduled meeting with Donald Trump's personal lawyer and longtime confidant Michael Cohen on Tuesday.

ANALYSIS: Trump launches rhetorical rockets at United Nations

Trump is redefining the way America is seeking out greatness.

Republicans make last-minute push to resuscitate Obamacare repeal

Everything you need to know on the new Republican health care plan.

Reactions to Trump's UN speech split along party lines

The president attacked North Korea and Iran in his first address to UNGA.

What are Trump's options for the Iran nuclear deal?

Trump blasted the agreement in his address to before the United Nations.

Trump to call out 'shared menace' of Iran, North Korea in UNGA address

Trump will outline his "America First" ideology to a global audience.

Michael Cohen, Trump's lawyer and confidant, to appear before Senate investigators

Michael Cohen, Trump's personal lawyer and longtime confidant, will appear Tuesday before Senate investigators in the ongoing probe of Russian election interference.

The Note: The Obamacare-gutting bill that is sneaking through Congress

The Graham-Cassidy bill is Republicans' latest effort to repeal Obamacare.

Trump makes UN debut, says mission hindered by 'bureaucracy and mismanagement'

Trump attended the UN reform meeting Monday morning.

Trump's love-hate relationship with the United Nations

He will address the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday.

Trump's post of GIF on Clinton adds to his history of controversial retweets

The president has been known to retweet questionable Twitter users.

Facing 'enormous' legal bills, Michael Flynn establishes legal defense fund

Relatives of former Trump adviser Michael Flynn formed a legal defense fund to help raise money, as he faces mounting bills as a result of Russia investigations.

Trump's love, hate relationship with the United Nations

He will address the UN General Assembly on Tuesday.

The Note: Which Trump will show up at the UN this week?

The pieces are in place for a Trumpian splash at the United Nations.

Trump could keep US in climate accord with right deal: Adviser

The president's national security adviser said Trump is open to an agreement.

British PM Theresa May opens up about relationship with Trump

May said she and Trump "work well together."

Trump has 'no ideology' except 'his own personal interest': Top Democrat

"The only consistent theme seems to be he’s pro-Trump," Schiff said.

Portion of Mar-a-Lago visitor logs released after FOIA lawsuit

Only 22 names from the Japanese prime minister's visit were included.

Trump retweets mockup showing him hitting golf ball that knocks down Hillary Clinton

President Trump retweeted a GIF mockup

Theresa May scolds Trump for speculating about London terror attack

Trump took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the attack in London.

Can this doctor become the 1st Muslim governor in US history?

Democrat Abdul El-Sayed is running for governor of Michigan.

The Note: Trump's surrealist art of the deal on DACA

Trump may enjoy dealing with Democratic leaders more than he does Republicans.

Longtime Trump ally to meet with House Intelligence Committee

Longtime Trump ally Roger Stone expected to meet with House Intel this month.

Trump's DACA dealings throw both parties for a loop

Trump is challenging forces in both parties by pursuing a DACA deal with Dems.

What's on the menu when Trump dines with power players

Steak, chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream are among the favorites.

Longtime Trump ally Roger Stone to meet with House Intelligence Committee

Longtime Trump ally Roger Stone expected to meet with House Intel this month.

Chuck Schumer recorded on hot mic saying Trump 'likes me'

Schumer was recorded talking about his talk with Trump at a White House dinner.

Treasury secretary says honeymoon travel request was a matter of 'national security'

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin confirmed the ABC News report that he requested a military aircraft for his European honeymoon last month.

Disputes on DACA, border wall after White House dinner

This all started with a dinner at the White House.

Trump meets with Hurricane Irma responders and victims in Florida

The visit is Trump's third to sites of natural disaster.

Speaker Ryan denies Trump immigration deal with Democrats

Ryan said Thursday that Trump has to work with Republicans on DACA.

Here's what's in Bernie Sanders' 'Medicare for all' bill

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders unveiled his "Medicare for all" legislation today.

WATCH: Trump and Democratic leaders reach agreement to protect DACA

The top two Democrats said both sides agree to protect Dreamers in exchange for beefing up border security.

WATCH: Trump backs 'honorable' Mnuchin amid honeymoon plane request

President Donald Trump offered his support for Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin today after ABC News first reported he faces an internal inquiry into his request for a government jet to travel on his honeymoon this summer.

WATCH: Hill Republicans weigh in on Trump's talks with Democrats on DACA

Some in the GOP would like the president to be clearer about what he wants on immigration.

WATCH: Trump's DACA dealings throw GOP and Dems for a loop

ABC News' political director Rick Klein weighs in on the latest in the fight over DACA, and Amna Nawaz covers what Democrats and Republicans had to say about the proposed border wall.

WATCH: Treasury Secretary Mnuchin requested government jet for honeymoon

"The View" co-hosts discuss Steven Mnuchin's controversial request.

WATCH: Deal reached over DACA?

"The View" co-hosts discuss the back-and-forth over a bipartisan deal on unauthorized immigrants.

WATCH: Trump thanks first responders in the aftermath of Irma

In Florida the president said, "The job that everyone has done is incredible."

WATCH: Trump wants 'massive border security' as part of DACA plan

President Trump said, "I think we're fairly close" on reaching a deal.

WATCH: Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin's travel request raises red flags

The Treasury Department's Inspector General launched an 'inquiry' after Mnuchin formally requested the use of a government jet for his European honeymoon.

WATCH: Democratic leaders, White House dispute deal on border wall

John Avlon, the editor in chief of the Daily Beast, analyzes President Trump's recent bipartisan outreach to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., on government funding and immigration legislation.

WATCH: Democrats claim deal reached over DACA, Trump disagrees on Twitter

"We had a very productive meeting at the White House," Schumer and Pelosi said.

WATCH: The Note: Deal or no deal on DACA?

Democratic leaders Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi say President Trump agreed to a deal on the border wall and Dreamers' protection, while Trump heads to Florida to meet with hurricane victims.

Trump heads to Florida to survey damage from Hurricane Irma

Trump is making his third visit to a disaster-struck area.

Trump says no deal on DACA after Democrats' claim

"We had a very productive meeting at the White House," Schumer and Pelosi said.

Treasury secretary requested government jet for European honeymoon

Secretary Steven Mnuchin requested use of a government jet to take him and his wife on their honeymoon in Scotland, France and Italy earlier this summer.