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Farm to table? More like fraud to table

Consumers have been paying premium prices for farm-to-table ingredients from distant placesDNA testings finds Florida crabs from South Pacific and lobster rolls made from pollackHistoric precedent suggests that the food fraud turned up in Tampa Bay is likely to be festering in South Florida … ...

Toxic Trump & 'Lucifer' Cruz play the woman card, but 'deal me in' Clinton holds royal flush

Donald Trump crowns himself presumptive nominee,' declares GOP race over'John Boehner calls Ted Cruz Lucifer'; Cruz plays Carly Fiorina cardSmiling at the boys, Hillary Clinton plays winning hand … Click to Continue

Latinos will save America from Trump

A whopping 87 percent of Hispanics have an unfavorable opinion of the Republican front-runnerTrump hopes that a record turnout of angry white voters will make up for his shortage of Latino supporters in NovemberBut Trump's math won't work, because Latinos will vote in record numbers, fearing a Trump ...

Cockatoos swiped from porch; video surveillance captures caper

The birds were taken between 4:50 and 5 a.m. Sunday at 1835 SW Ninth St., police say … Click to Continue

Zoo Miami's Ron Magill caught up in a feral cat fight

Zoo Miami wants to trap and relocate 200 feral cats that vets fear might infect zoo animals with fatal diseaseReaction among cat people has been fierce, irrational and utterly predictableAdvocates reject peer-reviewed studies that find feral cats wreak havoc among wild birds and small mammals ...

Will Brazil get its own Frank Underwood?

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff might be impeached and suspended as early as May 12She would be replaced by Vice President Michel Temer, whom critics describe as Brazil's Frank Underwood'But Rousseff's claims that she is the victim of a coup' are unfounded, despite Temer's unpopularity … ...

AA flight diverted due to 'disruptive passenger' lands safely at MIA

The American Airlines flight left Boston Wednesday and was diverted to Charleston, S.C.It later landed safely at Miami International Airport … Click to Continue

Family involved in fatal I-75 crash named

A mother and two of her children were killed in single-car accidentHer four other children were in serious conditionThe driver, who lost control of the car, was critically injured, according to the Florida Highway Patrol … Click to Continue

Crook snatches package from porch — and there is video to prove it

Miami police hope home surveillance footage will help nab package burglar … Click to Continue

2 heads bashed in bloody hammer attack

A man was arrested and charged with the attacks in Daytona Beach … Click to Continue

Florida man in Superman shirt accused of 'molesting' kiddie ride

A Florida man in a Superman shirt was spotted in surveillance video dragging off a coin-operated kiddie ride from the front of a dollar store. The 27-year-old man, Cesar Alexis … Click to Continue

Donald Trump says Hispanics love him. Survey says: Wrong!

No matter the label, Hispanics or Latinos, anti-Trump sentiment is strongFeeling attacked, Hispanics are registering to vote in drovesShort and long-term, endorsement of Trump's nativist campaign costly for GOP … Click to Continue

A family runs into a python: Here is what they did — and didn't do

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Venom One gives advice on staying safe if you stumble upon a pythonA Southwest Miami-Dade family spotted one over the weekend and recorded the encounterHere are five tips if you encounter a python. … Click to Continue

Small plane crashes into Pompano Beach home; 3 injured

The crash happened just after 3 p.m. … Click to Continue

Florida man having sex at community pool fights with other swimmers

When swimmers at an apartment complex pool told a man to stop having sex with a woman, he got angry. The 28-year-old man did interrupt intercourse with a woman, but … Click to Continue

Greedy crooks running Opa-locka turned bribery into a lousy investment

Bribery had been a tradition in Opa-locka even before Mayor Candy Giardino was hauled off to prisonModern set of corrupt powerbrokers done in by their insatiable greedCity government has been run like some lawless Third World outpost … Click to Continue

Police looking for man wanted in a fatal shooting outside a strip club

An arrest warrant was issued for Cedric Ced' Antoine ColemanPolice say he shot and killed a man outside Extacy Gentlemen's Club early Sunday … Click to Continue

Five people shot in Liberty City, police say

The shooting happened at 1506 NW 70th St. … Click to Continue

Small plane crashes into Pompano Beach home; 3 injured

The crash happened just after 3 p.m. at 925 NE 26th Ave. … Click to Continue

Gas prices continue to rise in Miami area

Drivers are paying an average of $2.19 a gallon … Click to Continue

1 killed, 1 critically injured in shooting outside Extacy strip club

The shooting happened just after 4 a.m. Sunday at Club Extacy at Northwest 79th Street and Seventh AvenueA bullet-riddled car was found outside Ryder Trauma Center … Click to Continue

The power of the Pulitzers: Great journalism brings pride, recognition — and needed reforms

A Miami Herald investigation was named a Pulitzer finalistThe series showed a Bal Harbour police task force laundered millions but made no arrestsOther work by Herald reporters last year has had significant impact … Click to Continue

Days after DUI, Keys woman charged with hit-and-run

A Keys woman who was just in court on a drunk-driving charge remains jailed after police say she drove away after striking a pedestrian in another incident. Amber Krabbe, 37, … Click to Continue

2 pets killed in West Miami-Dade house fire

Two people were home at the time.Damaga is extensive … Click to Continue

After haircut, a father is gunned down as his young son watches

An 11-year-old boy watched through a Florida barbershop window as his father was gunned down outside the business after getting a haircut. An arrest was made over the weekend, the … Click to Continue

Miami Herald's work this year brought pride, recognition — and needed reforms

A Miami Herald investigation was named a Pulitzer finalistThe series showed a Bal Harbour police task force laundered millions but made no arrestsOther work by Herald reporters last year has had significant impact … Click to Continue

Cuba's geezer party backpedals on reform, and Fidel Castro predicts he'll die … someday

Cuba's Communisty Party Congress put retrenchment in spotlightThe Castros are reacting to Obama's audacity with a return to a Cold War facadeWill Old Glory fade from view again in Havana? … Click to Continue

Is this the real reason Trump holds grudge against Mexico?

The Republican hopeful has turned Mexico-bashing into a centerpiece of his presidential campaignA major Trump project, the Trump Ocean Baja Mexico hotel resort, failed in 2009Judging from a tweet Trump posted in 2015, his anti-Mexican stands may have been shaped by his business experience … ...

Barry U tees off on Donald Trump, pulls golf team from Doral

Barry University cited guiding principles' and commitment to social justice in golf team's boycott of Trump Doral The Catholic university joined long list of corporate entities that have severed relations with the bombastic TrumpReal mystery is why Florida's governor and attorney general would lend ...

Cussing judge Wacky Jacky reminded again about Florida's judicial standards

County judge's profane outbursts, impaired behavior under Florida Supreme Court scrutinyJudge Schwartz's demands for special deference exacerbated her unseemly behaviorIntemperate judge had just returned from suspension and fine for two earlier incidents … Click to Continue

Cameras capture getaway after fatal shooting inside a car

The shooting happened outside a Fort Lauderdale apartment complex Tuesday … Click to Continue

Couple faces charges after heroin, children found in hotel room

Monroe County detectives found 11 grams of crack cocaine, 11 grams of heroin, five grams of marijuana, and over a dozen Xanax pills, says sheriff's office.Deputies were serving a warrant at the Blackfin Resort and Marina in MarathonThe couple faces charges including child neglect … Click to ...

Bearded dragons and snakes escape after car crashes into store

A car crashed into a smoke shop that sells reptiles — and several snakes and lizards made a run for it. The car went through the window Wednesday at the … Click to Continue