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Two separate crashes leave 2 pedestrians dead, 1 injured and a driver on the run

Two pedestrians were killed Saturday in two separate Broward County crashes — one of which involved a hit-and-run driver. In the first accident, a person in a BMW SUV was … Click to Continue

Suspect in 14-hour standoff found hanged in his jail cell

A suspect arrested after a 14-hour standoff with police in the Keys was found dead in his cell on Sunday morning, according to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office. Christopher Cox, … Click to Continue

He lost his gun at the strip club — then told cops he thought it was a sex toy

Key West police say they jailed a drunken tourist for bringing a handgun and a loaded magazine — which he lost in the club — into a Duval Street strip … Click to Continue

A couple on the run leave behind a pile of money after 14-hour standoff

An armed standoff that ended in Marathon also ended a Tennessee couple's run from police with a child reported missing. It also ended in the seizure of $90,000 in cash, … Click to Continue

UNESCO's crazy vote to deny Jewish, Christian ties to Jerusalem's holy sites

UNESCO, the United Nations organization supposedly in charge of education, science and culture, has passed many insane resolutions in the past. But its latest vote to essentially deny Jewish and … Click to Continue

Leaked audio tape exposes duplicity behind solar amendment

The leaked recording should have been political dynamite. Except it only confirmed what solar energy advocates already knew: Florida's electric utility monopolies had engineered a ballot initiative composed of mendacious … Click to Continue

For first time, U.S. elections to be monitored by OAS observers - just like Haiti's

  For the first time ever, the Organization of American States will monitor the upcoming U.S. presidential elections, putting the United States in the same league as Haiti and … Click to Continue

For first time, U.S. elections to be monitored by OAS observers - just like Haiti's

For the first time, the 34-country Organization of American States will send an observation mission to the U.S. elections, at the request of the U.S. government, after Donald Trump’s claims that the election will be rigged. The OAS usually monitors elections in countries such as Haiti and ...

6-year-old, teenager and woman wounded in North Miami drive-by shooting

A 6-year-boy, a teenager and a woman were injured Wednesday night in a drive-by shooting as they sat in the courtyard of a North Miami apartment complex, according to North … Click to Continue

Man charged after Uber passenger says she was sexually assaulted

A woman took an Uber home after a night of drinking, fell asleep and woke up to find that her pants and underwear had been removed and she had been … Click to Continue

'Larger than usual' home goes up in flames; video rolls as crews tackle the blaze

An intense fire in top the floor of a two-story waterfront home under renovation in Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday caused the roof to collapse and took firefighters hours to bring … Click to Continue

Highway maintenance worker killed when truck veers off Turnpike and hits him

A highway maintenance worker was killed Tuesday when a car veered into the shoulder of Florida's Turnpike just south of the Sawgrass Expressway and slammed into him as he stood … Click to Continue

Obama: We'll smoke your stogies & drink your rum! But Raúl Castro just represses more

I'd say that Raúl Castro is still shaking in his military boots over President Barack Obama's historic speech in Havana — one of the finest moments of his presidency and … Click to Continue