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Uganda confirms one death from Ebola-like Marburg virus.

KAMPALA - Uganda has confirmed one death from Marburg virus, a highly infectious hemorrhagic fever similar to Ebola, the health minister said on Thursday.

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Paint war: Sadolin, Plascon face-off in downtown Kampala.

This reporter saw several Sadolin marketers moving door-to-door spreading the word about Sadolin

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Uganda confirms one case of Ebola-like Marburg virus.

Emergence of highly infectious virus raises fears of epidemic The post Uganda confirms one case of Ebola-like Marburg virus appeared first on The Express Tribune.

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Uganda confirms one case of Ebola-like Marburg virus.

Uganda has confirmed one case of Marburg virus, a highly infectious haemorrhagic fever similar to Ebola, the health minister said on Thursday.

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Museveni has undressed himself, says Gen Muntu.

Gen Muntu said he fought closely with Mr Museveni in the bush war to make Uganda a better nation but he has disappointed him and other bushwar heroes

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Uganda police kill two at protest against President Yoweri Museveni.

Opposition leaders are trying to mobilize against efforts to remove an age barrier in the constitution that prevents 73-year-old President Yoweri Museveni from extending his rule when his current term expires in 2021.

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Museveni will win but only because he is at his weakest, not strongest.

Cabinet ministers, especially those who might have skeletons in their closets or family members under investigation, will be called upon to proclaim their support for the amendment in order to survive'.

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Tributes continue to flow in for fallen Nuwagaba.

He spent better parts of Saturday and Sunday - well outside formal working hours - at the Uganda Olympic Committee offices at Lugogo

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Show me land I stole, Museveni tells Opposition.

President said the Opposition is decampaigning the land Bill because they want to use it to gain political capital for their campaigns in future by turning around to deceive the people

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Bunyoro lost counties: Joy as rightful land owners get titles.

The people in the two counties, which had been given to Buganda Kingdom by the British colonialists in 1900, later voted to return to Bunyoro Kingdom in a referendum

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Banking industry sees bright future as year closes.

The banking industry is expected to experience growth as the last quarter of 2017 closes, Standard Chartered Bank Uganda chief executive officer Albert Saltson, has said

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Uganda bans protests over presidential age limit bill

KAMPALA, Uganda, Oct 18 - Ugandan police on Wednesday banned what it termed illegal demonstrations over plans to remove presidential age limits, seen as paving the way for President Yoweri Museveni to serve a sixth term in office. A bill removing the age limit for the president was introduced in parliament last month, and ...

- CapitalFM Kenya - KE | Tanzania arrests 12 for 'homosexuality' in Dar es Salaam

Tanzanian police have said they had arrested 12 men, including two South Africans and a Ugandan, for presumed homosexuality as part of an ongoing crackdown against gays.

- - ZA

Britain lifts travel restrictions on Uganda

Karamoja is home to Kidepo Valley National park which has been rated by CNN among other intentional organisations as one of the most visited parks in 2017

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Don't come back to Uganda - Ofwono Opondo tells former EU head

On Wednesday, Mr. Ofwono Opondo, the executive director of Uganda media centre tweeted, asking Schmidt to stay there

- Daily Monitor - UG

Police kill 2 at Uganda rally against president's long rule

A Uganda opposition official says police have shot dead two people while seeking to foil a political rally in a remote part of the country.

- FOX News - US | Uganda bans protests over presidential age limit bill

Ugandan police have banned what it termed illegal demonstrations over plans to remove presidential age limits, seen as paving the way for President Yoweri Museveni to serve a sixth term in office.

- - ZA | Police kill 2 at Uganda rally against president's long rule

A Uganda opposition official says police have shot dead two people while seeking to foil a political rally in a remote part of the country.

- - ZA

Uganda bans protests over presidential age limit bill

MPs will only be allowed to hold consultations in their constituencies.

- Daily Nation - KE

BY THE BOOK: Ugandan writer Beatrice Lamwaka

Beatrice Lamwaka is a Ugandan writer who was born and raised in Alokolum, Gulu.

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Museveni warns on age limit violence

The President warned those opposed to age limit removal that they should stop their illusionary attitude' of intimidating people

- Daily Monitor - UG

Two people injured as Uganda police disperse age limit rally

A Bill to remove the 75 years age limit to run for President is seen as paving way for a Yoweri Museveni life presidency.

- Daily Nation - KE

Global Medical Body Condemns Forced Anal Exams

Expand A medical report filled out by a doctor in Kampala, Uganda, after conducting a forced anal examination on a man suspected of consensual same-sex conduct. © 2016 Neela Ghoshal/Human Rights Watch   – Doctors, medical professionals, and national medical associations should heed the World Medical Association's ...

- Human Rights Watch - US

Government working to make power tariffs friendly, says minister

The cost of power remains high for an ordinary Ugandan who lives on less than two dollars a day.

- Daily Monitor - UG

UPDF, police on the spot over torture

Last week, the High Court in Kampala ordered government to compensate 22 of the suspects in the Andrew Felix Kaweesi murder with Shs1.8b for alleged torture in police cells.

- Daily Monitor - UG

These are trying times in Uganda, but we shall survive - once again

Political change comes when there is a critical mass pushing for it and there are enough brave souls willing to put their necks on the line for it

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Are GMOs the silver bullet to end hunger in Uganda?

The Biotechnology and Biosafety Act has been heavily criticised, especially by civil society organisations and the academia

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Perceptions about insurance industry

According to Mr Douglas Semakadde, the business development manager at Phoenix of Uganda Assurance Company Limited, their major customers are corporate organisations although, SMEs clients are more in number but mostly less valued in premiums

- Daily Monitor - UG

How National Health Insurance Scheme will benefit Ugandans

The NHIS is expected to relieve ordinary Ugandans from directly pulling money out of their pockets to spend on medical bills

- Daily Monitor - UG

Tusker suspend coach Nsimbe over 'too many old payers' comment

The Ugandan was not in the dugout as Tusker humiliated Muhoroni Youth 4-0 on Sunday.

- Daily Nation - KE

Age limit: Cabinet minister supports amendment to survive

During his address on Monday, Mr Lokeris said the young and the middle-aged Ugandans who have issues with elderly politicians should know that they, too, will grow old

- Daily Monitor - UG

Suspects try to burn Uganda MP's family over presidential Age Limit Bill

Two Ugandan legislators supporting the scrapping of the presidential age limit were attacked.

- Daily Nation - KE

My wife starves me, she refuses to cook or have sex: Ugandan man

Husband says he and their children are hungry as she does not cook for them.

- Daily Nation - KE

Uganda Cup Walk overs upset Warriors, Rhinos

 It costs Warriors approximately Shs1.5 million for the trip with Food and accommodation included, without forgetting that URU are yet to unveil a tournament sponsor. Warriors also have no official sponsor, meaning they have to generate their own funds in this harsh economy

- Daily Monitor - UG

Boda boda rider killed near Entebbe

A boy who had gone to the farm to collect firewood discovered the body in a thicket and alerted residents

- Daily Monitor - UG

CID questions Monitor, Red Pepper editors over Age Limit Bill budget story

The Bill proposes allowing Ugandans above 75 and below 35 years to run for President.

- Daily Nation - KE

Strategies to raise agricultural productivity, address gender inequalities, and reduce rural poverty in Uganda

Hunger, food insecurity, and malnutrition pose major health and economic challenges in Uganda. By several measures, the country ranks among the least well-nourished countries in the world. The 2013 Comprehensive Food Security & Vulnerability Analysis conducted by the World Food Program in Uganda revealed that about 5 ...

- Brookings - US

Let's not blind ourselves, Museveni wants to stay in power forever

This mediocrity and acceptance of ominous situations, 'as long as we can sleep,' or because yesterday was worse than today, is the convenient blindness Jonathan Swift talked about in his Polite Conversation

- Daily Monitor - UG

Cheeye's analysis on Uganda economy wrong, misleading

For ease of communication, I will not delve into the complex econometric calculus that you demand of President Museveni and his NRM intellectuals'

- Daily Monitor - UG

Kenya: Protection and assistance for internally displaced persons

Article | IGAD and the ICRC held its second Seminar on the Kampala Convention, focusing on the protection and assistance of IDPs in Africa.


Leave our Buikwe land, Buganda tells Kibuule

Buganda Land Board, which oversees the kingdom's land matters, says they have petitioned the central government to cancel Mr Kibuule's title deeds for the claimed land saying they are fake.

- Daily Monitor - UG

Monitor, Red Pepper editors appear at CID over age limit budget story

Mr Dan Kalinaki, the NMG Uganda general manager Editorial and Mr Charles Bichachi, the executive editor appeared at the Kibuli based Media Crime department in the company of their lawyer, Mr James Nangwala

- Daily Monitor - UG

Phone technology gives refugees in Uganda a cash lifeline

Agreements with telecoms operators are helping South Sudanese families in the world's biggest refugee settlement connect with essential services.

- UN - INT

Rising cost of grief

FUNERAL COSTS. Death is expensive and with the funeral industry growing every day, Ugandans are having to dig deeper into their pockets to send of their loved ones in honour. Some even have to borrow money to bury loved ones, as Gillian Nantume writes.

- Daily Monitor - UG

Uganda, Kenya failed railway deal - RVR chief

In an interview with Daily Monitor last week in Kampala, Mr Sadek said for years prior to the signing of the concession, Uganda Railway Corporation and Kenya Railways Corporation

- Daily Monitor - UG

Thousands face acute food shortage in arid counties

Those affected from West Pokot have migrated to Uganda in search of food and pasture.

- Daily Nation - KE

NRM leaders in Buzaaya vote against age limit bill

If the Constitution is not amended, Mr Museveni would not qualify to contest since the current age cap for presidential candidates is 75

- Daily Monitor - UG

Janet Museveni: My daughters married when virgins

Ms Museveni was speaking in Kyenjojo District during the commemoration of the international day for the girl child

- Daily Monitor - UG

How our cultural 'arrivalism' creates 'dead' capital

We travelled west at the break of dawn. The birds were still silent, and the air was crispy cold. Only the noise of the madding Kampala clubbing crowd disturbed the tranquillity of the morning. Our destination – Kitwe, near the border with Tanzania, on the periphery of Ntungamo District. Our objective was to pay our last ...

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Elders reject Age Limit Bill

Some of the elders who convened in Kampala last Friday to discuss the proposed national dialogue called for wider consultations and warned that if the Bill is rushed through Parliament

- Daily Monitor - UG