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Hillary Clinton's link to a former KKK leader and senator surfaces again after Charlottesville.

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's ties to late Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, who admitted to creating a Ku Klux Klan chapter before entering public service, resurfaced Friday as Republican President Donald Trump deals with the fallout from his comments and stances on...

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Bill Clinton's Accusers Demand Removal of Statue in South Dakota.

The left's push to remove controversial monuments and statues across the country may be backfiring, as President Bill Clinton's alleged victims are now demanding a statue of the liberal icon in South Dakota be removed.

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Seven Monuments of Accused Sexual Predator Bill Clinton.

While leftist protesters claiming to be motivated by justice target historical icons around the nation, seven monuments and/or namesakes to accused sexual predator Bill Clinton remain.

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The Pentagon just released a list of every movie and book in Gitmo's prison library.

Associated Press/Andres Leighton The Freedom of Information Act, conceived by Navy veteran and California Rep. John E. Moss more than 50 years ago, is the world’s best vehicle for absurd bureaucratic trivia. A tool of transparency, the FOIA request can surface government documents on everything from the fascinating to ...

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Business lobbying coalition recruits right-wing hosts to deliver virtually identical town hall ads.

Sarah Wasko / Media Matters Conservative radio listeners have been hearing some of their favorite hosts implore them to visit local town halls hosted by members of Congress to make their “voices” heard. But far from being a “grassroots” campaign, the coordinated ads are part of an effort by a business ...

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Why Barack Obama is Our Most Viral President.

Barack Obama's post Charlottesville tweet just broke the record for number of likes. How did Obama crack the social media code?

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Operation Choke Point Ending, Women's Suffrage Turns 97, Four Arrested in Barcelona Attack: A.M. Links.

The White House has announced it will end Operation Choke Point, an Obama-administration program that discouraged banks from doing business with "risky" customers. Following yesterday's terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spanish police "say they have killed several people south of Barcelona in response," AP is reporting. Four ...

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William Cohen on Trump's 'disheartening' response to Charlottesville.

The former Clinton defense secretary and GOP senator spoke to The Takeout' podcast during a busy week in Washington


Obamacare? Trumpcare? These mums just want something to help their kids.

Jessica Michot is a Democrat, Angela Lorio is a Republican. Both are desperate to save the federal health funding that is keeping their sons, born prematurely, alive.

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Former President Obama to speak at Economic Club of Chicago in December.

Former President Barack Obama will speak to the Economic Club of Chicago in December, the venerable members-only business institution announced Thursday. Obama is booked as guest speaker for the club's Dec. 5 dinner meeting, with limited guest reservations available. It is a return engagement of...

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Zinke Allows Plastic Water Bottles in National Parks.

Sierra ClubYesterday, the National Park Service reversed bans on disposable water bottles in National Parks-- another reversal of an Obama-era environmental policy. The ban originally was placed as an effort to increase the agency's sustainability efforts and reduce carbon emissions. In response, Sierra Club's public lands ...

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Remember Obama Gaffes After Americans Were Killed? The Networks Yawned

Political reporters sounded like they were headed for fainting couches after President Trump’s press event at Trump Tower. Reporters professed incredulity that Trump would continue to criticize “anti-fascist” violence, as if those events mattered. The president's declaration that there were fine people on ...

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Report: WikiLeaks turned down damaging documents about Russia to focus on Clinton

At the same time WikiLeaks was publishing thousands of documents from the Democratic National Committee that was damaging to Hillary Clinton and believed to have been stolen by Kremlin-backed hackers, it rejected at least 68 gigabytes of data from inside the Russian Interior Ministry, Foreign Policy reports. FP spoke with ...

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Wall Street Journal's 'Coal Makes a Comeback' is real fake journalism

On Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal's editorial board lauded Trump for making coal barons dreams come true. Not long ago liberals hailed the demise of coal as inevitable while the Obama Administration strangled the industry with regulation. But don't look now, Tom Steyer, because coal is showing signs of a revival and ...

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Report: WikiLeaks turned down damaging documents about Russia to focus on Clinton

At the same time WikiLeaks was publishing thousands of documents from the Democratic National Committee, potentially damaging for Hillaru Clinton and believed to have been stolen by Kremlin-backed hackers, it rejected at least 68 gigabytes of data from inside the Russian Interior Ministry, Foreign Policy reports. FP spoke ...

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Gore's advice for Trump: 'Resign'

Al Gore says it's time for President Donald Trump to leave office.Resign,' the former Democratic vice president told the website LADbible in an interview published Thursday. He was asked what single piece of advice he'd give Trump.Gore, who is currently on a promotional tour for his new movie, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth ...


Justice Department to end Obama-era 'Operation Choke Point'

The Justice Department has committed to ending a controversial Obama-era program that discourages banks from doing business with a range of companies, from payday lenders to gun retailers. The move hands a big victory to Republican lawmakers who charged that the initiative — dubbed 'Operation Choke Point' — was hurting ...


Trump campaign chair Carl Paladino finally ousted from school board for racist tirade against the Michelle Obama

Buffalo, New York school board member Carl Paladino is finally out. After his racist tirade against Michelle Obama, School Board President Barbara Seals Nevergold went off on the former Donald Trump campaign co-chair. She told him at the time, “you're fired,” though it was the Stat...

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White House Will Temporarily Hand Out Subsidies to Obamacare Health Insurers

The White House said that it will provide subsidies for health insurers for August, despite President Donald Trump's previous threats that he would end the subsidies after the fallout of the failed Senate vote to repeal Obamacare.

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WikiLeaks refused 68 GB of incriminating intel on Kremlin while focusing on Hillary Clinton: report

The bizarre links between WikiLeaks and President Donald Trump got even stranger on Thursday. According to a report by Foreign Policy, the organization declined leaked intelligence about the Russian government last summer while in the midst of their Kremlin-sourced leaks about Hillary Clinton. ̶...

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Kevin Durant says he won't visit the White House if the Warriors are invited

Wilfredo Lee/APThe Golden State Warriors still haven't received a formal invite to the White House, but Kevin Durant is on the record as saying he won't attend if they receive one. Durant told ESPN's Chris Haynes that he doesn't respect US President Donald Trump and won't visit the White House. "I won't do that," said ...

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Pro-Russia GOP Rep. Met With Assange, Wants Trump To Hear All About It

After a Wednesday meeting with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher is convinced that Russia did not leak emails damaging to Hillary Clinton’s campaign to WikiLeaks during the 2016 election. And he wants to tell the President all that and more. The lengthy sit-down, first reported by the Daily ...

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Hispanic Caucus Demands Meeting With Trump's HHS Over Latino Outreach Fail

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus on Thursday demanded an “urgent meeting” with the Department of Health and Human Services about the Trump administration's plan for outreach to Latino communities ahead of Obamacare's open enrollment period this fall. Six Latino lawmakers requested the meeting, writing in ...

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Follow Up

In response to Alice Ollstein's piece last week on the Trump administration abandoning Obamacare outreach to Latinos, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus is demanding a meeting with HHS Secretary Tom Price and urging HHS to make enrolling Latinos a priority.

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Iran: We Can Restart Nuke Program 'Within Hours' if U.S. Imposes Sanctions

Iran's moderate' President Hassan Rouhani declared on Tuesday that his country could pull out of Barack Obama's nuclear deal and restart its weapons program in a matter of hours, if the United States imposes any further sanctions.

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Poll: Most Republicans back Trump's protest responses

Republicans have remained supportive of President Donald Trump, their party leader, throughout his many trials and tribulations during his first seven months in office. Be it his attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare, the immigration ban or tough stance toward North Korea, to name just a few. And ...

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White House: Govt Will Make Obamacare Payments This Month

The government will make this month's payments to insurers under the Obama-era healthcare law that President Donald Trump still wants to repeal and replace, a White House official said Wednesday.

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Soros-Funded Groups AstroTurf DACA Protests at White House

Protests demanding an Obama-created amnesty program for young illegal aliens remain intact were sponsored George Soros-funded by open borders groups.

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Does America have an income inequality problem or an opportunity problem?

Should the fight against inequality be the Democrats' defining cause? The party's rising tribe of left-wing economic populists — headed up by Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders — would answer with a resounding "yes." But another tribe in the party has very different ideas. Jon Cowan is the president of the ...

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Conservatives turn on Silicon Valley — and the free market

After the 2012 election, national Republicans made a concerted effort to hack into Silicon Valley. The Romney campaign had just been thoroughly outclassed by Barack Obama's technology team. The GOP also thought Big Tech could help push its agenda on items both sides agreed on, including corporate tax and immigration reform. ...

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Republicans Have A New Plot To Gut Medicaid And They Don't Need Congress

A wave of Republican-controlled states are petitioning the Department of Health and Human Services for permission to enact measures that will knock more people off Medicaid and the Trump administration has signaled they will give a green light to these efforts. After the collapse of Obamacare repeal in Congress, which ...

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Trump to make August cost-sharing payments to health insurers

WASHINGTON: The Trump administration will make cost-sharing payments to insurance companies under Obamacare for August, a White House spokesman said on Wednesday, but the announcement did little to quell long-term concerns about the insurance market. President Donald Trump, a Republican, has repeatedly threatened to stop ...

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Report: Higher premiums if Trump halts 'Obamacare' subsidies

WASHINGTON " Premiums for a popular type of individual health care plan would rise sharply, and more people would be left with no insurance options if President Donald Trump makes good on his threat to stop "Obamacare" payments...

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President Obama often spoke about race relations in the U.S. Here are some of his words

After the weekend violence in Charlottesville, Va., President Trump's statements about white nationalists, neo-Nazis and their opponents drew criticism from some observers who said he failed to adequately address and acknowledge racial discord in the United States. When Trump was asked Tuesday...

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How Trump’s Predecessors Dealt With the North Korean Threat

The Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations each tried to threaten or cajole North Korea into abandoning its weapons programs. None succeeded.

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The Margin: Barack Obama's tweet just became the most 'liked' and the 4th most retweeted in Twitter's history

Former President Barack Obama has made history again, it appears. This time his mark has been made in the Twitter universe, on the back of a message and photo that he posted Sunday in response to the weekend's violent and racially charged protests in Charlottesville, Va.

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Charlottesville comes together for a candlelight vigil

There's nothing that can undo the harm done by the white supremacist rally that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend. Three people are dead. Others have to live with the fear of violent racism. But during a vigil Wednesday night in Charlottesville, people gathered in the name of peace. SEE ALSO: ...

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CNN's Don Lemon: White House Staff, Supporters Are 'Complicit' in Trump's Racism

According to CNN anchor Don Lemon, just working for Donald Trump makes you “complicit” in his racism. That goes for supporters as well. Appearing on New Day, Wednesday, he blasted anyone connected to the President: “Anyone who is in that White House and who is supporting him is complicit in their racism as ...

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Today in History for August 17th

Highlights of this day in history: Hurricane Camille hits Gulf Coast; President Clinton admits relationship with Monica Lewinsky; Gold found in Canada's Yukon; Robert Fulton's steamboat ride; Rudolf Hess dies; Actor Robert DeNiro born.         


Trump administration will make ObamaCare payments, at least for another month

A White House spokesman confirmed Wednesday that the Trump administration will make this month's payment to insurers for ObamaCare subsidies for low-income customers. A Congressional Budget Office analysis released Tuesday estimated that if the payments were stopped, the most popular ObamaCare plans' premiums would probably ...

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Obama's statement in response to Charlottesville protest is now the most liked tweet ever

Following the hatred and violence last week in Charlottesville, former president Barack Obama took to Twitter to spread his message of hope and kindness. While the statement was brief, it resonated around the globe with those who were appalled by the message of hatred and intolerance spread at the rally....

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White House says Obamacare payments will be made for August

These payments are made to health insurers to help low-income people enrolled under the health care law with out-of-pocket expenses


Report: Obama Never Told 21 States Russians Were Hacking Their Voting Systems

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Senior FBI Official Who Investigated Clinton Leaves Robert Mueller's Russia Probe

One of the FBI's top investigators tapped by special counsel Robert Muller to investigate Russian interference in the elections has left the team, according to a report.

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Trump Rolls Back Obama-Era Flood Standards For Infrastructure Projects

An Obama order called for new public infrastructure projects to be built to withstand rising sea levels caused by climate change. President Trump revoked that order to accelerate the review process.

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Trump regime killed funds dedicated to fighting Nazis, denies there's an issue

While Donald Trump was quick to praise the police in Charlottesville, he doesn't want to listen to the police when they talk about the real threats to the nation. A 2015 survey of nearly 400 law enforcement officials by the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security at Duke University, found that antigovernment ...

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Colorado Republican feels the heat back home for his Obamacare repeal vote

Sen. Cory Gardner probably felt he was pretty safe having town meetings this week, since he actually came out of the gates Saturday with a very strong statement on Charlottesville, tweeting "Mr. President - we must call evil by its name. These were white supremacists and this was domestic terrorism." He did get credit for ...

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Trump agrees to pay key Obamacare subsidies, extending its lifeline

Everyone and their doctor has asked President Donald Trump to continue funding Obamacare cost-sharing reduction payments. After flirting with eliminating these payments to insurance companies, he finally agreed to pay them for the month of August. A White House spokesman told multiple news sources on Wednesday that the ...

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Trump to make August cost-sharing payments to health insurers

WASHINGTON - The Trump administration will make cost-sharing payments to insurance companies under Obamacare for August, a White House spokesman said on Wednesday, but the announcement did little to quell long-term concerns about the insurance market.

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Time to End the North Korea Sanctions Merry-Go-Round

The vote came as the North Korean regime threatened a pre-emptive nuclear strike' on the United States. China and Russia joined the United States in a unanimous vote to impose sanctions that the U.S. Ambassador to the UN said would bite hard' for North Korean officials. Developments last weekend in New York?  No, it was ...

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