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Meet Gov. Phil Scott, stock car racer .

BARRE, Vt. " When Vermont's governor drives into the pits at a racetrack, he gets treated like any other stock car racer.Gov. Phil Scott is now in his 27th year of racing at the popular Thunder Road racetrack. Over that time...

- The New Zealand Herald - NZ

Bernie Sanders says Russia tried dividing democrats.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was “sick and tired” of talking about his former opponent Hillary Clinton's emails during the 2016 presidential election. For starters, the progressive candidate thought the supposed controversy was a total distraction from the issues American voters typica...

- The Raw Story - US

Vermont Governor Driven at Work and On the Track.

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott will sometimes leave the statehouse for the speedway. He is now in his 27th year of stock car acing at Thunder Road racetrack. Scott says racing and politics are not so different. Both require strategy and team work.         


Jane Sanders Cries Sexism Over Allegations of Bank Fraud.

Jane Sanders, the wife of Sen. Bernie Sanders , has gone on the attack in the face of accusations that she committed bank fraud when she was the head of a small Vermont college -- blasting the accusations as an example of sexism.'

- Breitbart - US

NYT Downplays Jane Sanders 2010 Land Deal Scandal as 'Long Ago'.

Another incident involving ties to the socialist senator from Vermont may also have happened so long ago that it may not be fair to let it affect our opinions of Bernie Sanders or his wife Jane.

- Mediaite - US

Vermont governor, congressional delegation to talk Medicaid.

Vermont's Republican Gov. Phil Scott and the three members of the congressional delegation are going to be talking about the importance of maintaining access to affordable health care for people … Click to Continue Ľ

- Miami Herald - US

Bernie Sanders returns to Iowa to slam √ʬĬėdisastrous√ʬĬô GOP health bill.

Progressives thirsting for another Bernie Sanders presidential run got a campaign-style speech in Iowa on Saturday, but few clues about the Vermont senator's future political ambitions.         


Inquiry Into Bernie Sanders’s Wife May Tarnish His Liberal Luster.

The senator’s supporters say the U.S. investigation into a Vermont land deal involving Jane Sanders is political, but they worry about its impact.

- New York Times - US

Look abroad.

This is the editor's letter in the current issue of The Week magazine. If we were a saner nation with a functional political system, we'd be having a very different debate about health care. Congressional Republicans wouldn't be trying to put health-care coverage out of the reach of millions of people . Democrats wouldn't ...

- The Week - US