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On Home Capital, Warren Buffett doubles his money before he even starts.

The Sage of Omaha is no stranger to taking advantage of dark times to turn a much-needed investment to his advantage

- Financial Post - CA

Hand Me That Wrench: Farmers and Apple Fight Over the Toolbox.

Like any farmer, Guy Mills Jr. has had his share of equipment trouble. In the past, Mills, who grows corn, soybean and alfalfa on his 3,810-acre farm in Ansley, Neb., would have fixed his machinery himself. But like so many essential tools, Mills' equipment has become so technologically complex that he needs outside help ...

- TIME Magazine - US

Home Capital/Buffett: Canada why.

Another sweetheart deal for the Opportunist of Omaha

- Financial Times - US

Why copycats can't follow Buffett's lead on Home Capital.

The beleaguered Canadian mortgage lender has the vote of confidence it needs, but a fat slice of the benefits are reserved exclusively for the Oracle of Omaha

- The Globe and Mail - CA

Iowa GOP Chairman Rips 'Arrogant Academic' Ben Sasse.

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — The chairman of this state's Republican Party suggested Wednesday that Sen. Ben Sasse, who has gained national prominence as a critic of Donald Trump, isn't welcome in Iowa—two weeks before the Nebraska Republican is scheduled to keynote a local party dinner in his first visit here since Trump was ...


Warren Buffett lives in a modest house that's worth .001% of his total wealth — here's what it looks like.

Located in a quiet neighborhood of Omaha, Nebraska lies the home of billionaire Warren Buffett. He bought the house for $31,500 in 1958 or about $250,000 in today's dollars. It's now worth an estimated $652,619. He calls it the "third-best investment he's ever made."

- Business Insider - US

Soldier killed in boating accident remembered for his smile and laugh.

Col. Kirk R. Slaughter, 49, of Lyons, Neb., was remembered as a positive influence who loved his wife and four kids, was big into sports, and had a thousand-watt smile' and infectious laugh.

- Stars and Stripes - US

Lawyer contests constitutionality of Nebraska death penalty.

An attorney for an inmate accused of strangling his cellmate has asked a judge to declare Nebraska's death penalty unconstitutional.

- FOX News - US

AP Top Stories June 19 A.

Here's the latest for Monday, June 19th: Man charged in London after van hits people outside mosque; US Sailors killed in collision off Japan identified; Wildfire in southwest Utah; Four tornadoes hit eastern Nebraska.         


Raw: Power outages in Nebraska after 4 tornadoes.

Raw: Power Outages in Nebraska After 4 Tornadoes         


For sale: 6 gorgeous homes in Nebraska.

Omaha. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this 1909 Tudor Revival house features original light fixtures, carved wood pillars, inset ceilings, and wood moldings. The five-bedroom home in the Joslyn Castle neighborhood has updates that include a remodeled kitchen and heated bathroom floors. An adjacent ...

- The Week - US

Researchers Say They've Found Lost Wonder of World

They were considered the eighth natural wonder of the world and the greatest tourist attraction in the Southern Hemisphere in the mid-1800s—and then they were gone: The Pink and White Terraces of Lake Rotomahana in New Zealand's North Island spellbound visitors until June 1886 when Mount Tarawera erupted, wiping...

- Newser - US

Storms shatter homes, down trees in Nebraska and Iowa

Residents in parts of eastern Nebraska and western Iowa were cleaning up Saturday after severe thunderstorms — some producing hurricane-force winds — shattered homes, tore down trees and left thousands without power.

- - US

Trump is about to break a major campaign promise

He said he would lower drug prices. But he's embracing Big Pharma's wishlist instead.Bottles of drugs fill shelves at the storeroom of Kohll's Pharmacy & Homecare in Omaha, Nebraska. CREDIT: AP Photo/Nati HarnikDuring his campaign for president, Donald Trump sounded a lot like Bernie Sanders on one policy issue: He ...

- ThinkProgress - US

Google Doodle honors first Native American physician

Google honored a deserving figure in American history on Saturday: Susan La Flesche Picotte, the first Native American to earn a medical degree. Picotte was illustrated as the Google homepage's Google Doodle on Saturday in honor of what would have been her 152nd birthday. Image: screenshot/googlePicotte was a doctor and ...

- Mashable! - US

Storms shatter homes, down trees in Nebraska and Iowa

Residents in parts of eastern Nebraska and western Iowa were cleaning up Saturday after severe thunderstorms — some producing hurricane-force winds — shattered homes, tore down trees and left thousands without power.

- FOX News - US

Nebraska veterans turn to horse-assisted therapy

When he's riding horses, Cody Beach doesn't remember the bullets flying past him, or the explosions that caused him to lose 80 percent of his hearing.

- Stars and Stripes - US

Nebraska to get new $2.7M technical education center

- Education Week - US

Grant to help students see Nebraska Capitol, historic sites

- Education Week - US

Someone trolled a GOP Senator by signing him up for Nickelback newsletters

It's 2017 and trolling by way of Nickelback still shows no sign of slowing down. Republican Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska announced on Twitter Friday that he was the victim of some pretty hilarious internet trolling. Someone found a few of his email addresses, and signed him up for a bunch of promotion and fan newsletters ...

- Mashable! - US

Neb. Democratic Party official won't resign after calling Republican reaction to shooting 'funny'

A Nebraska Democratic Party official has refused calls to step down from her position after writing on social media that Republicans' reactions to the shooting…

- - US

I Negotiated With Warren Buffett and Here's the One Thing the Oracle of Omaha Cared About

Entrepreneur Gary Green's success allowed him to achieve his dream of owning a baseball team, and put him at the table with the billionaire from Nebraska.

- - US

Beyond Carhenge: The jewels of Nebraska’s Highway 2

Check out these attractions along the state's most scenic highway.        


South Dakota pawn shop workers help nab polygamous sect leader Lyle Jeffs

Polygamous leader Lyle Jeffs' one-year run from justice was ended by pliers, sharp-eyed pawn shop workers and an astute off-duty detective in a small town in South Dakota. The events leading to Jeffs' capture Wednesday in a lakeside area near the South Dakota-Nebraska state line where he was living...

- - US

Bill Nye to Join Homestead National Monument Junior Rangers for 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

Bill Nye the Science Guy will join skywatchers in Nebraska for a center-stage view of the 2017 total solar eclipse on Aug. 21.

- - US

Neb. residents will be able to buy Obamacare next year

Nebraska residents will not be shut out of Obamacare next year. Medica has agreed to offer policies throughout the state in 2018.

- CNNMoney - US

Disney to remember boy killed by alligator with sculpture

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. " Walt Disney World plans to honor a Nebraska boy who was killed by an alligator at one of its resorts near Orlando with a sculpture of a lighthouse.A year ago Wednesday, an alligator grabbed 2-year-old...

- The New Zealand Herald - NZ

If you want to know what climate change feels like, you're going to find out this summer

On Tuesday, some parts of the Midwest and Northeast saw temperatures 20 degrees above the historical average.The Misery Index' for June 13, 2017. The index is a measure of perceived temperature based on heat, humidity, and wind chill. CREDIT: Cameron BeccarioBy Jeremy DeatonAn early summer heat wave delivered record ...

- ThinkProgress - US

Ndejje, UPDF seek first win

Ndejje University and UPDF Tomahawks are two of the five teams that are yet to win a game in the 12-team men's National Basketball League this season

- Daily Monitor - UG

Does America Need Nuclear-Armed Cruise Missiles?

Luke O'Brien Security, With Russia's deployment of the new SSC-8 ground-launched cruise missile, the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty appears to be in its last death-throes. But what should the U.S. do in response to the treaty's demise? One suggestion is to bring back the nuclear version of the Tomahawk ...

- The National Interest - US