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TransCanada clashes with pipeline foes at Nebraska hearing as firm presses for OK of 'alternative' path.

Opponents of TransCanada Corp.'s proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline argued on Tuesday that regulators in Nebraska had no authority to approve the line's “alternative” path ...

- The Japan Times - JP

TransCanada looking to file amended Keystone pipeline application in Nebraska.

A lawyer for the company said an amended plan would address issues that weren't in the original application and that are unique to the alternative route

- Financial Post - CA

Timber extraction, a threat to Rufous-necked hornbill.

Rufous-necked hornbill can tolerate or survive certain degree of human disturbances provided there are enough resources available such as potential nesting and food trees in the habitat, according to a study. Senior ranger and head of nature conservation section with the Tsirang forest division, Kinley's study on 'Nesting ...

- Kuensel Newspaper - BT

Republican National Committee member resigns in protest of support of Roy Moore.

A Nebraska Republican National Committee member submitted her resignation Monday in protest of the RNC's support of Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, Politico reports. Moore is accused by a number of women of having pursued — and in one case assaulted — them while they were teenagers. "I strongly disagree with the ...

- The Week - US

Nebraska RNC official resigns to protest support of Moore.

Nebraska Republican National Committeewoman Joyce Simmons resigned Monday in protest of the committee's financial support for Roy Moore.I strongly disagree with the recent RNC financial support directed to the Alabama Republican Party for use in the Roy Moore race. There is much I could say about this situation, but I will ...


Recent editorials published in Nebraska newspapers.

Omaha World Herald. December 8, 2017 Lawmakers should decide what to disclose about death penalty protocols Gov. Pete Ricketts and the Nebraska Department of Corrections seem willing to do whatever … Click to Continue

- Miami Herald - US

Some states are turning to a main drug in the opioid crisis to execute prisoners.

A synthetic opioid called fentanyl, which can be 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times more powerful than morphine, is behind tens of thousands of the U.S. deaths last year in the opioid overdose and addiction crisis. Two states, Nevada and Nebraska, have plans to use fentanyl as the key ingredient in a ...

- The Week - US

States are looking for new ways of executing prisoners on death row. Their latest idea? Opioids.

The synthetic painkiller fentanyl has been the driving force behind the nation's opioid epidemic, killing tens of thousands of Americans last year in overdoses. Now two states want to use the drug's powerful properties for a new purpose: to execute prisoners on death row. As Nevada and Nebraska...

- - US

Fewer than third of Nebraska juniors met ACT benchmarks.

- Education Week - US

Nebraska senators tour state for look at literacy, dyslexia.

- Education Week - US

When Immigration Detention Means Losing Your Kids.

After federal immigration agents sent Maria Luis back to Guatemala, her kids went into the Nebraska foster system. It took her five years to get them back.

- NPR - US

Air Force sergeant jailed in Nebraska for 6 months in sex-with-teen case

An Air Force master sergeant accused of having sex with a 15-year-old girl has been given six months in Sarpy County Jail. He also must serve five years of probation.

- Stars and Stripes - US

The Navy Has One Submarine That Could Drop 154 Tomahawk Missiles on North Korea

Sebastien Roblin Security, The story of the Ohio-Class SSGN.  The Ohio SSGNs' awesome firepower, however, will only remain in the U.S. Navy for around another decade or so, at which time the entire fleet of Ohio-class submarines will be gradually replaced with the new Columbia-class ballistic-missile submarines. The ...

- The National Interest - US

Most college football players will be forced to change head coaches at least once in their career

We are still a month away from the end of the college football season and the coaching carousel is already in full swing with some of the biggest programs making leadership changes, including Florida State, Texas A&M, UCLA, Florida, Nebraska, Oregon, and Tennessee. Well, Tennessee is still trying. All of these moves are ...

- Business Insider - US

Sydney Loofe: Body of missing Tinder date woman found

Police searching for the 24-year-old Nebraska woman says "digital evidence" led them to a body.

- BBC - UK

Groups Call on Trump Administration to Evaluate New Keystone XL Route

Friends of the EarthA coalition of environmental groups filed letters today urging the Trump administration to analyze the environmental impacts of the approved route for the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Last month, the Nebraska Public Service Commission rejected TransCanada's preferred route for the pipeline, which the ...

- Common Dreams - US

As Tomahawk production ends, Raytheon targets upgrades

With the Tomahawk cruise missile production run scheduled to end in the coming year, Raytheon is looking to improve the missile and control systems to make the weapon relevant and attractive for US Navy and other potential customers through the next decade, Chris Sprinkle, the company's senior

- Jane’s - US