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Cheers and Jeers: Rum and Resistance FRIDAY!.

From the GREAT STATE OF MAINE The First Late Night Snark of Spring Sproings… "What a week for our poor president. He's been bombing harder than Mike Huckabee at an open-mic night, and his Republican friends can't get out the door fast enough, fuck the two-drink minimum." ---Samantha Bee "FBI Director James Comey confirmed ...

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Amazon will collect state sales taxes nationwide April 1st.

While Amazon has resisted collecting state sales taxes, over the last few years it has bent, state by state. Now CNBC reports that as of April 1st, it will collect sales taxes in every state that imposes one, as Hawaii, Idaho, Maine and New Mexico jo...

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Cod fishing catches plummet in waters off New England.

ROCKPORT, Maine " The cod isn't so sacred in New England anymore.The fish-and-chips staple was once a critical piece of New England's fishing industry, but catch is plummeting to all-time lows in the region. The decline of...

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Maine's cod fishermen have worst year in history.

ROCKPORT, Maine " The cod isn't so sacred in Maine anymore.The fish-and-chips staple was once a critical piece of the state's fishing industry, but state records show 2016 was historically bad. Fishermen brought less than 170,000...

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This Climate Denying Lawmaker Has Proposed a Bill to Protect Climate Deniers.

A Maine lawmaker has introduced a bill that will safeguard political speech—with a special focus on climate change deniers. Republican Rep. Lawrence Lockman, who told the Associated Press that whether or not human activity is causing global warming is an open question, proposed legislation that would ban the state ...

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Hampshire College Student Accused of Assaulting Basketball Player for Wearing Hair Braids, Claims 'Cultural Appropriation'.

A Hampshire College student allegedly assaulted a member of the Central Maine Community College girl's basketball team over concerns that one of their players had "culturally appropriated" a hairstyle.

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Lawmaker wants discrimination protection for climate deniers.

Well, this is a new one: A state lawmaker in Maine wants you to believe that climate change deniers deserve protection under anti-discrimination laws. Maine Republican Rep. Larry Lockman says climate deniers are in danger of seeing their free speech threatened and need legal protections from anti-discrimination laws. Yes, ...

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Northern Lights: Large-Scale Solar Power is Spreading Across the U.S.

Once largely confined to the sunny Southwest, utility-scale solar power plants are now being built everywhere from Minnesota to Alabama to Maine. Aided by plunging costs and improving technologies, these facilities are expected to provide a big boost to U.S. solar energy production.

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Cheers and Jeers: Thursday.

From the GREAT STATE OF MAINE… Hello, Barack...' I caught this on my 6-inch hospital room TV when I was recovering from abdominal surgery last week. Not the best time for a belly laugh. Damn you, Conan... x x YouTube Video But I'll forgive you. Cheers and Jeers starts below the fold... RIGHTNOW!

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What grammar battles do you find yourself fighting?.

Last week, it was widely reported that the lack of a so-called Oxford comma made a Maine law regarding overtime pay ambiguous, according to…

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Bill would bar discrimination toward climate change doubters.

AUGUSTA, Maine — Maine laws protect people from discrimination based on factors such as race, disabilities and sexual orientation, and a Republican lawmaker wants to add a person's beliefs about climate change to that list.

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Scallop fishing area to be closed down amid harvest conflict

PORTLAND, Maine " The federal government is shutting down scallop fishing in a key New England fishing area amid an ongoing conflict over the harvest of the valuable shellfish.The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration...

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Stop Ignoring The Northeast Gem of Portland, Maine

What happens when you've gone everywhere you thought the family mini-van can travel to in the Northeast? Head a bit further and check out the hidden gem of Portland, Maine!

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'Real ID' deadline looms: Proposed fix would leave Washington with 2-tiered license

Washington is among five states — Montana, Minnesota, Missouri and Maine are the others — out of compliance with the federal Real ID act, which establishes national standards for state-issued driver's licenses and personal identification cards.

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20 stores that will let you return just about anything

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan The most convenient feature a company can offer is a generous return policy. Whether you never got around to wearing a pair of pants, or you deeply regret spending $200 on a juicer, a helpful return policy can save you from your bad decisions and help you save money. The best stores go above and ...

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Bill would bar discrimination toward climate change doubters

AUGUSTA, Maine — A Republican lawmaker in Maine says the state should protect people from being discriminated against based on their beliefs about climate change.

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Bill would bar discrimination toward climate change doubters

AUGUSTA, Maine " A Republican lawmaker in Maine says the state should protect people from being discriminated against based on their beliefs about climate change.Rep. Larry Lockman has introduced a bill that would limit the...

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Even Tea Party Govs. LePage and Bevin are spooked by Trump budget's draconian cuts

President Donald Trump's proposed budget has been drawing predictable criticism from Democrats and even some Republicans, but a new report claims that even Tea Party favorites such as Maine Gov. Paul LePage and Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin are worried as well. The New York Times reports that durin...

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Attempt to Kill Ants Destroys Family Home

If you have an infestation of ants in your basement, do not follow the example of David Doucette and try to kill them with fire. The 21-year-old Maine man may have succeeded in exterminating the pests, but he burned down his parents' home in the process, killing their dog and...

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'This is the most serious threat we've seen': Public radio prepares to fight Trump's funding cuts

Local radio stations are gearing up for a fight to beat back President Donald Trump's proposal to cut funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which funds hundreds of local radio and television stations across the US. "This is the most serious threat we've seen in 30-40 years," Maine Public President Mark ...

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Cheers and Jeers: Tuesday

From the GREAT STATE OF MAINE… Energize an Ally Tuesday Really, President Lardbrain? Your budget threatens to send a torpedo into the side of Meals on Wheels so you can divert the money to pay for more actual torpedoes? Wow. I knew a Meals on Wheels recipient back in Ohio. Mr. Paulson lived up the street. Late 70s, had ...

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Grammarians rejoice in the $10 million comma

The most expensive punctuation in the world... Gayle Dee/Flickr, CC BY-NCPortland-based company Oakhurst Dairy will potentially owe US$10 million to 75 milk-truck drivers in the US state of Maine because of a missing comma in a legal clause. Last week, Judge David J. Barron upheld an appeal in a class-action lawsuit, ...

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Man burns house, kills pets while trying to exterminate ants

OLD ORCHARD BEACH, Maine " Maine's state fire marshal says a man burned down his parents' house and killed three pets while trying to exterminate ants in his basement with matches.Investigators say 21-year-old Devon Doucette...

- The New Zealand Herald - NZ

James Franco breathes life into Stephen King's 'The Dead Zone'

NEW YORK, March 20 — James Franco is loaning his voice to the audio edition of the Stephen King book The Dead Zone. Set in the fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine, the story follows Johnny Smith who awakens from a five-year coma to discover...

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Maine-based Idexx Laboratories joins NASDAQ-100 Index

WESTBROOK, Maine " Maine-based Idexx Laboratories Inc. is being added to the NASDAQ-100 Index, months after being added to the Standard and Poor's 500.Idexx has more than 7,000 workers and is a major producer of pet diagnostic...

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Cheers and Jeers: Monday

From the GREAT STATE OF MAINE… You Saved Me, Daily Kos. Thank You. Two months ago you, the Daily Kos community, exercised your annual option to maintain collective ownership of my soul---including 12 more months of C&J---in exchange for twenty pieces of silver. Which brings me to my recent extended absence from this ...

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Dairy Drivers in Maine Are Celebrating a Missing Comma

For instilling in us a love of language, we offer a shout-out to our English teachers, William Safire and Mary Norris . In that sentence, we're trying to thank our teachers plus those two grammar gurus. If you didn't read it that way, witness the importance of the Oxford comma . It's...

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Sugarloaf gears up for US Alpine Championships

CARABBASSET VALLEY, Maine — Maine is gearing up to host some of the nation's top skiers.

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Sugarloaf gears up for US Alpine Championships

CARABBASSET VALLEY, Maine — Maine is gearing up to host some of the nation's top skiers.The U.S. Alpine Championships kick off this weekend...

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Collins says Trump 'owes us' a wiretapping explanation

President Donald Trump owes Congress and the American people an explanation about his claims that former President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower, Sen. Susan Collins said on Sunday.Appearing on NBC's 'Meet the Press,' the Maine Republican stopped short of saying the president should apologize, but said he should turn ...


Maine mainlining lobsters in record numbers to feed China's crustacean craze

The expanding market for lobsters in China is continuing to grow, with the country setting a new record for the value of its imports of the crustaceans from the United States. American lobster was almost unheard of in most of China until 2010, when the value of imports grew 250 percent to about $7.4 million. The post ...

- The Japan Times - JP

Man blamed for 6 deaths asks Maine governor for clemency

CHARLESTON, Maine " A man blamed for the deaths of six people and serving a life prison sentence wants Maine Gov. Paul LePage to give him another chance.Seventy-five-year-old Richard Steeves told the Governor's Board on Executive...

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Eventually, All Pedantry Is Linguistic Pedantry

Yesterday a reader sent me an email asking, "Is there a more 'you' story in the news right now than this"? The story in question was a court decision that hinged on a Maine law that lacked an Oxford comma, but I got busy with other stuff and never read it. So here it is: What ensued in the United States Court of Appeals for ...

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Trump budget could mean fatally cold winters for some of America's poor

Ending home heating subsidies is a choice to let people die.A man delivers heating oil to a house in Maine in 2015. CREDIT: AP Photo/Robert F. BukatyLast winter, you helped six million American households — all of them poor and most of them home to a senior citizen, young child, or disabled adult — keep the ...

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Maine, Iceland universities to sign off on agreement

The University of Southern Maine and Iceland's Reykjavik University will sign an agreement to make it easier for students and faculty to visit the schools. USM officials say President … Click to Continue

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