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Your next meal depends on 14 choke points in the world's food supply transport chain.

In 2000, China imported 10 million tonnes of soya beans. Today, imports have risen to 80 million tonnes – about 40 per cent of the world’s soya trade – and by 2025 it is expected to be 106 million. In the process, soya has overtaken maize, wheat and rice as the world’s most traded food commodity. ...

- South China Morning Post - HK

Of course he did: Trump picked climate science denier for Ag Department's top science post.

Sonny Perdue, the political hack appointed to be secretary of agriculture, once labeled mainstream climate science so ridiculous and so obviously disconnected from reality.' As if having a science denier running the Department of Agriculture weren't disastrous enough, Pr*sident Trump has now, as expected, picked another ...

- Daily Kos - US

Iowa Sen. Grassley Says He Will Press Trump Jr., Others to Testify at Hearing.

The top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee said he would issue subpoenas if witnesses refused to appear at a Senate hearing next week that will largely focus on a June 2016 meeting between the president's son, top Trump campaign advisers and a group of Russian advocates.

- Wall Street Journal - US

Agency: More inmates may be disciplined in Iowa prison fight.

DES MOINES, Iowa — About 80 inmates at an Iowa maximum security prison could face disciplinary action in connection to a large fight this month, a far greater number of people than the state corrections department has publicly said…

- Billings Gazette - US

Agency: More inmates may be disciplined in Iowa prison fight.

About 80 inmates at an Iowa maximum security prison could face disciplinary action in connection to a large fight this month, a far greater number of people than the state corrections department has publicly said were directly involved in the melee, the agency has told The Associated Press.

- FOX News - US

Deadly Kiss: Can a Baby Contract a Lethal Virus from a Cold Sore?.

A newborn baby in Iowa died this week from an infection with the virus that causes cold sores, which she likely contracted from a kiss, her doctors say.

- - US

Agency: More inmates may be disciplined in Iowa prison fight.

- - US

3-D Models Help Scientists Gauge Flood Impact.

Heavy rainfall can cause rivers and drainage systems to overflow or dams to break, leading to flood events that bring damage to property and road systems as well potential loss of human life.One such event in 2008 cost $10 billion in damages for the entire state of Iowa. After the flood, the Iowa Flood Center  at the ...

- ENN - US

Newborn contracts deadly virus from kiss.

Iowa newlyweds are clinging to hope as their nearly 3-week-old daughter fights for her life after contracting a deadly virus believed to be from a simple kiss.

- CNN Top Stories - US

Here is the best bull wearing a tire like a tutu we've ever seen.

"Don't know how he did it." A bull on the Weeping Fox Ranch in Hartley, Iowa, managed to get himself in a very odd predicament. Somehow, the 11-month animal got caught inside a large tractor tire that was being used as a hay ring in its enclosure. It sorta looks like a pool floatie, so maybe the bull was just trying to go ...

- Mashable! - US

Trump disapproval rises in Iowa.

In November's presidential election, Republican Donald Trump won Iowa with relative ease, earning 51.1 percent of the vote compared to just 41.7 percent for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. More than eight months later, the state is far less pleased with the now-president, according to a ne...

- The Raw Story - US

Why the Dream of Bringing Back the Battleships Still Won't Sink

Robert Farley Security, This debate won't end for a very simple reason. No one expected the battleships to leave so quickly. The U.S. Navy reactivated the four battleships of the Iowa class in the mid-1980s, equipping them with sea- and land-attack missiles, as well as modern electronics and similar facilities. The drive to ...

- The National Interest - US

This is what defunding Planned Parenthood looks like

SIOUX FALLS, Iowa — Deb Fegenbush was praying she would win the lottery. The odds were 1 in 292 million, but the jackpot was $92 million, more than enough to keep the Planned Parenthood clinic she manages in the Morningside neighborhood here open. I'm never lucky, but I did

- VICE News - US

MSNBC's Sharpton Slams Steve King's 'Racially Tinged Cruelty,' Suggests 'Evil'

On Sunday's PoliticsNation on MSNBC, during the show's regular 'Gotcha' segment, host Al Sharpton was imagining racist dog whistles as he complained about 'unmitigated, racially-tinged cruelty' from Congressman Steve King, and suggested that those who think like the Iowa Republican are 'evil.' After playing a clip of Rep. ...

- NewsBusters - US

100-year-old Iowa WWII vet honors West Point graduate grandson

John Neu pinned a second lieutenant's bar to his grandson's right shoulder. Lois Neu pinned a bar to Anchondo's left.         


Bernie Sanders returns to Iowa to slam ‘disastrous’ GOP health bill

Progressives thirsting for another Bernie Sanders presidential run got a campaign-style speech in Iowa on Saturday, but few clues about the Vermont senator's future political ambitions.         


China keeps the deals coming to sustain Trump's focus on trade talks

As 100 days of trade talks between the two largest economies rumble to a close, Chinese officials and executives have been roaming the farmland of Iowa and doing what might appeal to U.S. President Donald Trump most: deals. Contracts signed last week -- for the import of 12.5 million tonnes of U.S. soybeans and 371 tonnes ...

- South China Morning Post - HK

Sanders, in Iowa, reiterates criticism of GOP health bill

DES MOINES, Iowa — U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders reiterated criticism of Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act to a receptive crowd in Iowa on Saturday, calling a bill moving through the Senate "disastrous."

- Billings Gazette - US

Iowa military surplus store to close after 104 years

Gen. Douglas MacArthur once said "Old soldiers never die, they just fade away." That's just what a 104-year-old military surplus store in downtown Waterloo is doing.

- Stars and Stripes - US

Lawyer who says he was framed receives $285K settlement in wrongful arrest case

An Iowa lawyer who spent 16 days in jail will receive a $285,000 settlement in his lawsuit alleging wrongful arrest and prosecution for allegedly threatening…

- ABA Journal - US

Would-be robber foiled twice by bankers’ hours

Police in Iowa say a would-be bank robber was thwarted two times this week when the banks he tried to rob were closed.         


Iowa Prosecutor Who Threatened to Treat Girl's Selfies As Child Porn Backs Down

Marion County Attorney Ed Bull promises not to prosecute a teenager who took pictures of herself in her underwear.

- - US

Prosecutor agrees to drop sexting charges against Iowa teen

DES MOINES, Iowa " A county prosecutor in Iowa who threatened to charge a 14-year-old girl with sexual exploitation of a minor after she sent suggestive photos of herself to a boy at school agreed Thursday to drop the case after...

- The New Zealand Herald - NZ

Chicago Tribune Runs Transgender's Attack on America in Defense of Kaepernick

Douglas Goetsch was once a single, cross-dressing poet and a teacher at the University of Iowa, New York University and Western Kentucky. Battling depression and craving femininity, he broke up with his girlfriend and 'Jennered' over to 'womanhood.' Douglas is now 'Diana' and 'she' just penned a vicious attack on America ...

- NewsBusters - US

Senate Judiciary Committee wants to hear from Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. is being called before the Senate Judiciary Committee: The heads of the Senate judiciary committee are writing a letter to Donald Trump Jr. Thursday requesting that he testify before the committee, Chairman Chuck Grassley told CNN. Grassley, R-Iowa, previewed his intentions Wednesday when he told reporters ...

- Daily Kos - US

Yes, this Iowa bull got stuck in a large tractor tire

M.A.D. Confession, a show bull at Weeping Fox Ranch in Hartley, Iowa, appears to be tangled in a large tractor tire.