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The Telegraph: Russia wants to see your salary and social media accounts before letting you visit.

Russia has added a number of intrusive new questions to its already lengthy visa application forms, including requiring details of applicants’ Facebook and Twitter accounts, raising concerns that Britons will be deterred from visiting. As well as any social media accounts, the embassy now asks for information about ...

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Sen. McCain tells longtime friend Lindsey Graham to buck up.

Senator John McCain continues to participate in important policy debates, despite his cancer diagnosis. The Arizona senator took to Twitter on Thursday to thank everyone for their "outpouring of support." Nancy Cordes reports.


Alone on Trump Island.

President Trump must be feeling awfully lonely. Six months into his presidency, his approval rating is at an all-time low, even according to the most right-leaning of pollsters, which isn't a big deal unless you're the kind of person who's fanatically devoted to tracking your own poll numbers and trumpeting them on Twitter ...

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Twitter is still fighting against their online trolls.

Twitter is still fighting a battle against online trolls on their platform. Veuer's Natasha Abellard has the story.        


Elon Musk got Verbal Government Approval for a Hyperloop between New York and Washington.

The American entrepreneur Elon Musk announced through Twitter that he had received "oral approval from the government" to build a super-fast transport link between New York and Washington to cut travel time between the two cities to about 29 minutes, Reuters reported. At the moment, Amtrak's "Asella" high-speed train takes ...

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Anil Kapoor urges fans to support Assam.

Mumbai, July 21 Veteran actor Anil Kapoor has urged his fans and followers to provide relief to the flood-stricked people of Assam. Anil on Thursday took to Twitter to ask fans to donate for relief efforts in the state. Donate now to support -- Plan India Assam relief efforts," he wrote along with a link for the Assam flood ...

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Buzz Aldrin tweets about how the iconic image of him on the moon was taken.

Buzz "second man on the moon" Aldrin is back to his legendary form after pulling a mystified face at Donald Trump's weird speech about space. SEE ALSO: Patriotic Buzz Aldrin sparks best Photoshop battle ever On the 48th anniversary of the moon landing, Aldrin recounted the story on Twitter behind one of the most iconic ...

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China forces its Muslim minority to install spyware on their phones.

China has ramped up surveillance measures in Xinjiang, home to much of its Muslim minority population, according to reports from Radio Free Asia. Authorities sent out a notice over a week ago instructing citizens to install a "surveillance app" on their phones, and are conducting spot checks in the region to ensure that ...

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Tour Agencies: US to Ban Travel to North Korea.

Two tourist agencies that operate tours to North Korea said Friday the U.S. government will soon ban its citizens from traveling to the North. Koryo Tours said the ban would be announced July 27 and would go into effect 30 days later. It did not say how long the ban would last. Another tour operator, Young Pioneer Tours, ...

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Lena Dunham joins 'American Horror Story'.

"American Horror Story" co-creator Ryan Murphy shared some casting news on Twitter Wednesday.

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Twitter's internal numbers show it's getting less awful at fighting abuse.

"Our work here will never, ever be done,' said Del Harvey, Twitter's head of trust and safety.

- Washington Post - US

Today in Movie Culture: 'Kingsman' Meets 'Archer,' Avengers vs. Justice League and More

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture: Crossover of the Day: Taron Egerton'sKingsman: The Golden Circlecharacter gets animated in this special Comic-Con crossover with TV'sArcher: Cosplay of the Day: Comic-Con has begun, andVanity Fair's Joanna Robinson highlights some of the ...

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He may bark and bite, but John McCain has a rare bipartisan appeal

John McCain, with his short fuse and lashing tongue, is not always an easy man to like, or to get along with. The Arizona senator acknowledged as much in a wry tweet he dispatched Thursday morning — candor and self-deprecation always being two of his strongest, most appealing suits. I greatly...

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Elon Musk wants to bring high underground Hyperloop through Baltimore

Elon Musk, the billionaire tech entrepreneur, announced Thursday on Twitter that he has received "verbal” government approval to build a high-speed underground transportation system from New York to Washington, with stops in Philadelphia and Baltimore. The 46-year-old behind the automaker Tesla...

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This is how the federal government made a Star Wars tweet go viral

Who says public servants have no sense of humour? They fought through classic bureaucracy and all the required approvals, just to make a Star Wars joke The post This is how the federal government made a Star Wars tweet go viral appeared first on

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No casualties among Ukrainians during earthquake in Greece and Turkey

The Department of Consular Service of Ukraine's Foreign Ministry has said there is no information about casualties of Ukrainian citizens caught in the earthquake that shook Greece and Turkey. “Earthquake in Greece, Turkey. The consul says that as of 08:00 there is no information about victims,” the department ...

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Doctors consider next treatment for McCain's brain tumor

Sen. John McCain's tumor is one of the most aggressive forms of brain cancer, and his doctors are determining next treatment options even as the senator, in a tweet, promised … Click to Continue

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Baby's first word surprises comic-loving dad

Never mind how basic their initial words may be, getting to hear your tot's first is pretty momentous for any parent. For Michael McAvoy, the first word from his daughter sent him "over-the-moon," according to his tweet on Wednesday. And for the self-confessed geek, there's nothing more heartwarming than having your kids ...

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'I never really loved him': Chester Bennington's wife Talinda's Twitter account hacked?

The Linkin Park frontman is suspected to have hanged himself at his home in Palos Verdes Estates in Los Angeles.

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Overwatch League announcement brings hype and skepticism alike

GUEST: The first major Overwatch League announcement since its introduction at Blizzcon last year came last week, when Blizzard finally introduced the first seven Overwatch League teams. Reactions have been very positive for the most part. Immortals, NRG and Misfits all took to Twitter in celebratory fashion shortly after ...

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WATCH: Democrats, Republicans send well wishes to Sen. McCain

Lawmakers spoke publicly and took to Twitter following his brain tumor announcement.

- ABC News - US

29 Minutes From New York to Washington? Elon Musk Teases a New Hyperloop

The entrepreneur said on Twitter that he had verbal approval to build a transportation artery connecting cities from New York to Washington D.C.

- New York Times - US

Trump White House prepares visual aids for press briefing in which cameras are barred

The White House continues to bar television cameras from their press briefings because Donald Trump gets too agitated when he watches them. Why the White House is now bringing visual aids to those no-cameras-allowed briefings, however, is a mystery. x#MAGAnomics in the off-camera White House press briefing ...

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Here's Donald Trump desperately, pathetically trying to get Putin's attention at the G20 dinner

MSNBC was able to obtain video of the G20 Summit dinner in Germany. The event was exclusive to world leaders and their spouses, with each leader bringing an interpreter. Watch the GIF below and see how pathetic Donald Trump looked trying to get Vladimir Putin's attention from across the table.  xHere's Donald Trump ...

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Backlash for HBO's slavery series 'Confederate' intensifies on Twitter

The show will imagine if slavery developed into a modern institution.


NYC to DC in 30 Minutes? Elon Musk Claims Verbal OK for Hyperloop

Elon Musk recently announced on Twitter that he had received "verbal government approval" for his Boring Company to build a superfast Hyperloop transit system that would take people from New York to Washington, D.C., in just under 30 minutes.

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Twitter says it's taking action on 10x the number of abusive accounts as it did last year, and 65% of disciplined accounts don't commit second infraction

Casey Newton / The Verge: Twitter says it's taking action on 10x the number of abusive accounts as it did last year, and 65% of disciplined accounts don't commit second infraction  —  But real data is in short supply  —  A sustained push to reduce abuse on Twitter has shown promising results, the company ...

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WC: Harmanpreet destroys, Twitter explodes

Indian women cricket team vice-captain Harmanpreet Kaur produced one of the greatest ever ODI knocks in women's cricket helping India storm into the ICC World Cup final, beating a strong Australian side by 36 runs in the semi-final.

- Times Of India - IN

6 months later: Trump’s war on the press, by the numbers

Sarah Wasko/Media Matters President Donald Trump and his administration have waged an unprecedented war on the media since he took office. Here’s a look at some numbers that exemplify the conflicts, six months after his inauguration: Over 200: number of times Trump or his administration have attacked the press, per ...

- Media Matters for America - US

Musk Tweet Teases a New York-to-D.C. Hyperloop

Known for his teasing tweets and ever-expanding list of high-tech ambitions, Elon Musk set observers abuzz again with a vague claim he received “verbal” approval for a high-speed, tunnel-based travel system along one of the busiest corridors in the U.S.

- Wall Street Journal - US

Elon Musk excites followers with Boring tweets

Billionaire takes to Twitter to lobby for approval to build superfast train tunnel

- Financial Times - US

District Court Judge's Retweet Doesn't Require Recusal, Nor Reversal

In a recent decision by a three judge panel at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, judges that use Twitter got a little bit more clarity on when Tweeting violates judicial ethics. The case involved an appeal of a motion for relief from judgment filed by Sierra Pacific Industries,......

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People On Twitter Are 1000% Done With Clothing With Random Words


- BuzzFeed - US

Twitter Claims Anti-Abuse Tools Are Working — But Where's The Data?

After launching various new efforts to combat harassment and abuse, Twitter says it's doing a bangup job of making users feel safer on the platform. But that's according to internal data, hard numbers the company isn't sharing — at least, not yet. While there's still much work to be done,' Twitter announced today that ...

- The Consumerist - US

The Supreme Court made it harder for states to ban sex offenders from social media. Here's why

Kostasgr/Shutterstock.comUntil recently, North Carolina law prohibited registered sex offenders from using various social media sites, such as Snapchat, Twitter and LinkedIn. In June, a landmark Supreme court decision in Packingham v. North Carolina overturned that law. The result is important for two reasons. One, the ...

- The Conversation - UK

Here's why the Supreme Court made it harder for states to ban sex offenders from social media

By Melissa Hamilton, Senior Lecturer of Law & Criminology, University of Houston. Kostasgr/ Until recently, North Carolina law prohibited registered sex offenders from using various social media sites, such as Snapchat, Twitter and LinkedIn. In June, a landmark Supreme court dec...

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The story of a Turkish intellectual's escape from prison

After years of controversy and trials, Armenian intellectual Sevan Nisanyan dropped a bombshell on Twitter, announcing his escape from a prison in Turkey.

- Al-Monitor - EG

Jewish Ohio Senate candidate condemns ADL, backs figures on 'alt-lite' list

WASHINGTON , Josh Mandel, the Ohio treasurer who is running for the Republican nomination for U.S. senator, expressed solidarity with figures listed by the Anti-Defamation League as having a “hateful impact” on the political scene. “Sad to see @ADL_National become a partisan witchhunt group targeting ...

- JTA - US

Blink-182 fans don't recognize the 'old space garbage' that is Mark Hoppus

Life is tough as an aging pop punk star. Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus is having a hell of a day. Hoppus tweeted earlier Thursday that he was sitting in the corner of a museum, playing Pokémon Go all by his lonesome. SEE ALSO: Tom DeLonge still uses Blink-182's energy as an inspiration Currently in a museum filled with ...

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Have 'verbal approval' to build New York-DC hyperloop: Elon Musk

, July. 21 : New York to D.C. in just half an hour? It's happening! Serial entrepreneur Elon Musk, who is the head of Tesla, SpaceX and now The Boring Company, has confirmed that he "just received verbal approval" to build a new underground hyperloop network that can shuttle commuters between the two cities, about 230 miles ...

- Sify - IN

Linkin Park singer Bennington dead in apparent suicide

LINKIN Park singer Chester Bennington, who overcame a troubled childhood to top the charts with an angry but melodic brand of metal, was found dead Thursday in an apparent suicide. He was 41. "Shocked and heartbroken, but it's true," Linkin Park's guitarist and main songwriter Mike Shinoda wrote on Twitter. The Los Angeles ...

- Shanghai Daily - CN

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop 'approval' seems to be from the White House

Earlier today, we reported that Elon Musk and The Boring Company had reportedly been given verbal government approval to build a Hyperloop that would connect New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC, according to a tweet posted by Musk.

- Engadget - US

'Porgs' are now the most adorable creatures in the Star Wars universe

If there's one thing Star Wars has never been short on , besides magic and wonder! , it's the creatures that make the fictional universe come to life, a mix of the hideous and adorable that make it all feel so ... real. SEE ALSO: Fresh 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' details revealed at Comic Con It's with great fanfare, then, ...

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Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda tweets about Chester Bennington's death

News broke Thursday of Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington being found dead in Los Angeles, and Twitter was quick to post photos, video, and devastated responses from fans to the singer's death. Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda was the first band member to respond to the news, noting that an official statement is forthcoming. ...

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The White House tried to make MAGAnomics a thing. It went as well as you'd expect.

We can't actually see or hear what's happening at the White House press briefings these days in real time, but at least we now know why the sessions are held off camera. SEE ALSO: Twitter schools Rick Perry on basic economics after he speaks at a coal plant Thursday's briefing included a section on "MAGAnomics." With ...

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Here are 20 of the coolest tattoos made with a single line

Art is personal, especially for tattoos. Some people have a preference for highly rendered tattoos with deep painterly colors, other people like something more minimalist. Detailed art is obviously gorgeous, but there's just something refreshing about tattoo art that takes a more simple approach. SEE ALSO: Parents' ...

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Kohli, Shastri hail Harmanpreet's ton in WWC semis

New Delhi, July 20 Indian men's team captain Virat Kohli and newly-appointed head coach Ravi Shastri led Twitter users in congratulating all-rounder Harmanpreet Kaur, who on Thursday blasted an unbeaten 171 off only 115 deliveries to help India post a massive 281/4 in a rain-shortened 42-overs-a-side Women's World Cup ...

- Yahoo! News - US

Armored US combat vehicles have been spotted pouring into Syria

Screenshot/Twitter via Afarin Mamasota Photos and video footage that surfaced on Twitter and YouTube this week appear to show a convoy of flatbed trucks loaded with U.S.-made MRAP, M-ATVs, and up-armored bulldozers in Syria, Military Times reports. The Kurdish activists who posted the images on social media on July 18 claim ...

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BMRCL caught in a bind over Hindi usage

The ongoing campaign against usage of Hindi in Namma Metro signboards has put the BMRCL in a clutch with authorities caught between the ire of protesters and the obligation to follow the rules.The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited , a joint venture between state and Central government, cannot take a stand on keeping ...

- Deccan Herald - IN

Obama to McCain: 'Cancer Doesn't Know What It's Up Against'

Former President Barack Obama took to Twitter on Thursday to send a message of encouragement for Sen. John McCain in the wake of his diagnosis with brain cancer.

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