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Rarotongan communities to receive free dental care.

The Wrigley Company Foundation along with the New Zealand Dental Association today announced the 2017 recipient of a US$5,000 dental grant to help improve dental care and education in the Pacific Islands. This year, the grant has been given to ...

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Rarotonga: Turning troppo is easy.

Patricia Greig finds it all too easy to go troppo on the laid-back Pacific island. I'm writing this for you on the beach. There's cold beer to my left and a room key to my right - that's how I live my life now.After 12 hours on...

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The Bachelor NZ's Art and Matilda engaged.

Three years after The Bachelor NZ's Art Green and Matilda Rice took their first romantic holiday away as a couple in Rarotonga, they returned to the island, and this time there was a ring.

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Rarotonga, Cook Islands: Ten fun but inexpensive things to do.

Right now it seems that every second New Zealander is holidaying in Rarotonga.

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In the Kingdom of Tonga, underwater wonders and Polynesian hospitality.

As I stepped off the little boat after 48 hours of travel, I felt a little like Tom Sawyer. Mostly because my family would be staying in a treehouse. But also because the island looked like something out of a storybook.

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King of Tonga Dismisses Prime Minister Pohiva's Government.

Democratically elected Prime Minister 'Akilisi Pohiva's government was dismissed, seemingly on the advice of the parliament's speaker.

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