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Namayingo suspends two mining firms over licences.

The authorities say the two companies from Tanzania are illegally evicting residents from their land and are operating without genuine mining licences

- Daily Monitor - UG

Japanese firm in mosquito nets deal.

Sumitomo Chemical has handed the Tanzania-based A-Z Textile Mills a royalty-free right to produce new brands of bed nets as fresh malaria outbreaks hit places such as Kenya.

- BusinessDailyAfrica - KE

Tanzania's lands minister demolishes own house to allow road expansion.

The house was build in 1995 and was the minister's first house

- BusinessDailyAfrica - KE

Tamwa urges govt to amend road traffic law, regulations to reduce accidents.

The Tanzania Media Women's Association has urged the government to amend the Road Traffic Act, 1973 and the Regulations on speed, drinking and driving, wearing a helmet and fastening seat belts.

- TheCitizen - TZ

Turnout excites Dar tourism expo organizers.

The turn-out of exhibitors and tourist agents has thrilled the Tanzania Tourist Board --- organisers of the just-ended Swahili International Tourism Expo   ----    energising the board into planning another  expo next year.

- TheCitizen - TZ

TRA rakes in Sh64.65bn in revenue collections.

The Tanzania Revenue Authority Zanzibar Zone has managed to collect a total of Sh64.65billion, equivalent to 108 per cent of collection estimates in a period of three months from July to September, 2017.

- TheCitizen - TZ

Tanzania's Lands minister demolishes own house.

The Minister for Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development, Mr William Lukuvi, has demolished his three-room house, which is located at Mapogoro Village in Iringa Region, to allow for the expansion of the road.

- TheCitizen - TZ

Zari and Diamond rekindle romance in Zanzibar.

The weekend was a busy one for the Diamond household, first was the Hamisa Mobeto party at King Solomon Hall, then the arrival of the Boss Lady for the Danube shopping mall launch and to cap it all Diamond's performance in Zanzibar.

- TheCitizen - TZ

Tanesco director directed to fix turbines before leaving.

Minister of Energy Medard Kalemani has directed Director of the Tanzania Electric Supply Company , Dr Tito Mwinuka, to remain in Mtwara Region for extra three days, while insisting on taking action against a power generation plant manager.

- TheCitizen - TZ

Hundreds just died in Africa's worst ever terror attack. Why doesn't the West care who murdered them?.

This is the worst attack in Africa's history since Al-Qaeda was blamed for twin attacks on US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998, when 220 people died.

- IBTimes.co.uk - UK

Funds granted for upgrading police facility.

 The United Nations Development Programme has granted Sh220 million to the Tanzanian government for rehabilitation of the Tanzania Police School in Moshi.

- TheCitizen - TZ

Tanzania, Iran team up in fighting terrorism

 Tanzania and Iran have teamed up to share experiences in bid to establish joint effort in fighting terrorism.

- TheCitizen - TZ

Prayer houses lined up for demolition in road project

At least 24 houses of prayers are expected to be demolished today by the Tanzania Roads Agency to pave the way for expansion of the Kimara-Kiluvya section of Morogoro Road.

- TheCitizen - TZ

Power thieves must be stopped in their tracks

Electricity theft remains high despite measures Tanzania Electric Supply Company is taking to control the practice. The revelation that Arusha, alone, recorded a Sh200 million loss in 2015 because of this criminal practice is seemingly the tip of the iceberg.

- TheCitizen - TZ

FROM THE PUBLIC EDITOR'S DESK : Locomotives scam stinks to high heaven, and yet Tanzania's media is blissfully silent

It is hard to believe – and that is if one has understood the message – what the media reported widely last Saturday on the government's intention to buy' the so called abandoned 11 locomotive engines at the port of Dar es Salaam.

- TheCitizen - TZ

Invest in tourism promotion to get more income: call

Tourism stakeholders have called on the government to invest more on the promotion of available attractions as a way to increase visitors and revenue from the sector. Some tour operators say about 80 per cent of the attractions in the country have not yet been promoted thoroughly including the famous Mt Kilimanjaro and ...

- TheCitizen - TZ

How our cultural 'arrivalism' creates 'dead' capital

We travelled west at the break of dawn. The birds were still silent, and the air was crispy cold. Only the noise of the madding Kampala clubbing crowd disturbed the tranquillity of the morning. Our destination – Kitwe, near the border with Tanzania, on the periphery of Ntungamo District. Our objective was to pay our last ...

- TheCitizen - TZ

STRAIGHT TALK: Reflections on relevance of Uhuru Torch races

It has been many years since Tanzania introduced the Uhuru Torch races.

- TheCitizen - TZ

Handwashing drive saves lives

Dodoma. Tanzania joins the rest of the world to mark the Global Handwashing Day today with many success stories.

- TheCitizen - TZ

Jane Goodall Documentary Shows Development in Understanding of Man and Chimp

After sitting fifty years in the National Geographic archives, 100 hours of footage on Jane Goodall and her groundbreaking observations of Chimpanzees in the African forest of Tanzania have been compiled into a documentary film. At a screening of the film in Los Angeles, Goodall spoke to VOA's Elizabeth Lee about her work ...

- Voice of America - US

Govt mum on Kenya's seized cattle

Government officials remained quiet until late yesterday on the fate of more than 1,000 head of cattle from Kenya, which were confiscated in Mwanga District, Kilimanjaro Region.

- TheCitizen - TZ

Sooni Taraporevala captures Mumbai's intimate, characteristic visuals in 'Home In The City'

On display are Sooni Taraporevala's picture of MF Husain, as well as a picture of Irrfan Khan taken on the set of Salaam Bombay! The post Sooni Taraporevala captures Mumbai's intimate, characteristic visuals in 'Home In The City' appeared first on Firstpost.

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Comorian family's misery over son lost in Tanzania

A Comorian family has camped in Dar es Salaam in a desperate search for their son Ammar Abdou Soimadu, who was arrested by Tanzanian police in June but whose whereabouts have since become a mystery.

- TheCitizen - TZ

Govt to 'buy' abandoned locomotives

The Government has said it will buy' some 11 locomotive engines whose abandonment at the Dar es Salaam Port has raised controversy about their procurement.

- TheCitizen - TZ

EDITORIAL: Drawing lessons from Nyerere on leadership

Tanzania today commemorates 18 years since the death of the Founding Father of the Nation, Julius Nyerere. There is pretty much to talk about and learn from Mwalimu, who was not only a political leader, but also a philosopher, theorist, activist, translator and writer.

- TheCitizen - TZ

Ponda in police custody for second day

The Secretary of the Council of Islamic Organisations in Tanzania, Sheikh Issa Ponda, is still being held by the police in Dar es Salaam a day after he was taken in for allegedly uttering sedition statements.

- TheCitizen - TZ

CUF teams up with other parties on poll strategy

The Civic United Front has said that it has finalised meetings held with other opposition parties under the umbrella Ukawa, as part of a plan to ensure victory in the upcoming 43 ward by-elections in Tanzania Mainland.

- TheCitizen - TZ

Zanzibar MPs warned on vulgar language

The Zanzibar Second Vice President, Ambassador Seif Ali Iddi, has warned members of the House of Representatives against the use of vulgar language during meetings.

- TheCitizen - TZ

Arusha RC denies eyeing parliamentary seat

Regional Commissioner Mrisho Gambo has refuted widespread reports that he is planning to vie for the Arusha Member of Parliament Seat in the 2020 general election.

- TheCitizen - TZ

REAL ESTATE: Compensation related to land rights in Tanzania

It is an undisputed fact that ownership of property whether immovable or movable one is something that every person desires to have and so far it is a right to every individual as clearly stipulated in the Constitution of United Republic of Tanzania of 1977 and other laws.

- TheCitizen - TZ

THE SOJOURNER: Reminiscing Ngorongoro experience

It was many years ago, I believe in the late 1980s, then in the employ of the Tanzania Tourist Corporation, when I was assigned to escort some travel writers to iconic Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro and Serengeti.

- TheCitizen - TZ

Cotton board sets aside 25,000 tonnes of seeds for planting season

The Tanzania Cotton Board has set aside 25,000 tonnes of cotton seeds for the 2018/19 planting season.

- TheCitizen - TZ

Sheikh Ponda released on bail after spending night in cell

The Secretary of the Council of Islamic Organisations in Tanzania, Sheikh Issa Ponda has been released on bail.

- TheCitizen - TZ

Protect wildlife to honour Nyerere

Natural resources stakeholders have been called upon to come up with ways of conserving Serengeti National Park in honour of the late founding President of Tanzania Mwalimu Julius Nyerere who, in his days, insisted on the sustainability of the park.

- TheCitizen - TZ

Tanzania electoral agency opens the door for by-election nominations

Political parties' aspirants wishing to take part in the forthcoming by-election in 43 Wards will pick their NEC nomination papers from October 20, 2017, it has been announced.

- TheCitizen - TZ

10 amazing pictures of Tanzania

I had countless jaw-on-the-floor moments.

- Matador Network - US

Africa in the news: Kenya election update, Boko Haram trials, and Tanzania's controversial business regulations

Election corner: Odinga withdraws in Kenya, Liberia votes, and DRC delays to 2019 This week, Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga withdrew from the presidential election re-run, stating, All indications are that the election scheduled for 26 October will be worse than the previous one.' Odinga does not believe that the ...

- Brookings - US

WATCH: Trump 'invents another African country' by butchering pronunciation of Tanzania

In his second public speech of the day, Donald Trump on Friday continued not-quite-reading off teleprompters, this time mispronouncing the African country Tanzania' so it rhymed with the Australian island state Tasmania. The president pronounced Tanzania' as Tan-ZAY-nee-uh,' as opposed to the cou...

- The Raw Story - US

LOVE LETTERS TO TANZANIA: Let's focus on the victims, not attackers

Two weeks ago, a man fired into the crowd at a Las Vegas music festival.

- TheCitizen - TZ

Ponda surrenders himself to Dar central police station

Secretary of the Council of Islamic Organisations in Tanzania Sheikh Issa Ponda on Friday October 13 reported to the central police station following the directive by Dar es Salaam Special Zone Police Commander Lazaro Mambosasa.

- TheCitizen - TZ

Arusha coach elated after win

Arusha's Pentagon volleyball team manager, Nicholas John, showered praise on his players after they beat hard-fighting Flowers of Shinyanga 3-2 in an exciting Nyerere Cup match on Thursday.

- TheCitizen - TZ

Zanzibar in fresh move to curb gender-based violence

The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar has said it would impose a heavy punishment, which includes 30 years imprisonment for anyone found guilty of harassing women and children.

- TheCitizen - TZ

Calls mount on Tanzania to end death penalty

Pressure is mounting for Tanzania to abolish the death penalty following President John Magufuli's recent remarks that he would not sign any death warrant during his tenure.

- TheCitizen - TZ

Union intervenes in sugar firm's labour dispute

The Tanzania Plantation and Agricultural Workers Union is calling on Mvomero District Commissioner to intervene in the crisis facing Mtibwa Sugar Estate workers who were allegedly forced to write letters of resignation while under police custody.

- TheCitizen - TZ

Ecobank keen to foster regional trade financing

Ecobank wants businesspeople in Tanzania to take advantage of its trade solutions and grow cross-border trade throughout Africa and the rest of the world.

- TheCitizen - TZ

Ponda given 3 days to surrender to Dar police

The police have given secretary of the Council of Islamic Organisations in Tanzania Sheikh Issa Ponda three days to surrender himself for allegedly uttering seditious and abusive language.

- TheCitizen - TZ

Opposition up in arms over proposed law

Opposition parties say the draft bill aimed at paving the way for a new political parties act will eventually lead to further suppression of democracy in Tanzania.

- TheCitizen - TZ

Financing women farmers

Financing women farmers13 October 2017Oxfam conducted research on government and donor investments in Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines and Tanzania. It found that governments and donors are failing to provide women farmers with relevant and adequate support for farming and adapting to climate change.

- Oxfam International - UK

Dutch project working wonders for Dodoma healthcare needs

Tanzania's capital, Dodoma, has had a bad history in the health care for many years.

- TheCitizen - TZ

How Dar's rapid transport will transform economy, mobility

Implementation of Phase II of the Bus Rapid Transport and the Dar es Salaam Metropolitan Development Project is expected to open-up economic opportunities of sprawls areas in the city.

- TheCitizen - TZ