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Signed, Sealed, Sprung: Tajik Lawyer Accused Of Faking Documents, Official Stamps To Free 10 Inmates.

Tajik prosecutors are building an unprecedented case against a lawyer who allegedly forged seals and signatures to spring convicts. Authorities are, meanwhile, trying to chase down the unwitting beneficiaries of the apparent scams.

- Radio Free Europe - US

Uzbekistan-Tajikistan trade turnover surges.

- Today.Az - AZ

Tajikistan Bars Citizens Under 40 From Performing Hajj.

Authorities in Tajikistan have barred citizens under the age of 40 from performing this year's annual hajj pilgrimage to Mecca.

- Radio Free Europe - US

Growing Islamist control along Afghan-Tajik border likely to lead to opportunistic incursions into Tajikistan by militant groups.

EVENT On 16 June 2017 in the Parkhar district, Khatlon region, Tajikistan, an artillery shell exploded approximately 3km from the Afghan-Tajik border. The shell was likely to have been launched from Afghan territory, where in previous days the Taliban had gained control of several villages in the

- Jane’s - US

Tajik Citizens On Death Row In China May Avoid Execution.

Tajikistan's government says five Tajik citizens currently on death row in China couldavoid execution due to a newagreement expected to go into effect on July 19.

- Radio Free Europe - US

Dushanbe-Astana Train Makes First Journey.

The first-ever train connecting the capitals of Tajikistan and Kazakhstan has concluded its first trip.

- Radio Free Europe - US

Tajikistan: Rise and Fall of a Telecoms Wunderkind.

A young and former high-ranking state official in Tajikistan's communications sector has learned to his cost the dangers of crossing elite big-hitters, particularly when they are related to the president. A court in Dushanbe this week sentenced Kadamjon Safizoda, the ex-head of Center for Information and Communication ...

- EurasiaNet - US

Tajikistan: Communications Service Monopolizing Mail?.

Tajikistan's all-powerful communications regulator, which is run by a relative of the president by marriage, may be adding another string to its bow by becoming a monopolist provider of courier services. Few in Tajikistan rely on traditional postage, since it is vastly easier to turn to friends and relatives to carry ...

- EurasiaNet - US

Going Postal: Tajikistan Stops DHL, UPS and Pony Express in Their Tracks.

"Does this DHL have an owner? Can't he come to Tajikistan?"

- Global Voices - US

Record Number of Tajiks Knocked at the EU's Door in 2016.

In 2016, 850 Tajik citizens applied for asylum at the Polish border -- up from just 105 in 2014.

- The Diplomat - US

Tajikistan Wages War on Dual-Citizenship Holders.

Tajikistan's National Bank has fired 30 employees for possessing dual citizenship. Faraj news website cited unnamed sources as saying the National Bank had previously set out requirements to staff with second passports to either give up their other citizenship or quit. Russia is the only country with which Tajikistan has a ...

- EurasiaNet - US

Iran Courts Tajikistan

What does Tehran's focus on building relations with Dushanbe mean for Central Asia?

- The Diplomat - US

The Tajik Civil War: 20 Years Later

Tajikistan is at peace, but its future remains bleak.

- The Diplomat - US

Tajikistan: Reinforcing capacities in the management of human remains

News release | The International Committee of the Red Cross is holding a one-day course, on the management of human remains during large-scale emergencies, in Dushanbe today.


Tajikistan: Travel Ban on Rights Lawyer

Expand Fayzinisso Vohidova.  © TajInfo – Tajik border guards on the Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan border on May 14, 2017, prevented a prominent human rights lawyer from leaving the country, Human Rights Watch and the Norwegian Helsinki Committee said today. Tajik authorities should immediately rescind the ban on Fayzinisso ...

- Human Rights Watch - US