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Jeremy Hunt mocked for trying to school Stephen Hawking on Twitter.

Jeremy Hunt has taken on famous scientist Stephen Hawking, firing off tweets defending himself against the professor's earlier criticism. Mr Hunt has been mocked and questioned by social media users, who said he is 'trying to school the world's most famous scientist on numbers and evidence.' In tweets Mr Hunt said: ...

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Physicist Hawking criticizes UK health secretary on service.

LONDON " Noted physicist Stephen Hawking has criticized Britain's health secretary for what he described as the selective use of scientific studies to support changes in the National Health Service.The world-renowned scientist...

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Indian-origin TV star crowned 'Child Genius' in UK.

A 12-year-old Indian-origin boy, believed to be having an IQ higher than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, has been crowned as the UKs Child Genius in a popular television quiz competition.Rahul Doshi, who a few days a back became an overnight sensation after answering all questions correctly in some of the earlier ...

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Stephen Hawking: 'I wouldn't be here without the NHS'.

The scientist backed the NHS in a speech that was critical of government policy and Jeremy Hunt.

- BBC - UK

Scientist Hawking blames UK government for health service 'crisis'.

Physicist Stephen Hawking found himself in a war of words with Britain's Conservative government after he said it had caused a crisis in the state-run National Health Service and was leading it towards a profit-making US-style system.

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Scientist Hawking blames UK government for health service 'crisis'.

LONDON, Aug 19 — Physicist Stephen Hawking has criticised the British government for causing a crisis in the state-run National Health Service , saying it had to be protected from becoming a profit-making US-style system. Writing in the...

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Hawking blames UK govt for health 'crisis'.

British cosmologist Stephen Hawking says he fears Britain's health service may become a profit-making US-style system.

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Jeremy Hunt hits back at Stephen Hawking over the NHS.

Stephen Hawking has criticised the government for causing a crisis in the NHS and accused the health secretary of "cherry-picking" research to justify arguments. Jeremy Hunt took to Twitter to deny the claims late last night. Hawking, one of the most renowned scientists in the world, was diagnosed with motor neurone disease ...

- City AM - UK

Stephen Hawking attacks Conservatives for 'underfunding and privatising' the NHS.

Renowned physicist has been reliant on the NHS since he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease aged 21.

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Digital symbiosis lets robot co-workers predict human behaviour.

by Anthony King Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk fear that the robotic revolution may already be underway, but automation isn't going to take over just yet – first machines will work alongside us. Robots across the world help out in factories by taking on heavy lifting or repetitive jobs, but the walking, talking kind may

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Stephen Hawking: I'm worried about the future of the NHS.

Cambridge professor criticises health secretary and warns about role of private sector in the NHS.

- BBC - UK

From Isaac Asimov to Aimee Mann, 'robophobia' plagues humans

Physicist Stephen Hawking and tech entrepreneur Elon Musk have also warned about the dangers of going too far, too quickly, in developing "thinking robots" with programmed intelligence that might keep evolving self-awareness, similar to the humanoids in the HBO series "Westworld ." in July 2015, a 57-year-old technician was ...

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