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Homeland Security confirmed Russians targeted nearly half the U.S. for election hacks.

Add this to your file on "The Russian government tried to destroy the election integrity of the United States last year." A Department of Homeland Security official confirmed in a Wednesday Senate Intelligence Committee hearing that they have evidence Russian-backed hackers targeted election systems in 21 states. SEE ALSO: ...

- Mashable! - US

How The Guardian Lost America.

The Guardian’s US newsroom didn’t become the voice of the Bernie left during the election. It didn’t break huge campaign scoops. Years after winning a Pulitzer for the Edward Snowden story, Guardian US has slashed costs, leaving employees stewing about mismanagement, infighting, a sexual harassment ...

- BuzzFeed - US

Wired: How an entire nation became Russia's test lab for cyberwar.

The clocks read zero when the lights went out. It was a Saturday night last December, and Oleksii Yasinsky was sitting on the couch with his wife and teenage son in the living room of their Kyiv apartment. The 40-year-old Ukrainian cybersecurity researcher and his family were an hour into Oliver Stone’s film Snowden ...

- Kyiv Post - UA

Oversight Report Shows NSA Failed To Secure Its Systems Following The Snowden Leaks.

It appears the NSA hasn't learned much since Ed Snowden left with several thousands of its super-secret documents. Agency officials were quick to claim the leaks would cause untold amounts of damage, but behind the scenes, not much was being done to make sure it didn't happen again. A Defense Department Inspector General's ...

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NSA had NFI about opsec: 2016 audit found laughably bad security.

Unlocked racks. No 2FA. No access control lists. No wonder Snowden got away with it Second-rate opsec remained pervasive at the United States' National Security Agency, according to an August 2016 review now released under Freedom of Information laws.…

- TheRegister - UK

The NSA has a Github account now.

The National Security Agency is amongst the most secretive of the US' intelligence agencies. It employs genius-level coders and mathematicians in order to break codes, gather information on adversaries, and defend the country against digital threats. Unsurprisingly, the NSA has always to preferred to work in the dark. But ...

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Snowden's Former Employer Under Criminal Investigation For Fraudulent Billing.

McGruber writes: Booz Allen Hamilton, the contracting firm that was Edward Snowden's employer when he leaked classified information from the NSA has announced that it is under a federal civil and criminal investigation of its billing practices. The disclosure in a regulatory filing sent shares of parent company Booz Allen ...

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Post-Snowden Efforts to Secure N.S.A. Data Fell Short, Report Says.

The agency failed to limit the number of people with access to top-secret data as it tried to prevent another security breach, the Pentagon watchdog found.

- New York Times - US

Putin offers Comey asylum in Moscow.

Russian President and funnyman Vladimir Putin joked today that if fired FBI director Jim Comey feels persecuted by U.S. President Donald Trump, Russia will grant him asylum as it has with NSA leaker Edward Snowden.

- Boing Boing - US

Putin makes fun of Comey's testimony about Trump.

Russia's president jokes that the former FBI chief could get asylum in Russia like Edward Snowden.

- BBC - UK

Hong Kong Rejects Asylum for Snowden Helpers.

Expand Protesters supporting Edward Snowden confront policemen as they demand that US President Barack Obama grant Snowden a pardon, outside the US Consulate in Hong Kong, China, on September 25, 2016. © 2016 Reuters – Seven people who sheltered the whistleblower Edward Snowden in June 2013 are at risk of return to ...

- Human Rights Watch - US

Hong Kong Rejects Asylum for Snowden Helpers

– Seven people who sheltered the whistleblower Edward Snowden in June 2013 are at risk of return to torture and persecution at home, Human Rights Watch said today. On May 11, 2017, the Hong Kong Immigration Department rejected their asylum claim; their lawyers are in the process of appealing the decision and pursuing a ...

- Human Rights Watch - US