latest news headlines | Seychelles schools re-open as plague cases test negative.

Two suspected cases of plague in the Seychelles have tested negative, the government has said, as children returned to schools which had closed as panic swept the island nation last week.

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Madagascar plague appears to have spread to Seychelles: WHO.

GENEVA - A probable case of plague in the Seychelles, imported from Madagascar, is believed to have sparked the Indian Ocean country's first outbreak of the disease, the World Health Organization said.

- Reuters - US | Seychelles schools closed over plague fears.

The Seychelles government has ordered schools to close, after the discovery of two suspected cases of plague thought to have been brought from Madagascar where the disease has killed scores.

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Seychelles Reports a Case of Plague.

A man fell ill after returning from Madagascar, which is struggling to contain a rash of plague cases. It is the first instance of the outbreak spreading to another country.

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