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Insider Tip: Secret Edinburgh.

Castles, whisky, medieval architecture and the birthplace of Harry Potter – Edinburgh has a compelling charm that has stolen many travellers' hearts over the years, including my own.

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Erdogan's tussle with Europe, The shame of the world, Regional support for Venezuela is vital, Scotland's place in the United Kingdom, US reengagement in the Middle East.

It is a matter of grave concern that, according to a UN estimate, twenty million people are facing starvation in Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria...," states an editorial. "It is indeed disturbing to note that man-made disasters like war and famine continue to bleed nations while international politics fails to come ...

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Thousands of anti-Brexit protestors march in London.

, Mar. 25 : Thousands of Brexit protestors gathered for Saturday's Unite for Europe protest, which began at London's exclusive Park Lane next to Hyde Park before marching to parliament.The rally went ahead amid tight security following Wednesday's deadly terror attack on Westminster, reports the Guardian.The rally comes ...

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What's in a name? In Scotland, Donald plummets in popularity.

Just seven boys in Scotland were named Donald last year, the lowest on record.         


Erdogan's tussle with Europe, The shame of the world, Regional support for Venezuela is vital, Scotland's place in the United Kingdom, US reengagement in the Middle East.

A roundup of global commentary for the March 27, 2017, weekly magazine.

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Human remains found in France identified as Canadian WW1 soldier.

The Department of National Defence says Sgt. James Alexander Milne was born in Kincardineshire, Scotland, and immigrated to Canada between 1905 and 1911 The post Human remains found in France identified as Canadian WW1 soldier appeared first on

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Glasgow - Isle of Man service to be launched by Eastern Airways.

Eastern Airways has announced a new route from Glasgow to the Isle of Man, less than two weeks after securing the future of the island's routes to Northern Ireland and North East England.

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London terror attacker 'was not lone wolf'.

The terrorist Khalid Masood had come to the notice of MI5 and Scotland Yard' Special Branch in the past for associating with known extremists, but, security officials insist, had not been involved in plotting terrorist acts.

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How to restore glory days of Scottish football? Learn from Iceland.

Lining up at Argentina 1978. As the Scottish national football team gears up for its World Cup qualifier against Slovenia on Sunday March 26, it's in a familiar funk. Scotland stands fifth of six after four games, six points behind table-topping England, aka the Auld Enemy. Come up short against second-placed Slovenia and ...

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London ISIS attack: Investigation on to find more terror links.

, Mar. 25 : A joint investigation by Scotland Yard's counter-terrorism command and MI5 led to new arrests on Thursday in London, Birmingham and Manchester, in connection with Wednesday's terror attack in Westminster, with two people still in custody.Properties were also searched in Wales and southern England, reports The ...

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Scottish minister: We are better off without London.

After declaring independence from the UK, Scotland will improve its relationship with England. However, we have to make decisions about key affairs ourselves. Today, Europe is the most important, Alasdair Allan told EURACTIV's partner Gazeta Wyborcza.

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Apology after air ambulance sent to Shetland instead of Orkney

NHS Grampian apologises after an air ambulance meant to air lift a sick baby to Aberdeen was sent to Shetland instead of Orkney.

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Scientists just made electronic skin that's better than human skin

Scientists at the University of Glasgow have invented a robot skin that surpasses human flesh. Professor Ravinder Dahiya and his team created a silicone and graphine skin which provides haptic feedback to the user. The thin layer of graphine acts as a sensor, making the electronic skin very sensitive to touch. It's also ...

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The Union under threat

The effect of Brexit will be much more profound on Northern Ireland than on Scotland. Some kind of border controls with Ireland seem inevitable.

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Hong Kong chief executive candidate John Tsang holds outdoor rally as Carrie Lam bags pro-Beijing pledges

Two days before polling day, chief executive underdog John Tsang Chun-wah drew thousands of supporters to his rally in Central, as he battled a fresh round of criticism that he lacked Beijing’s trust. Front runner Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, meanwhile, said she would not hold a high-profile rally as she received ...

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UK Parliament attacker was Muslim convert with violent past

The man who launched a terror attack on UK Parliament has been identified by police as 52-year-old former convict Adrian Russell Ajao who acquired the name Khalid Masood upon conversion to Islam.Scotland Yard Acting Deputy Commissioner and Counter- Terrorism chief Mark Rowley today revealed that the "fast-paced" ...

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Industry Pros Gather for Offshore Achievement Awards

Almost 500 industry professionals gather in Scotland to celebrate innovation, collaboration and performance in the UK offshore energy sector at the SPE Aberdeen Offshore Achievement Awards.

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Thousands show support for John Tsang at campaign rally

Thousands of supporters of the popular underdog in the chief executive race, John Tsang Chun-wah, attended his election rally on Friday evening. The crowd gathered in the open area at Edinburgh Place, and on the roof of a nearby two-storey car park. As Tsang arrived at 6.30pm, the crowd gave the former minister a round of ...

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'Significant arrests' made in UK terror attack case

Two more "significant arrests" have been made by Scotland Yard in connection with the terror attack on the UK Parliament which claimed lives of four victims and injured 50 people.Metropolitan Police Acting Deputy Commissioner and Head of Counter Terrorism Mark Rowley said in a statement that a total of nine persons remain ...

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Police Release New Details on London Attacker

Khalid Masood, the man responsible for the attack outside Britain's Parliament that killed four people and wounded 50, was born Adrian Russell Ajao, London's top counterterror officer said Friday. Mark Rowley revealed the name in a briefing outside Scotland Yard in which he also announced two more "significant" arrests ...

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From backyard to billions: This startup is leading the game in fantasy sports

There's a Scottish startup that's been making waves in the US fantasy sports space, and its eye is now firmly set on changing the fantasy football game in the UK. On a journey that may seem alien to most, Edinburgh startup FanDuel began their venture in North America, and only recently brought their platform to their UK ...

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Scientists find out where laser energy goes when a beam is fired into plasma

Researchers in Scotland have figured out what happens to laser energy when a beam is fired into plasma.

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Police Release New Details on London Attacker

Khalid Masood, the man who attacked Britain's Parliament, killing four people and wounding 50, was born Adrian Russell Ajao, London's top counterterror officer said Friday. Mark Rowley revealed the name in a briefing outside Scotland Yard in which he also announced two more "significant" arrests had been made. That ...

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Avengers land in Edinburgh for Infinity War film shoot

Avengers filming in Edinburgh is thought to be Scotland's biggest ever movie project

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NatWest and RBS to close 158 branches

Royal Bank of Scotland, which remains majority-owned by taxpayers, is to close 158 branches across its NatWest and RBS brands.

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London terror attack: Two more arrests

Two more "significant arrests" have been made in connection with the Westminster attack, bringing the total number of people arrested to nine.Scotland Yard's top anti-terror officer Mark Rowley says the suspects were held overnight...

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Why Catholics in Scotland want a statue for this martyred priest

Glasgow, Scotland, Mar 23, 2017 / 02:31 pm .- Four centuries after the martyrdom of St. John Ogilvie, Catholics in Scotland have launched a campaign to mark the place in Glasgow’s city center where he was executed for preaching the Catholic faith. The Order of the Knights of St. Columba, a U.K.-based Catholic ...

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John Tsang expects up to 2,000 people at Hong Kong chief executive election rally on Friday

The underdog in the chief executive race, John Tsang Chun-wah, said he expected up to 2,000 people to attend his rally on Friday evening, but he denied using his popularity to force support from Beijing. The former finance minister made the comments on Friday morning, ahead of the rally in Edinburgh Place, Central, the ...

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The politics of grievance is a dead end

Scotland, clinging to the EU, currently illustrates the point.

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YouTube Loses Major Advertisers Over Offensive Videos

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Rolling Stone: Verizon, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson and other major companies have pulled advertisements from YouTube after learning they were paired with videos promoting extremism, terrorism and other offensive topics, The New York Times reports. Among the other companies involved are ...

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Whistleblower Says UK Police Worked With Hackers To Access Activists' Email Accounts

Here come even more revelations of surveillance abuse by UK law enforcement. To date, various law enforcement agencies have been exposed as participating in very broad readings of very broadly-written anti-terrorism laws to spy on journalists and activists. The latest abuse detailed by The Guardian concerns the surveillance ...

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Death toll in UK terror attack rises to five

The death toll from the terror attack on the UK Parliament claimed by Islamic State has risen to five as Scotland Yard confirmed that a fourth victim has died of injuries in an hospital. A spokesperson for Kings College Hospital in south London confirmed that the 75-year-old man had been treated there prior to his death.A ...

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British Police Identify Suspect In London Attack

Scotland Yard have identified the man believed to be responsible for the deadly attack in the heart of London Wednesday.

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Westminster attack: 75-year-old man dies as death toll rises to five

A 75-year-old man has died after a terrorist drove his car into dozens of people on Westminster Bridge on Wednesday.  The number of people who died in yesterday's terrorist attack has risen to five.  The victim died in the hospital from his injuries.  A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “Detectives investigating the ...

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Artificial skin with solar cells could power prosthetics

Researchers at Glasgow University have successfully developed a new type of artificial skin that is more sensitive than our own. Made of just a single atomic layer of graphene, the new soft feeling epidermis functions as its own sophisticated touch s...

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Forgotten reality stars finally return from the wilderness

Four episodes were shown in 2016 but the cast of Eden have only now come home from a remote part of Scotland.

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This is the one food you must try in 47 European countries

Getty ImagesThere's always one -- that one inimitable treat your trip to Europe wouldn't be complete without sampling. It's the one dish your friends waste no time in asking you about. That isn't to say it's easy to choose one food for each country. After all, this is Europe, home to some of the most delicious grub in the ...

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Solar-powered skin for prosthetic limbs

A synthetic skin for prosthetics limbs that can generate its own energy from solar power has been developed by engineers from Glasgow University.

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'Wicked' Aberdeen child rapist jailed for 15 years

A 69-year-old Aberdeen child rapist whose abuse of young girls was described as "wicked" is jailed for 15 years.

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British-born London attacker named by police

The man police believe to be responsible for the terrorist attack in Westminster has been formally identified as Khalid Masood, 52, Scotland Yard said.

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Taking the pill can protect women from certain cancers for up to 30 years

NEW YORK, March 23 — A new large-scale study has found that taking the oral contraceptive pill can protect women from some cancers for as long as 30 years. Carried out by the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, the team looked at 46,022 women...

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Scottish independence referendum debate to resume on Tuesday

EDINBURGH, March 23 — Scotland's parliament said it will resume its independence referendum debate on Tuesday after proceedings were suspended following the attack on Britain's national parliament at Westminster. The debate on...

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London Terror Killer Named as Convicted Criminal Khalid Masood

London's Metropolitan Police named the man responsible for Wednesday's Westminster terror attack as British born Khalid Masood. In a press release from Scotland Yard Thursday afternoon approximately 25 hours after the attack took place, the force revealed 52-year-old Khalid Masood, born in Kent but lately a resident of the ...

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RBS to close 158 branches and put 472 jobs on the line

Royal Bank of Scotland is closing 158 branches, putting 472 jobs at risk. The bank will be closing both RBS and Natwest branches in various locations across the UK. Most of the closures will be Natwest branches.  The taxpayer-backed bank blamed the closure on a shift in the way people do their banking, with more and more ...

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Commons Confidential: Dave's picnic with Dacre

Revenge is a dish best served cold from a wicker hamper. Sulking David Cameron can't forgive the Daily Mail editor, Paul Dacre, for his role in his downfall. The unrelenting hostility of the self-appointed voice of Middle England to the Remain cause felt pivotal to the defeat. So, what a glorious coincidence it was that ...

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How a third-century Roman soldier named Carausius was behind the first 'Brexit'

When Britain went it alone. ShutterstockFrom the first to the fifth centuries AD, Britain – though not officially Scotland, which lay beyond the frontier at Hadrian's Wall – was part of the Roman Empire. It was situated at the empire's westernmost periphery, which was probably a contributing factor in a number of ...

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How science is helping the police search for bodies in water

Police divers have started searching a canal in North Lanarkshire, Scotland, hoping to find the remains of schoolgirl Moira Anderson who disappeared, suspected murdered, in 1957. The operation follows an investigation by my colleagues and me, identifying five areas of interest in the canal. This kind of search is often ...

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Scottish referendum debate to resume on Tuesday

Scotland's parliament has said it will resume its independence referendum debate on Tuesday after proceedings were suspended following the attack on Britain's national parliament at Westminster.The ...

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Skin Powered by the Sun? Energy-Saving Prosthetic Limbs Get better Feeling

Amputees with prosthetic limbs may soon have much a better sense of touch, temperature and texture, thanks to the energy-saving power of the sun, British researchers said on Thursday. While prosthetics are usually fully powered using batteries, a new prototype from University of Glasgow researchers opens up the possibility ...

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U.S. man badly hurt, arrests made after London attack

Scotland Yard's top antiterrorism officer says 7 people in custody after raids linked to attack on Westminster as death toll revised