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Number of Salafists in Germany reaches record high.

The fundamentalist Salafist ideology continues to draw adherents in Germany, the country's intelligence chief says. The movement is seen by authorities as a potential breeding ground for Islamic terrorism.

- Deutsche Welle - DE

Why Did Islamic State Kill So Many Sufis in Sinai?.

A 2007 report by the Rand Corporation advised Western governments to "harness" Sufism, saying its adherents were "natural allies of the West." In the end, the Sufi parties are outnumbered by those of their Salafi opponents, meaning that the brotherhoods

- Hudson New York - US

Controversial Indian Salafist a Litmus Test for Malaysia on Counterterrorism.

India wants Zakir Naik extradited on terror charges.

- The Diplomat - US

Israeli air strike wounds 14 in Gaza: Palestinians.

A previously unknown Salafist group calling itself the Salahedin Brigades claimed responsibility for the first attempted attack.

- The Hindu - IN