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Who Was Behind Third Attempt To Kill Popular Ingush Preacher?.

Reports two weeks ago that the Federal Security Service had thwarted a planned attempt to assassinate charismatic Salafi preacher Khamzat Chumakov and arrested three of the four would-be perpetrators risk exacerbating the long-standing conflict in Ingushetia between the adherents of traditional Sufi Islam, on the one hand, ...

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Defeat As Victory? How The Islamic State Will Rely On Hijrah To Claim A Win.

The mini-empire' that ISIL built in Iraq and Syria is collapsing, which fuels a sense of triumphalism in the West. The logic is simple: ISIL made itself simultaneously global public enemy number one and the most vibrant magnet for global Salafi jihadis, thanks to its control of territory and claims to having established a ...

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Acting chief justice briefs colleagues on context of statement on Justice Sinha.

Acting Chief Justice MA Wahhab Miah has told his colleagues about the circumstances in which the apex court took the rare step of issuing a statement on Chief Justice Surendra Kuman Sinha who is on leave and travelling abroad.

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Acting Chief Justice Wahhab Miah calls full-court meeting after major shuffle.

Acting Chief Justice M Abdul Wahhab Miah has called all the judges of the Appellate Division and High Court Division of the Supreme Court to a meeting after bringing major changes to the apex court's administration.

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Major reshuffle ordered for Supreme Court administration.

Acting Chief Justice Md Abdul Wahhab Miah has reshuffled the Supreme Court administration amid questions surrounding the role of Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha.

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Justice Wahhab Miah to head Supreme Court until chief justice's return.

President Md Abdul Hamid has approved an extended leave application by Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha and appointed Justice Md Abdul Wahhab Miah to head the court in his absence.

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The Pope, Peace and Islamic Fundamentalists.

Islamist terrorists in Egypt bombed Coptic churches and killed dozens of innocent people on Palm Sunday, and Saudi Arabia, which finances and hosts the Muslim World League , is the global purveyor of extremist Wahhabism. More importantly, it sends a

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