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Rohingya refugee returns must meet international standards.

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees Country: Bangladesh, Myanmar UNHCR looks forward to seeing details of the agreement between Bangladesh and Myanmar on the return of Rohingya refugees, and stands ready to help both governments work towards a solution.This is a summary of what was said by UNHCR spokesperson Adrian ...

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Refugee bakery a sweet success in Costa Rica.

With hard work, determination and a helping hand from UNHCR, Colombian refugees start a successful bakery in Costa Rican capital.

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Europe at Its Ugliest: The Refugee Scandal on the Island of Lesbos.

As winter arrives, the situation on the Greek island of Lesbos is unsustainable. Conditions at the refugee camps are horrific and island residents are tired of being left in the lurch by Athens and the EU. A visit to ground zero of European ignominy.

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Immediate action needed to avert further tragedy on Manus Island - UNHCR.

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees Country: Australia, Papua New Guinea Apparently, several men remain inside the Regional Processing Centre, having been seriously injured, and UNHCR is seeking additional information from the Governments of Australia and PNG.UNHCR is deeply disturbed by the forcible removal of ...

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Decay, despair, defiance: inside the Manus Island refugee camp.

Abandoned by Australia, the men in the former detention centre survive on smuggled rations and scant light

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Sinai slaughter, Manus refugee “coercion”, and “unthinkable” Rohingya returns: The Cheat Sheet.

Get up to speed with our weekly cheat sheet of hot humanitarian topics

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Rohingya repatriation: EU wants to see 'swift implementation' of bilateral agreement.

The EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini has welcomed the bilateral agreement between Bangladesh and Myanmar for refugee repatriation and said they are looking forward to 'swift implementation' of the agreement.

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Conditions in Myanmar's Rakhine not in place to enable safe returns - UN refugee agency.

Amid reports of an agreement between the governments of Bangladesh and Myanmar on return of Rohingya refugees to Myanmar, the United Nations refugee agency has underscored that the returns must be voluntary, and take place in safe and dignified conditions.

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Myanmar not yet safe for Rohingya refugee return: UN.

'Refugees are still fleeing, and many have suffered violence, rape, and deep psychological harm,' stated UNHCR The post Myanmar not yet safe for Rohingya refugee return: UN appeared first on The Express Tribune.

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Myanmar not yet safe for Rohingya refugee return: UN.

Conditions for Rohingya refugees to safely return to Myanmar from Bangladesh are not in place, the UN said Friday, a day after the two countries announced repatriation would begin in two months."UNHCR...

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Rights groups say outside monitors needed for Rohingya return to Myanmar.

Rohingya refugees say they have largely lost access to sources of livelihood such as their farms, fisheries and markets. "The idea that Burma will now welcome them back to their smoldering villages with open arms is laughable," said Bill Frelick, refugee rights director at Human Rights Watch.

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Conditions not yet in place for safe Rohingya returns: UNHCR

Conditions in Myanmar's northern Rakhine state "are not in place to enable safe and sustainable returns" of more than 600,000 Rohingya refugees who fled violence to Bangladesh since late August, the United Nations refugee agency UNHCR said on Friday.

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UNHCR decries PNG police removal of refugees, demands protection

The United Nations refugee agency UNHCR on Friday denounced the use of force by Papua New Guinean police to remove refugees and asylum seekers from a center on Manus island and called for them to be protected.

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Manus Island asylum-seeker center cleared in police operation

Papua New Guinea police cleared and sealed off a former Australian immigration detention center after the last 300 asylum-seekers were taken away in buses. The men said they feared for their safety outside the camp.

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Papua New Guinea police clear Manus Island refugee camp

Authorities at Australian-funded detention centre accused of beating inmates

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Trudeau defends high number of Haitians rejected by Canada's refugee system

Trudeau said that while Haiti has its economic challenges, it's not a failed state and there are people from elsewhere in the world who have more urgent needs.

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Last Refugees Removed From Papua New Guinea Camp

Papua New Guinea authorities said Friday they had relocated the last asylum seekers who had refused for three weeks to leave a closed immigration camp for fear they would face violence in the alternative accommodations. Police Chief Superintendent Dominic Kakas said police and immigration officials removed all 378 men from ...

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Canada grants refugee status in about 60% of migrant cases

Haitians, who represent the biggest group of migrants, are only accepted at a rate of about 10%.

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German gets suspended sentence for attack on refugee shelter

A court has handed a 21-year-old German man a two-year suspended sentence and 200 hours of community service for an arson attack on a building housing child refugees.

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Baton-wielding police clear closed Australia refugee camp in PNG

MANUS ISLAND, Nov 24 — Papua New Guinea police threatened refugees with metal bars and shoved them onto buses this morning in what appeared to be a final push to empty a shuttered Australian detention camp and end a three-week-old standoff,...

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Pope, at service for Africa, decries murder of women and children | Reuters

VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis on Thursday denounced the murder of innocent women and children as the “horrid face” of war as he presided at a special prayer service for peace in South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Pope Francis waves as he arrives to lead the Wednesday general audience in Saint Peter's ...

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Canada accepts most US border jumpers' refugee claims

OTTAWA, Nov 24 — Canadian officials held crisis talks yesterday as new figures showed that most border jumpers who flooded into the country from the United States this year were granted asylum. Only 1,572 refugee claims out of 14,467 have been...

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Food Festival gives French schoolchildren a taste of refugee life

2017 Refugee Food Festival takes over school canteen in Normandy, introducing pupils to new flavours.

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Farming together reaps multiple benefits for refugees and their South Sudanese hosts

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees Country: Ethiopia, South Sudan, Uganda A UNHCR and partners' farming project that ropes in both refugees and their hosts has brought food security and enhanced peaceful co-existence between the two communities.A farming project that ropes in both refugees and their hosts has brought ...

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Life in Cox's Bazar and the importance of staying connected

Source: World Food Programme, Emergency Telecommunications Cluster Country: Bangladesh, Myanmar Mobile connectivity plays an essential role in restoring a sense of normalcy in Cox's Bazar. It can help affected communities access information, communicate and coordinate better.The rain is falling heavily in Cox's Bazar. The ...

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Hostility in US, Europe makes Mexico a new refugee destination of choice

Facing barriers in traditional settlement countries, asylum seekers are looking elsewhere. But is Mexico prepared for the influx?

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Myanmar and Bangladesh have Reached an Agreement to Return the Rohingya Refugees

Myanmar and Bangladesh have signed an agreement that will in principle allow the return of rohingya refugees to their country, said official representatives quoted by AFP. The deal has been negotiated, the agency notes but just after pressure from the international community for the recent refugee crisis. More than 620,000 ...

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U.N. Urges Australia to Protect Refugees at Papua New Guinea Camp

The United Nations refugee agency called for calm on Thursday after receiving reports of force being used to remove refugees and asylum-seekers from a center closed three weeks ago on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea, reported Reuters.  About fifty asylum seekers departed an Australian-run detention camp in Papua New ...

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'We are ready to take them back': Myanmar signs Rohingya refugee deal

Myanmar says it is ready to take back hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims who fled violence for neighbouring Bangladesh, but some refugees are wary of the Government's plans for them.

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Bangladesh and Myanmar reach agreement to start repatriating Rohingya by year end

Bangladesh and Myanmar have agreed to start repatriating Rohingya refugees in two months, Dhaka said Thursday, as global pressure mounts over the refugee crisis.More than ...

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The art of Italian home-cooking brought to Syrian refugees

Italian chefs taught Syrian refugee women to cook the Italian staple of gnocchi, or dumplings, helping to break the routine in perhaps the most restrictive of Jordan's three camps for displaced Syrians.

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Bangladesh, Myanmar to start Rohingya return in two months

Bangladesh and Myanmar have agreed to start repatriating Rohingya refugees in two months, Dhaka said on Thursday, as global pressure mounts over the refugee crisis. After weeks of tussling over the terms of repatriation, the two sides inked a deal in Myanmar's capital Naypyidaw on Thursday following talks between Myanmar's ...

- Times Of India - IN

Migrant Child Reported Killed on Croatia-Serbia Border

MSF has expressed outrage over the reported death this week of a refugee child, aged six, apparently hit by a passing train on the border between Serbia and Croatia.

- Balkan Insight - UK

Myanmar and Bangladesh sign deal to return Rohingya refugees

Myanmar and Bangladesh signed a deal on Thursday paving the way for the possible repatriation of Rohingya Muslims who have fled violence in Rakhine state, officials said, as global pressure mounts over the refugee crisis.

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US declares Myanmar's Rohingya crisis as 'ethnic cleansing'

More than 600,000 Rohingyas from Myanmar's Rakhine state have fled to neighbouring Bangladesh, creating one of the world's most dire refugee crisis.

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Myanmar and Bangladesh sign deal to repatriate Rohingya who fled ‘ethnic cleansing’ in Rakhine state

Myanmar and Bangladesh signed a deal on Thursday paving the way for the possible repatriation of Rohingya Muslims who have fled violence in Rakhine state, officials said, as global pressure mounts over the refugee crisis. More than 620,000 Rohingya have poured into Bangladesh since August, running from a Myanmar military ...

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Suu Kyi meets Bangladesh minister over Rohingya repatriation

Myanmars Aung San Suu Kyi met with Bangladeshs Foreign Minister today to hammer out a deal to return hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims who have fled violence in Rakhine state, as global pressure mounts over the refugee crisis. More than 620,000 people have poured into Bangladesh since August, running from a Myanmar ...

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US doubts China's move to resolve Rohingya refugee crisis

The US has cast doubts over the Chinese assertion that both Bangladesh and Myanmar have endorsed its three-step plan to resolve the "complicated" Rohingya refugee crisis.

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Former refugee introduces Persian Calligraphy to New Zealand

'Listen to the reed and the tale it tells, how it sings of separation: Ever since they cut me from the reed bed, my wail has caused men and women to weep'

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Papua New Guinea’s Police Storm Manus Island Refugee Camp

The authorities confronted hundreds of asylum seekers, destroying their possessions and demanding they leave for alternate facilities.

- New York Times - US

Dwindling Future Prospects for Kids in Jordan: UNICEF

Jordan is among the 37 countries worldwide in which prospects for children are declining The impact of the refugee crisis has caused a decline in resources for children in Jordan More than half of Syrian refugees in Jordan are under 18 Jordan has opened an additional 98 schools to ease pressure on each classroom, yet many ...

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Only 10 per cent of Haitian border crossers get refugee status in Canada

Canada has granted refugee status to about 10 percent of the 298 Haitian border crossers whose applications have been processed this year.

- Global News - CA

Police swoop on hold-outs at Manus Island refugee camp

A police operation is underway on Manus island in Papua New Guinea at a recently shut down detention center for people who were seeking asylum in Australia, according to Australia's immigration minister and PNG police.

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Papua New Guinea police begin clearance of closed Australian refugee camp on Manus Island

Papua New Guinea police moved into a closed, Australian-run refugee camp on Thursday in the most aggressive push yet to force hundreds of men to leave the detention centre. Asylum seekers, who have been barricaded in the abandoned camp for 23 days without electricity or water, said police pulled belongings from their rooms ...

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This browser extension turns your angry Facebook emoji into real social action

From climate change to the worsening refugee crisis to rollbacks of LGBTQ rights, you've probably reacted to a lot of deeply troubling news in your Facebook news feed this year. But what if you could easily take your digital anger and sadness and turn it into real-world action? A new tool called the Emoji Reaction Project ...

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Jay Evensen: A refugee's tale — the quintessential American story for Thanksgiving

Next time you are having surgery, the man helping the surgeon might have been kidnapped at the age of 9 by rebel soldiers in...

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Colombians live in fear one year after peace deal

Source: Norwegian Refugee Council Country: Colombia An estimated 100,000 people will likely be displaced by the armed conflict in Colombia at end-2017. The number of displacement incidents increased by 36 percent against last year.'The reality for many Colombians is in stark contrast to the positive picture painted by the ...

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Men and boys subjected to sexual violence in Syria and in displacement, a UNHCR study confirms

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees Country: Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syrian Arab Republic The number of men and boys suffering sexual violence within Syria and as refugees in surrounding countries remains unknown. UNHCR sheds light on the under-explored issue of SVM and calls for further investigation. EXECUTIVE ...

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Why doesn’t South Sudan’s refugee exodus spur East Africa to action?

If you thought the depopulation of South Sudan would propel its neighbours to act, think again!

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U.S. declares attacks on Burmese Rohingya Muslims as 'ethnic cleansing'

The statement signals increased pressure against Burmese authorities amid a massive refugee exodus and humanitarian crisis.

- Washington Post - US