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New assistant refugee commissioner appointed.

An expert on Middle Eastern and African affairs with experience as an asylum determination officer has been appointed Malta's new assistant refugee commissioner. Malcolm Cutajar, who also served as a refugee commission case officer and is a national expert for an asylum-related dossier that forms part of Malta's EU Council ...

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In Sweden, tensions temper pride over refugee policy.

With its brick and pastel-colored mid-rise apartment blocks, neatly-paved square and tree-lined streets, Rinkeby could be just about any town in Sweden.

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The Italian family hosting six refugees in their home.

The Calo family's experiment in a small town in northern Italy could be key in solving the refugee crisis.

- Al Jazeera - QA

Study proves Trump's travel ban is ridiculous as a method to prevent terrorism.

You are 750,000 times more likely to die in a car accident than to be killed by a refugee terrorist....

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Combating Terrorism and Alleviating Human Suffering in Syria.

Syria Paper Explains How to Fight Terror, Stop Refugee Flow... In this new Transition 2017 paper, Institute expert Andrew J. Tabler argues that Syria remains de facto partitioned, making the establishment of safe zones in non-Assad-controlled areas the Trump administration's most expedient course of action. Moreover, it ...

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HRC Joins Global Voices to Speak Out on Capitol Hill about LGBTQ Refugees.

Post submitted by Senior Global Programs Officer Jay Gilliam An overflow crowd of Congressional staffers heard the powerful and moving stories of LGBTQ refugees during a Capitol Hill briefing this week organized by the LGBT Equality Caucus, with assistance from HRC and Human Rights First. The briefing, moderated by HRC ...

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A tougher refugee border pact? America said no.

Jason Kenney says the Obama administration rebuffed his plea in 2010 to renegotiate the safe third-country agreement The post A tougher refugee border pact? America said no. appeared first on

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Asylum seeker with brain tumor returned to detention center in Texas.

A Salvadoran woman seeking asylum in the United States was returned to a Texas detention center after spending almost two weeks in a hospital, U.S. immigration officials said Thursday.

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Bill O’Reilly Hosted A Fake Swedish Defense “Advisor” To Fearmonger About Refugees.

Fox News has been accused, yet again, of using deceptive tactics to fearmonger about refugees in Sweden. On the February 23 edition of Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor, host Bill O’Reilly brought on a guest named Nils Bildt, who was introduced as “a Swedish defense and national security advisor,” to ...

- Media Matters for America - US

They helped Snowden, now they live in fear.

Three asylum seeker families who sheltered US whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013 say they are living in fear because of reports that Sri Lankan police officials have been in Hong Kong trying to search for them.

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Asylum-seeker returned to detention centre from hospital where she was diagnosed with brain tumour.

Sara Beltran Hernandez, who entered the U.S. illegally on Nov. 7, 2015, said that a neurosurgeon would let her know Monday whether the tumour was cancerous

- National Post - CA

Nigel Farage, the man behind Brexit, says he'll be 'useful' to Trump

Nigel Farage, the fiery advocate of the Brexit campaign in the United Kingdom, tells Yahoo News he is expecting to play quite a useful role' for the Trump administration — as a salesman for the White House agenda to British and European audiences. When ISIS says they will use the refugee crisis to flood our country with ...

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The week's best photojournalism

A bus heads to a refugee camp south of Mosul, Iraq. | A man smokes prawns on a wood-fired oven on the coast of Bahia state, Brazil. | The 44th annual dairy cow beauty pageant in northwestern Germany. | Susanna Travis embraces Timothy Powers before evacuating the main protest camp against the Dakota Access oil pipeline near ...

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Amanpour: What my son and I learned at a Syrian refugee camp

The news from Syria is terrifying: The war hasn't ended, despite Russia's decisive intervention on behalf of Bashar al-Assad and the fall of Aleppo at the end of last year.

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This shelter in Buffalo has helped thousands of refugees get to Canada

A very pregnant woman let out a sigh and slumped down on a chair in the registration area of the Vive refugee shelter in Buffalo, New York. Someone set her two young daughters up at a table and they giggled while folding paper airplanes they sent flying around the room. I wish to get to

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UNHCR outlines way forward on Nigeria displacement

At a conference in Oslo, the UN Refugee Agency presents steps to ensure protection, access and lasting solutions for displaced Nigerians returning home.

- UN - INT

Asylum seeker with brain tumor sent to detention facility

Sara Beltran Hernandez, 26, has a brain tumor and her attorneys are seeking a humanitarian parole


Trump again slammed Sweden's immigration policies at CPAC 2017 — here's what's really going on

Associated Press/Evan VucciPresident Donald Trump on Friday doubled down on his argument that Sweden's refugee and immigration policies were causing a crime wave, during his speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference. During the speech, he noted he "took a lot of heat on Sweden" the last time he had made similar ...

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Immigrants to Republicans: Meet us before you deport us

But GOP lawmakers are nowhere to be found.Bnyad Sharef. CREDIT: Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights CoalitionAs President Donald Trump continues to crack down on immigration policy, immigrants and refugees affected by Trump's recent executive orders are using this week's congressional recess to call on Republican ...

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Mexican Foreign Minister: We Do Not Accept Trump Refugee Plan

Mexican FM suggests Mexico may not accept expelled illegal immigrants, bringing to the fore old divisions over the nature of the border.

- The American Interest - US

Hundreds of thousands of Yemeni children are nearing starvation

Hundreds of thousands of Yemeni children languishing in refugee camps and remote villages are nearing starvation. Families who fled airstrikes are being forced to return to war-shattered homes, risking their lives again.

- Stars and Stripes - US

Amanda Gray Meral

Associate Fellow, International Law ProgrammeSummaryAmanda Gray Meral has extensive experience on refugee law and policy. She is a qualified solicitor and started her career in legal practice, specializing in public law and insurance litigation. She has since worked for UNHCR and the International Rescue Committee, based in ...

- Chatham House - UK

Refugee crisis: a divisive issue for Europe

Who knew the issue of refugees would cause divisions in the 'Free World'? The post Refugee crisis: a divisive issue for Europe appeared first on The Express Tribune.

- The Express Tribune - PK

Ray of hope for Malian men contesting deportation

Nine Malian asylum seekers whose bid to seek refugee status in Malta had failed, were granted a ray of hope when a constitutional court this morning declared that it would hear their case wherein they are contesting their repatriation. The First Hall, Civil Court, presided by Madame Justice Lorraine Schembri Orland, ...

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Houthi militants release Norwegian Refugee Council staff in Yemen's Hodeida

Houthi insurgents released on Thursday seven people detained for distributing aid in Yemen's district of Hodeida, the Norwegian Refugee Council said on Thursday. We are greatly relieved by the release of our staff members and the driver,' the organization said, according to Agence France Presse. They are in good condition, ...

- Albawaba - UK

Combating Terrorism and Alleviating Human Suffering in Syria

Syria Paper Explains How to Fight Terror, Stop Refugee Flow... If Washington's objectives in Syria are to defeat U.S.-designated terrorist groups and stem the outflow of refugees, Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is under no circumstances the right person to entrust with these missions. Simply in practical terms, he lacks ...

- The Washington Institute - US

How Poor Countries Foot the Refugee Bill

As the number of refugees from war- and crisis-torn countries continues to climb, rich countries are increasingly diverting their OECD foreign aid to cover the domestic costs of hosting the displaced. These legal but ethically dubious accounting tricks need to stop, now.

- Project Syndicate - US

Admitting Refugees Makes America Great

I know because I worked in the White House to bring them to the United States. Since President Trump first issued an executive order slashing refugee admissions to the United States this year from 110,000 to 50,000, a certain irony keeps running through my mind. Candidate Trump campaigned on a slogan of Make America Great ...


Bashir directs to facilitate delivery of humanitarian aid to South Sudan

February 23, 2017 - Sudanese President Omer al-Bashir, Thursday, has directed his government to provide the necessary support and to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid and relief supplies to the needy civilian in the neighbouring South Sudan. South Sudan, which has been mired in civil war since December 2013, is ...

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Older refugee students seek seats at mainstream high schools

LANCASTER, Pa. " The student handiwork posted outside a small classroom in the heart of Pennsylvania's Amish country hints at the ambition of the refugees studying at Phoenix Academy.I come from Africa and want to be an economist....

- The New Zealand Herald - NZ

Why Japan Can't Criticize Trump's Refugee Ban

Trump's America isn't the only country turning its back on refugees. Japan is just as guilty.

- The Diplomat - US

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister urges Ottawa to act on asylum-seekers jumping border

Pallister announces opening of 14 new emergency shelter spaces to house refugee claimants in Manitoba

- The Globe and Mail - CA

UN monitoring asylum seekers crossing Canada-U.S. border

UN refugee agency representative says he plans to keep up visits to the Quebec border crossing over the next few weeks

- The Globe and Mail - CA

Older refugee students seek seats at mainstream high schools

The student handiwork posted outside a small classroom in the heart of Pennsylvania's Amish country hints at the ambition of the refugees studying at Phoenix Academy.

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Christians in the pew and pulpit diverge over Trump policies on refugees

After President Trump signed a sweeping executive order on immigration and refugee resettlement, the Christian response...

- Deseret News - US

Ailing asylum seeker returned to Texas detention center

A Salvadoran woman whose was diagnosed with a brain tumor was removed from a Dallas-area hospital and returned to a Texas detention center, U.S. immigration officials said Thursday.         


Threatening Letter Sent to UNHCR Staffer in Islamabad

The UN refugee agency's head office in Pakistan has received a letter containing death threats toward one of its international staff members. A senior police official told VOA on Thursday that a high-level probe of the incident had begun, and that efforts were underway to find the man who arrived in...

- The Chosun Ilbo - KR

In Somali diaspora, lessons for refugees – and their host countries

Somalis have experienced one of the world's longest and most intractable refugee crises. They have confronted xenophobia in South Africa and the threatened closures of Kenyan refugee camps – but have also seen the power of the courts as allies.

- Christian Science Monitor - US

Syrian refugee regrets Merkel selfie

German Syrian sues Facebook for not removing his image from fake ‘terrorism’ news stories.

- Mail & Guardian - ZA

UK asylum claims drop despite rising refugee crisis

The number of people applying for asylum in Britain in 2016 was just over 38,500, falling for the first time in six years, official data have showed.

- BDNews24 - BD

Despite what Trump thinks, you're much more likely to be killed by an American than a refugee

Reuters/Ted SoquiStatistically, it's President Donald Trump — a native born American male &mdash you should be way more afraid of killing you than a refugee. Yet, with a twist of irony, Trump's extreme anti-immigration policies are largely founded on a rhetoric that pushes the notion that migrants and refugees are ...

- Business Insider - US

Why I slept on the street outside Downing Street

The government is trying to stop taking child refugees. This means condemning them to the sub-zero night.  It's hard to sleep on concrete, with rain threatening and the winds of an approaching storm whipping around you. As the cold reaches your bones, rest evades you. Being so exposed, with no shelter or safety from the ...

- New Statesman - UK

UNHCR opens new camp in Uganda as thousands continue to flee South Sudan

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees Country: South Sudan, Uganda The new Imvepi settlement area is expected to be able to accommodate up to 110,000 new arrivals. More than 2,000 South Sudanese have made Imvepi their home in the last two days.UNHCR and partners have opened a new settlement area in Arua district, ...

- ReliefWeb - INT

Here's what's really going on with refugees and crime in Sweden

Reuters/Kevin LamarqueSweden was pulled into America's ongoing debate over refugee resettlement last weekend, after President Donald Trump implied Saturday that an ominous incident had occurred "last night in Sweden" as a result of the country's generous immigration policies. Trump critics and Swedes themselves were quick ...

- Business Insider - US

Palestinian leader: Factions committed to Lebanon's security

BEIRUT " Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas has begun a three-day visit to Beirut, saying Palestinian factions are committed to preserving security in refugee camps around Lebanon.Abbas arrived Thursday and met with President...

- The New Zealand Herald - NZ

AI's criticism of Serbia: From 90s cases to Savamala

The latest Amnesty International report criticizes Serbia for prosecution of war crimes from the 90s, relations with Pristina, and migrants. The NGO said that Serbia "failed to provide access to a fair and individualized asylum process for the vast majority of registered asylum-seekers, including refugee status ...

- B92 - SK

The New York Times wants to fuel political debate around what 'the truth is' with its latest TV ad

YouTubeThe New York Times is looking to send a message about the importance of its journalism with the newspaper's first TV ad in over a decade . The minimalistic ad shows black-on-white text, each phrase starting with "the truth is," followed by the phrases: "our nation is more divided than ever" "alternative facts are ...

- Business Insider - US

Family, attorney denied access to hospitalized asylum seeker

Attorneys for a Salvadoran woman who collapsed in a Texas detention center earlier this month as she seeks asylum said Tuesday that family and lawyers have been denied most contact with her as well as information about her medical condition.

- Newsday - US

Hundreds of Canadian children have lived in immigration detention with their parents

They're called “guests” — the Canadian children who live in immigration detention centres with their migrant parents as their refugee claims wind through the system. They aren't typically counted by the government, but a new report released today reveals that more than 200 Canadian children have lived in these ...

- VICE News - US

UK asylum claims drop despite rising refugee crisis

The number of people applying for asylum in Britain in 2016 was just over 38,500, falling for the first time in six years, official data shows. But refugee advocates said the drop was no cause for celebration, with ever more people fleeing their homes in an increasingly dangerous world. Britain received a total of 38,517 ...

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