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Swedish soldiers to fend off pirates near Somalia.

Thirty-four Swedish soldiers are heading to east Africa as part of international efforts to prevent attacks from Somali pirates.

- The Local - SE

What happens on a cruise ship when there’s a potential pirate attack.

While most people on a cruise won't consider piracy unless they find a copy of Treasure Island in the library, it's a very real threat.

- Stuff - NZ

Reality check: pirate incidents on ships declining, but still at least 87 this year.

A Princess Cruises ship recently went into blackout mode in an effort to steer clear of pirates.

- Global News - CA

Former Cranes coach Micho rejoins Orlando Pirates.

Micho who boasts of a strong relationship with Pirates chairman Irvin Khoza will be in his second stint at the club, 11 years after he first took the reins in 2006 before being fired after just 23 games

- Daily Monitor - UG

Former Cranes coach Micho set for Orlando Pirates return.

This was despite the coach stating that a non payment of wages had forced his decision to end his four year relationship with the Cranes

- Daily Monitor - UG

The Somali pirates are back .

Somali piracy used to be all about cargo and ransom, now it’s about smuggling

- UN - INT