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The Somali pirates are back .

Somali piracy used to be all about cargo and ransom, now it’s about smuggling

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ReCAAP reports lowest piracy figures for Asia since 2007, but concerns remain over ship hijackings.

Key Points The number of piracy cases recorded in Asia for the first half of the year is the lowest seen since 2007, said an intergovernmental body However mariners are advised to remain vigilant especially in the southern Philippines region as concerns remain over hijack-for-ransom and oil

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Fresh piracy attacks off coast of Somalia send shockwaves.

In the second quarter, an Indian dhow was hijacked.

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From Jahaijjar Char to Swarna Dwip: A shoal transforms into a military training ground.

It was a shoal in the sea that once served as a paradise for robbers and pirates. The name it had – ‘Jahaijjar Char’ – was also given based on a 25-year-old local legend about a ship getting stuck and later sinking on its shallow beach.

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Malaysia: Opposition says it's ready to hunt govt's 'pirate ship', expose wrong-doings.

MALAYSIA'S once-fractured opposition insists that it is not dead in the water and has vowed expose the allegedly hidden wrong-doings of the current administration if it takes federal power. The post Malaysia: Opposition says it's ready to hunt govt's 'pirate ship', expose wrong-doings appeared first on Asian Correspondent.

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PKR: BN in panic as Harapan hunts their 'pirate ship'.

BN feeling the heat now that Harapan 'pirate hunters' are in hot pursuit, warns PKR.

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Damned if you fish, damned if you don’t: No good choices on Lake Victoria.

Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake, has been affected by years of mismanagement, environmental changes, and a burgeoning population. Desperate families use illegal nets and poison to catch fish, piracy is on the rise, and alcoholism is rife. As fish stocks dwindle, more and more families struggle to make ends meet. ...

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