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Navalny says ECHR takes up his appeal against new sentence in Kirovles case.

MOSCOW - Opposition activist Alexei Navalny said the European Court of Human Rights has decided to consider his appeal against the new judgment in the Kirovles case. “On November 13, the European Court accepted the second Kirovles case for consideration,” Navalny wrote on his Telegram account. On February 8, ...

- Kyiv Post - UA

Barbie Hijab Comment Highlights Why Some Russian Activists Don't Support Presidential Hopeful Navalny.

"Congratulations, Alexey! With one tweet you've written off all of your potential Muslim voters. You apparently don't want to become president."

- Global Voices - US

The Price of Campaigning for the Opposition in Russia.

In August, when 23-year-old Ksenia Pakhomova became head of the Kemerovo regional campaign office for leading opposition figure Alexei Navalny, she had no idea the price she would pay. Her 70-year-old grandmother threatened at work. Her mother losing her job. Her boyfriend expelled from university – all linked to her work ...

- Human Rights Watch - US