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Suspected serial killer charged with 11 murders.

A SUSPECTED serial killer has been charged with murder, rape, robbery and insulting corpses, prosecutors in Baiyin City, northwest China’s Gansu Province, said on Monday. Gao Chengyong, 53, was accused of raping and killing 11 people in Baiyin City and Baotou City in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region from 1988 to 2002. ...

- Shanghai Daily - CN

It's power asymmetry, stupid: Lessons from the 2017 World Development Report on Governance and the Law.

Across the globe, states frequently fail to adopt first-best' policies, fail to implement technically sound policies, and persist in implementing inefficient and regressive policies. In Mongolia, for example, the government copied rules for the management of natural resource revenue from the Netherlands and Chile, but ...

- Brookings - US

7-nation deal to increase rail freight.

RAILWAY authorities of China, Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Poland and Russia have signed an agreement to deepen cooperation on China-Europe freight rail services, according to China Railway Corp. The agreement serves the Belt and Road initiative, expands the market share of rail freight between Asia and Europe ...

- Shanghai Daily - CN

Bring the Mongolian affair to your home.

Every Friday evening Kabira Country Club, Bukoto features the Mongolian grill

- Daily Monitor - UG

Mongolian grill.

Arrange the vegetables and the slices of meat symmetrically on one or more large platters and pour the soy sauce and oil into separate dishes

- Daily Monitor - UG

Jet passes tests.

CHINA’S first domestically made regional passenger jet yesterday successfully completed crosswind tests in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The twin-engine ARJ21-700 passed the 13-day ground tests, which measure the aircraft’s ability to withstand strong crosswinds, at Xilinhot Airport, the Commercial ...

- Shanghai Daily - CN

Mongolia launches its first satellite.

ULAANBAATAR - Mongolia launched its first satellite on Wednesday, part of its efforts to make use of new technology to diversify its resource-dependent economy.

- Reuters - US

Mongolia launches its first satellite.

Mongolia launched its first satellite on Wednesday, part of its efforts to make use of new technology to diversify its resource-dependent economy. The 1,227-megahertz satellite, called Mongol Sat-1, will help landlocked Mongolia expand its television, telecoms and broadband services, according to a video posted on the ...

- Yahoo! News - US

Turquoise Hill output falls on lower grades.

Rio Tinto subsidiary Turquoise Hill Resources has reported a 23% drop in concentrate production at the Oyu Tolgoi copper/gold mine, in Mongolia, as it processed lower grades from Phases 6 and early 4A of the openpit, as well as stockpile material during the three months ended March. Concentrate production slumped to 176 000 ...

- Mining Weekly - ZA

Mongolian capital mayor aims for sister city deal with Tokyo by 2020.

The mayor of Mongolia's capital said Wednesday that Ulan Bator is seeking to forge a sister city agreement with Tokyo by 2020 and expand bilateral ties through tourism, culture and sports. “I conveyed our wish to establish a sister city agreement with Tokyo and upgrade our ties,” Sundui Batbold said in an ...

- The Japan Times - JP

New Lawyer Rankings to Put Politics Over Experience.

South China Morning Post's Nectar Gan reports on Ministry of Justice plans for a new lawyer ranking scheme to be piloted in Shanghai, Inner Mongolia, Anhui and Shaanxi, placing

- China Digital Times - CN

Mongolia's Democracy Under Stress

A wave of protests is challenging Mongolia's political system.

- The Diplomat - US