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North Korea reportedly sent shipments to Syrian regime's chemical weapons agency.

At least two Syria-bound shipments were intercepted in the last six months, warns a team of UN experts in a confidential report.

- IBTimes.co.uk - UK

Next round of Syria talks in Astana delayed: Kazakh minister.

The next round of talks between Russia, Turkey and Iran on settling the Syrian civil conflict has been pushed back from late August to mid-September, Kazakh Foreign Minister Kairat Abdrakhmanov said Tuesday

- The Daily Star - LB

Mattis: Daesh caught in Iraq-Syria military vise.

Expelled from their main stronghold in northern Iraq, Daesh militants are now trapped in a military vise that will squeeze them on both sides of the Syria-Iraq border, U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said

- The Daily Star - LB

Mattis: IS militants caught in Iraq-Syria military vise.

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says Islamic State militants are caught in a military vise that will squeeze them from both ends of the Euphrates River valley that bisects Iraq and Syria.

- FOX News - US

PM: Turkey spent nearly $30B on upkeep of Syrian refugees.

Turkey spent about $30 billion on the upkeep of Syrian refugees, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said during his visit to Singapore, the Turkish media reported, Aug. 21.

- AzerNews - AZ

North Korean shipments to Syrian chemical weapons agency intercepted: UN report.

Two shipments were intercepted in the past six months,

- Global News - CA

Mattis: IS militants caught in Iraq-Syria military vise.

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Compromised replacement screens can be used to hijack your phone.

Shattering your phone's display on the pavement is a terrible feeling, but according to a recent study, you might have more to worry about than just the cost of replacing it. In a paper presented last week at a workshop in Vancouver, four researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel explained how broken ...

- Boy Genius Report - US

Instead of wedding gifts, Utah teacher requests items for homeless students.

When Rickee Stewart walks down the aisle next month, she won't have any wedding presents waiting for her to unwrap when the day is over — and that's exactly how she wants it. The West Jordan, Utah, high school teacher has registered for winter coats and tennis shoes to give to homeless students, rather than china and ...

- The Week - US

The Islamic State May Be Failing, But Its Strategic Communications Legacy Is Here To Stay.

No insurgency in recent memory has enjoyed as much sensationalist news coverage as the Islamic State, which has consistently been referred to as the most powerful,' most dangerous,' and most barbaric' terrorist outfit since its 2014 blitz across Iraq and Syria. But as the vast gains made against the organization in the last ...

- Iraq Oil Report - US

Syrian refugee father seeks help over detention, extortion.

A Syrian national has petitioned the Justice Ministry to investigate the detention of his son and himself, and alleged extortion, by some police and three police volunteers from Lumpini police station.

- BangkokPost - TH

Bucharest Diary

An insider's account of Romania's emergence from communism control In the 1970s American attorney Alfred H. Moses was approached on the streets of Bucharest by young Jews seeking help to emigrate to Israel. This became the author's mission until the communist regime fell in 1989. Before that Moses had met periodically with ...

- Brookings - US

Militants Counterattack as Airstrikes Pound Raqqa

Islamic State militants continue counterattacking from their remaining strongholds in Raqqa, Syria, as coalition-backed forces advance to recapture the city. Families fleeing the fighting often have no place to go but to camps desperately short of clean water, food and medicine. VOA's Heather Murdock is on the scene in ...

- Voice of America - US

Devotion to Mary in Assiut, Egypt

Every August, tens of thousands of Egypt’s Coptic Christians and Egyptian Muslims take buses and trains to the Virgin Mary Monastery in Assiut. This year, Muslims were banned from attending the event by the Egyptian authorities. The monastery is believed to have been visited by the Holy family when they fled Israel out ...

- Voice of America - US

Fight or Flee: Families Scattered in Syria War

“If you refuse to join, IS militants take you away by force,” said Ahmed Ali, 29, a former farmer in Syria's northeastern countryside.  â€œWe don't actually know where they take people. But they don't come back.” Surrounded by more than 20 other young men in a sweltering tent, Ali described fleeing ...

- Voice of America - US

Egyptian Coptic Christians Celebrate Virgin Mary Feast Day

Every August, tens of thousands of Egypt’s Coptic Christians and Egyptian Muslims take buses and trains to the Virgin Mary Monastery in Assiut. The monastery is believed to have been visited by the holy family when they fled Israel out of fear of persecution by King Herod. Only a few thousand people were able to visit ...

- Voice of America - US

Retrial for scalded boy's dad begins; defense seeks mistrial

LEBANON, Ohio — A retrial for the father of a 4-year-old boy who died after the boy's stepmother put him in a scalding bath has begun with defense attorneys asking the judge in Ohio to declare a third mistrial.

- Billings Gazette - US

ICRC Chief Urges Renewed Dialogue to End War in South Sudan

The warring factions in South Sudan and the country’s neighbors must leave no stone unturned in finding a political solution to the three-and-a-half-year civil war.  That was the message of the president of the International Committee of the Red Cross, as he wrapped up his visit to South Sudan and neighboring Uganda. ...

- Voice of America - US

Children from Gaza visit Jerusalem for first time

- CNN Top Stories - US

Ex-Democratic Rep. on Trump Speech: He's a Uniter 'When He Reads from a Teleprompter'

Former Congressman and current CNN commentator Steve Israel said tonight that the Commander-in-Chief only seems to be a uniter when he's on-prompter.

- Mediaite - US

Russia’s Top General to Visit Ankara Amid Turkish US Tensions

Russia’s armed forces chief staff, General Valery Gerasimov, is due to visit Turkey this week in the latest step in bilateral regional coordination efforts on Syria. Ahead of Gerasimov’s visit, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusolgu took a swipe at NATO ally the United States, saying Russia better understood ...

- Voice of America - US

Syrian refugees name their baby Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel Muhammed was born to refugees from Syria in Münster on August 16th, though she isn't the first baby named after Germany's Chancellor.

- The Local - INT

Lebanon: World Humanitarian Day 2017

Video | On World Humanitarian Day 2017, we were amazed to learn why our colleague Ziad was so ambitious about working in the humanitarian field. Ziad could not save his father, so he became a physiotherapist to save the lives of many others.


Reuters Video: Fisherman catches message in a bottle in isolated Gaza

Message in a bottle found by Palestinian fisherman is seen as sign of hope for Gaza fishing village working under Israeli naval blockade. — Reuters

- The Malay Mail - MY

U.S. asks Assad regime to declare its chemical weapons stockpiles

, August 22 : The United States has asked the Assad regime to cease its use of chemical weapons and fully declare all its chemical weapons stockpiles.A statement issued by the U.S. Department of State read, "The Assad regime must cease its use of chemical weapons, fully declare all of its chemical weapons stockpiles, and ...

- Sify - IN

North Korea shipments to Syria chemical arms agency intercepted - UN report

Two North Korean shipments to a Syrian government agency responsible for the country's chemical weapons programme were intercepted in the past six months, according to a confidential United Nations report on North Korea sanctions violations.

- BDNews24 - BD

Lebanon monitored Australia bomb plot suspects: minister

BEIRUT - Lebanon monitored the brothers accused of plotting to blow up a flight from Sydney to Abu Dhabi for more than a year and coordinated with the Australian government on it for a long time, the Lebanese interior minister said on Monday.

- Reuters - US

Syrian refugee father seeks over detention, extortion

A Syrian national has petitioned the Justice Ministry to investigate the detention of his son and himself, and alleged extortion, by some police and three police volunteers from Lumpini police station.

- BangkokPost - TH

UN intercepts shipments from North Korea to Syria

Two North Korean shipments to Syrian government agency responsible for chemical weapons intercepted by UN in six months.

- Arutz Sheva - IL

Lebanon helps foil plot to take down UAE plane

Country's intelligence plays major role in stopping attack on Australia to Abu Dhabi flight

- GulfNews - AE

Lebanese army finds anti-aircraft missiles in abandoned Islamic State cache

Lebanon's army found anti-aircraft missiles among with a cache of weapons in an area abandoned by Islamic State militants, it said on Monday.The arms cache ...

- The Japan Times - JP

Romanian coast guard intercepts boat carrying 70 migrants from Syria, Iraq

Romania's coast guard said Monday it has intercepted a fishing boat carrying 70 migrants suspected of trying to illegally enter Romania.Border police working for the ...

- The Japan Times - JP

Russia boosts airstrikes to help Assad forces retake key city from IS forces who fled U.S.-led offensive

Russia said Monday it has intensified its air campaign in Syria to help President Bashar Assad's forces drive Islamic State militants from Deir el-Zour, a ...

- The Japan Times - JP

Lebanon says it helped foil Islamic State plot to down Emirati jetliner from Australia

Lebanon's interior minister said Monday that the country's police intelligence played a major role in foiling a plot to bring down an Emirati passenger plane ...

- The Japan Times - JP

New Israeli Labor chief plans party takeover

Avi Gabbay is not the first chairman of the Labor Party who wanted to change the party's constitution in order to gain control, but he is the most ambitious one.

- Al-Monitor - EG

What's behind Egyptian theater's revival?

With new shows and stars taking the stage, Egyptian theater is taking on a new life.

- Al-Monitor - EG

PA to give Trump team ultimatum on peace plan

According to a Palestinian source, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will present US envoys Jason Greenblatt and Jared Kushner with an ultimatum when they arrive this week: If no real progress is made on their peace plan within 45 days, he will go to the UN instead.

- Al-Monitor - EG

Vandals scrawl anti-Israel graffiti on Bulgarian Jewish monument

, A monument put up by Jews in Bulgaria to thank the town of Vidin for preventing the deportation of its Jews during the Holocaust was vandalized. The Thanksgiving Monument, erected in 2003, was spray-painted with the words Allah,' Palestine,' Hamas,' and the Islamic star and crescent moon symbol, the Shalom Organization of ...

- JTA - US

Cue the camels! Israelis are throwing themselves one-of-a-kind outdoor weddings

TEL AVIV – In this tiny country, there are only so many places to have a wedding. Or so you would think. But a growing number of Israelis are creating one-of-a-kind outdoor weddings from the ground up. In some cases, they even start with the ground. “We brought in bulldozers for one couple,” said Ori Fuks, ...

- JTA - US

Australian broadcaster explains why it left Israel off the map

SYDNEY , Australia's national news service defended its decision to broadcast a graphic showing a map of the Middle East that included Palestine but not Israel. Shown during an Aug. 17 segment on ABC News Australia, the map illustrated a story about how laws in 11 Muslim-majority countries and the Palestinian territories ...

- JTA - US

Climbers take Europe's highest peak to inspire kids with cancer

Seven Lebanese climbers recently ascended the highest peak in Europe in solidarity with children undergoing cancer treatment, to encourage them to keep on fighting.

- The Daily Star - LB

Lebanon's three largest banks growing slowly: report

Cairo-based investment bank EFG Hermes expects Lebanon's three largest banks to record a slight increase in customer deposits at the end of 2017 despite the challenges in the country.

- The Daily Star - LB

Bassil unveils biometric diplomatic passport plan

Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil announced a plan Monday to supply all diplomatic figures in Lebanon with biometric passports to match international standards.

- The Daily Star - LB

Army poised for final showdown with Daesh

The Army was poised Tuesday to launch its push against Daesh militants on the Lebanese border after a day of consolidating gains made over the weekend.

- The Daily Star - LB

Russia ups airstrikes for Deir al-Zor fight

Russia said Monday it has intensified its air campaign in Syria to help President Bashar Assad's forces drive Daesh militants from Deir al-Zor, a major stronghold for the group, killing an estimated 200 militants in a recent raid on a convoy.

- The Daily Star - LB

Lebanon played major role in foiling Sydney terror plot: Machnouk

Lebanon played a major role in foiling a recent terror plot to blow up an Emirati airplane filled with 400 passengers bound for Abu Dhabi from Australia, Interior Minister Nouhad Machnouk said Monday.

- The Daily Star - LB

New Ain al-Hilweh clashes break out

Three Palestinians were wounded in renewed fighting in the refugee camp of Ain al-Hilweh Monday as rival factions ignored a cease-fire call by the head of the Palestinian National Security Forces in Lebanon, Gen. Sobhi Abou al-Arab, Palestinian sources said.

- The Daily Star - LB

Using drones, Hezbollah secures gains against Daesh in Syria

Hezbollah targeted Daesh fighters with weaponized drones Monday as it advanced on militant positions on the Syrian side of the Lebanese-Syrian border.

- The Daily Star - LB

Speaker lauds Army's efforts against Daesh

Speaker Nabih Berri commended the Lebanese Army operation on the northeastern border against Daesh militants entrenched in the area late Sunday.

- The Daily Star - LB

Syrian national arrested for forgery

A Syrian was arrested by state security Monday on suspicion of forging and trafficking Syrian taxi driving permits. Authorities alleged he was charging $150 per license.

- The Daily Star - LB