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Art brings 'peace' to battle-scarred Lebanon districts.

From the street below, it's easy to miss the workers daubing paint on the rooftops in this north Lebanese city.

- The Daily Star - LB

When civilians are police, jury, judge.

Frustrated with Lebanese security, a man under the alias of Sami Beiruti took to social media in 2013 to create an online community of vigilantes looking to serve justice into their own hands using Facebook.

- The Daily Star - LB

China supports Lebanese school initiative.

Chinese Ambassador to Lebanon Wang Keijan showed support to Lebanon's education initiative, joining Education Minister Marwan Hamadeh in distributing school supplies to 300 students in Beirut Monday, according to a U.N. Children's Fund statement.

- The Daily Star - LB

Beirut venue sparks debate on railway preservation.

The rusting skeletons of Lebanon's railway emerge unexpectedly amid litter and overgrown vegetation in various hidden spots of Beirut.

- The Daily Star - LB

Daesh came to Syria town with hit list, left in trail of blood.

Daesh militants came into the Syrian town with a hit list.

- The Daily Star - LB

Hariri brands Rouhani comments 'unacceptable'.

Prime Minister Saad Hariri Monday hit back at comments made by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani regarding the country's influence in Lebanon and the region.

- The Daily Star - LB

Israeli strikes kill 10 Daesh-linked fighters.

At least 10 members of a small militant faction linked to Daesh were killed Monday by suspected Israeli airstrikes in southern Syria, an activist group said.

- The Daily Star - LB

PSP awaits results of probe into accused Israeli collaborator.

The Progressive Socialist Party is awaiting the results of an investigation of a party member arrested last week on suspicion of collaborating with Israel, a source said Monday.

- The Daily Star - LB

Israelis doubt Lieberman's Hezbollah shelling claim.

Israeli military officials were quoted Monday rowing back from an assertion by Israel's defense minister that Hezbollah was behind a spate of shelling from Syria which could increase tension on Israel's northern frontier.

- The Daily Star - LB

LF 'to quit' Cabinet if Assad ties normalized.

Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea threatened Monday to withdraw his three ministers from the government if it normalized ties with the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad, in the latest escalation of a long-simmering dispute over how to deal with the Syrian refugee crisis that is hitting hard at Lebanon's ailing ...

- The Daily Star - LB

Former Spanish ambassador to Lebanon passes away.

Former Spanish Ambassador to Lebanon Milagros Hernando Echevarria passed away in Madrid Monday morning following a three-year battle with cancer, diplomatic sources told The Daily Star.

- The Daily Star - LB

Son of SLA officer crosses back into Lebanon

The following security-related events took place across Lebanon Monday.

- The Daily Star - LB

Nicaragua moves to join Paris climate accord, isolating US, Syria

Nicaragua has agreed to join the Paris climate agreement, leaving only the US and Syria outside the global pact. As the world gears up for the next climate talks in Bonn, questions surround Washington's plans.

- Deutsche Welle - DE

Paris accord: US and Syria alone as Nicaragua signs

Nicaragua signs the Paris agreement, leaving only two countries not supporting it.

- BBC - UK

Nicaragua signs Paris climate agreement

MANAGUA, Oct 24 — Nicaragua signed the Paris climate agreement yesterday, leaving the United States and Syria as the only two holdouts on the global climate pact. The government of President Daniel Ortega said the global 2015 pact represented...

- The Malay Mail - MY

Ziad Doueiri film dropped from Ramallah festival

Cancellation comes after activists launch boycott campaign over director's 'normalising approach' towards Israel.

- Al Jazeera - QA

Tech evangelist Robert Scoble has resigned from his VR startup after several women accused him of sexual assault

Facebook Tech evangelist Robert Scoble has resigned as partner of the VR/AR startup Transformation Group. He resigned following multiple allegations from women claiming that he had sexually assaulted them at tech events. Scoble's co-founder Shel Israel will run the company on his own. The sexual harassment dominoes continue ...

- Business Insider - US

Scores of Bodies Are Found in Syrian Town After ISIS Retreats

An apparent mass killing is the latest example of the brutal reprisals that have taken place when territory changes hands in Syria’s multisided war.

- New York Times - US

Hogan signs order opposing BDS, bars state business with companies that boycott Israel

Maryland becomes the latest state to officially oppose the Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement.

- Washington Post - US

Palestinian Man Arrested After Facebook Auto-Translates 'Good Morning' as 'Attack Them' 

A Palestinian construction worker was arrested by Israeli police after Facebook incorrectly translated the text of one of his posts. Haaretz reports that the man uploaded a picture from his job at a construction site with the text good morning' in Arabic. When officers used Facebook's automatic translation service to…

- Gizmodo - US

News24.com | Ceremony marks 75 years since El Alamein battle as Egypt mourns

Delegates from former foes have marked 75 years since the pivotal WWII battle of El Alamein that saw the Allies turn the tables in North Africa, as host country Egypt mourned the killing of policemen in a desert shootout with militants.

- News24.com - ZA

News24.com | Egypt says destroyed arms convoy crossing from Libya

Egypt military has destroyed eight vehicles loaded with weapons, ammunition and explosives which were trying to sneak form neighboring Libya, days after a deadly attack against the country's police

- News24.com - ZA

NGO says ISIS killed over 100 Syrian civilians in Qaryatayn

In Homs province, 116 cadavers found after jihadist retreat


Gaza to get second cellular network, from Qatar

A Palestinian cellular provider said Monday it will soon expand coverage from the occupied West Bank to the Gaza Strip.

- The Daily Star - LB

Doctor: Conjoined twins born in Gaza will need care abroad

A Palestinian doctor says a rare pair of conjoined twins born in the Gaza Strip is in good health, but will need treatment abroad.

- The Daily Star - LB

IS killed at least 128 civilians in Syrian town: human rights monitor

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says at least 128 people were killed by IS militants in the Syrian town of Qaryatayn.

- SBS.com.au - AU

Nicaragua will join Paris climate pact, leaving U.S., Syria isolated

- Nicaragua is set to join the Paris climate agreement, according to an official statement and comments from Vice President Rosario Murillo on Monday, in a move that leaves the United States and Syria as the only nations outside the global pact.

- Reuters - US

Egypt authorities challenge Reuters on casualties in western desert attack

LONDON - Egyptian authorities have accused Reuters and the BBC of "inaccurate coverage" of clashes in the western desert between security forces and armed militants in which police officers and conscripts were killed on Friday.

- Reuters - US

Syria's largest oil field captured by US-backed forces

US-backed Kurdish and Arab forces say they have captured Syria's largest oil field from ISIS, the latest in a series of recent setbacks for the jihadists in the east of the country.

- CNN Top Stories - US

Why terrorist threats will survive ISIS defeats

Last week, the American-backed Syrian Democratic Forces announced that it had taken Raqqa, the Syrian city, which had served as ISIS' capital. The taking of the city is the latest in a series of substantial military blows to ISIS' fortunes. However, Americans should not expect the fall of Raqqa to have a substantial effect ...

- CNN Top Stories - US

ISIS fighters among those filing out of Deir Ezzor

The fight continues to rage against ISIS in Syria despite the victory in Raqqa, but now the frontline has grown far more complex. CNN's Nick Paton Walsh reports.

- CNN Top Stories - US

Residents flee final ISIS battleground amid heavy bombing

It should be the height of tension: a final pocket of ISIS, under heavy bombardment, where their leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi could possibly be hiding, from which civilians pour out daily. A new frontline in the war in Syria, which has the forces both Washington and Moscow are backing in a standoff that puts them with ...

- CNN Top Stories - US

Palestinian activists build monument to Saddam Hussein

The monument, showing a portrait of Saddam in a bowler hat and pointing a rifle in the air, was erected last week in the town of Qalqiliya

- National Post - CA

Under Armour Welcomes Syrian Refugee Olympian Yusra Mardini To Its Brand Team

The 19-year-old narrates her own journey from Damascus to today in this remarkable new ad. What: A new Under Armour ad starring Syrian refugee and Olympic swimmer Yusra Mardini.Read Full Story

- Fast Company - US

Al-Qaeda seeks to capitalise on Islamic State decline 

Key Points Al-Qaeda and its affiliate organisations in North Africa, the Sahel, the Gulf, and Syria have continued to develop and expand their networks, despite being overshadowed by the Islamic State since the group established its self-proclaimed 'caliphate' in June 2014. The Islamic

- Jane’s - US

Sophisticated militant ambush in Egypt's Western Desert indicates increased jihadist attack capability outside Sinai

Event Jihadist militants on 20 October ambushed successively two detachments of Egyptian police on the Wahat road near the Bahariya oasis, approximately 135 kilometres south of Cairo in the Western Desert of Giza governorate. The exact number of casualties is still disputed. The interior ministry

- Jane’s - US

Areas freed from Islamic State will test U.S. policy on limiting overseas role

As U.S.-backed forces succeed in driving Islamic State militants from territory in Iraq and now Syria, the Trump administration has difficult choices — and divided opinions — about how the heavily devastated region can recover in an era when U.S. policy is to take a back-seat role. The administration...

- Los Angeles Times - US

Germany, Israel sign agreement on submarine sale

Deal to replace Israel's aging submarine fleet advances after being frozen following concerns over corruption investigations.

- Arutz Sheva - IL

Israel arrests 51 Palestinians in East Jerusalem raid

Israeli police raided a Palestinian neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem overnight and arrested 51 people accused of violent protests against security forces, authorities said Monday.

- The Daily Star - LB

Second Palestinian mobile provider enters Gaza

Palestinian company Wataniya Mobile said it would launch telecommunications services in the Israeli-blockaded Gaza Strip Tuesday, offering customers a choice of providers.

- The Daily Star - LB

No need to expand sanctions, bankers tell U.S.

Lebanese bankers urged the U.S. Treasury and American officials to stick to the current sanctions against Hezbollah instead of adopting new amendments, the head of the Association of Banks in Lebanon Joseph Torbey said Monday.

- The Daily Star - LB

Israeli president attacks Netanyahu govt assault on state bodies

In an unusually blunt address to Parliament Monday, Israel's president accused the government of delegitimizing vital democratic institutions as part of a campaign of stifling opposition.

- The Daily Star - LB

Nicaragua signs Paris climate agreement: official

Nicaragua signed the Paris climate agreement Monday, leaving the United States and Syria as the only two holdouts on the global climate pact.

- PhysOrg - NL

Depraved behaviour is as prevalent in East as West

A day after publishing an op-ed claiming China doesn’t have the kind of sexual harassment problem that plagues American society, China Daily promptly removed it. No wonder. The article was rightly torn apart not only by foreign readers, but by domestic ones as well. Its premise was beyond absurd. The editors at least ...

- South China Morning Post - HK

ISIL accused of killing scores of Qaryatayn civilians

ISIL fighters accused of conducting a revenge campaign before the capture of Al-Qaryatayn by Syrian government forces.

- Al Jazeera - QA

Defeating Islamic State by example

In a highly symbolic victory against Islamic State last week, the US military helped liberate the group's de facto capital of Raqqa after a four-month battle. Once a thriving Syrian city of more than 200,000 people, however, Raqqa today has been reduced to rubble while most residents have fled. Now the United States and its ...

- Yahoo! News - US

Reuters: Widow of Russian major killed in Syria battles for compensation

Vitalina Bordova received a good morning text message from her husband Sergei, a Russian marine major deployed in Syria. Half an hour later, he was hit by mortar fire that killed him. Since he died on April 18, Bordova has been in dispute with the Russian military, trying to get the financial support she believes The post ...

- Kyiv Post - UA

Bringing a shipwreck back to life with photogrammetry

A little over 76 years ago, the British merchant steam ship SS Thistlegorm was sunk by a WW II German bomber off the coast of Egypt, taking nine souls down with it. It has only been seen in detail by divers, but a new website from the University of N...

- Engadget - US

At least 67 bodies found after Islamic State 'massacre' in Syria town

The bodies of at least 67 Syrian civilians, many summarily killed by the Islamic State group, have been discovered in a central town in Syria that government forces retook from the extremists over the weekend, the Syrian government and activists said Monday. A senior Syrian official described the...

- Baltimoresun.com - US

HRW targets France's 'disgraceful' approach to Egypt

Human Rights Watch urged French President Emmanuel Macron to end France's "disgraceful policies of indulgence" towards Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Monday ahead of a meeting between the...

- Expatica - NL