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US Consul General calls on chief minister.

US Consul General Robert G Burgess called on Chief Minister Siddaramaiah at his home office Krishna on Monday. Burgess was visiting the city for the first time since taking office as consul general of the US Consulate General in Chennai last month. Burgess has earlier worked at US missions in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, ...

- Deccan Herald - IN

This no-electricity anesthesia machine is saving lives across the developing world.

For many hospitals in rural parts of the developing world, electricity is unreliable at best. In the course of one day there can be brownouts and power spikes. Electricity may cut off for hours or even days at a time, without any warning. If this happens during surgery or forces surgeons to postpone operations , and it does ...

- Mashable! - US

Madonna opens a children's hospital in Malawi.

Correspondent Tracy Smith traveled to Blantyre, Malawi, where megastar Madonna has opened a state-of-the-art pediatric care facility - the first-ever of its kind in the desperately poor country's history. In a wide-ranging interview, the singer talked about her charity, Raising Malawi; her life with her six children, ...


Madonna's song of hope for Malawi's children.

The singer has founded the African nation's first pediatric care hospital - a mission of healing for a place desperately in need


Malawi-China Diplomatic Ties: 10 Years On.

A decade after establishing relations with Beijing, has Lilongwe benefited as it had hoped?

- The Diplomat - US

Woman tells why she went public with texts that led to Army general's suspension.

He texted her from Malawi, Ethiopia, Morocco and home. He called her a hottie, told her she was clever and said her smile brightened everyone's day. He also said she was dangerous, with a crazy, naughty streak, and that he'd enjoy being in a tent with her.

- Stars and Stripes - US

Gender-based Violence Spurs Protest in Malawi.

Women's rights activists in Malawi's capital, Lilongwe, braved hot weather Thursday to protest recent domestic violence in which seven women were slain or disfigured by their partners. The protesters, many of them women, wore black attire, and at one point they lay in the street to symbolize mourning. They carried banners ...

- Voice of America - US

NSF announces 14 new PIRE awards to support scientific collaboration in 24 countries.

The National Science Foundation is pleased to announce 14 new Partnerships for International Research and Education awards, totaling more than $66 million over the next five years. The awards will fund 14 lead U.S. institutions and U.S. partner institutions for collaborative projects involving international partners in ...

- National Science Foundation - US