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Macedonia Moves to Make Smokers' Lives Easier.

MPs from the ruling majority have submitted a bill that aims to ease the current strict ban on public smoking, which they say is damaging the hospitality industry and infringing on smokers' individual rights.

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4km Queue Of Carco Vehicles on the Bulgarian-Romanian Border.

On the Bulgarian-Romanian border, there are 4 km of cargo vehicles waiting to leave the country at Dunav Most-Vidin checkpoint, while at Dunav Most-Ruse the queue at entrance to the country stretches 3 km.The information was provided by Chief Directorate Border Police.On the border with Greece, there is intense traffic of ...

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Bulgarian Foreign Minister: 'The Treaty Between Bulgaria and Macedonia Opens a New Page'.

''The Neighborhood Treaty between Bulgaria and Macedonia is an important page in the relations between the two countries, but after signing it, much remains to be done.'' This is what Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva told bTV. She stressed that the government is based on the 1999 declaration, ...

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Government to Consider Friendship Treaty with Macedonia Next Week.

"I congratulate you on today's celebration of the Day of Bulgarian Diplomacy. We have one of the most important tasks in front of us - the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Deputy Prime Minister for Justice Reform and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ekaterina Zaharieva welcomed the ambassadors of ...

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Macedonians Offer Fans Free Lodging for UEFA Cup.

Macedonians seeking to preserve their hospitable reputation are inviting football fans visiting for the 2017 UEFA Super Cup match to avoid exorbitant hotel prices by staying at their homes free of charge.

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Macedonia Rejects Suggested Name Change, Says Sounds Like 'Klingon'.

Macedonia on July 18 rejected suggestions it could end a dispute with Greece over its name by adopting an acronym instead, saying it sounded like the "Klingon" language from the Star Trek series.

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Macedonia says 'FYROM' name no better than 'Klingon'.

Macedonia rejected suggestions on Wednesday it could end a row with Greece over its name by adopting an unwieldy acronym instead, saying it was as alien as the "Klingon" language in Star Trek.

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Macedonia Rejects Suggested Name Change, Says Sounds Like 'Klingon'.

Macedonia on July 18 rejected suggestions it could end a dispute with Greece over its name by adopting an acronym instead, saying it sounded like "Klingon" language from the Star Trek series.

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Macedonia Identifies Thugs Behind Parliament Rampage.

The investigation into the April 27 rampage in Macedonia's parliament, which injured 10 MPs, has traced some of the masked assailants, sources close to the investigation say.

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US 'accelerating' talks on Skopje's name problem, NATO entry.

The issues of Macedonia's name dispute with Greece and the country's accession to NATO "could be solved in three or four months." Beta reported this on Monday, citing RIA Novosti, which quoted "European diplomatic sources."

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Macedonian Police to Help Patrol Albanian Resorts.

As the number of Macedonian citizens taking summer holidays in southern Albania grows, Macedonian police are to be deployed for the first time in the coastal resort of Saranda. 

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Defence Eyes Breakthrough in Macedonia NATO Killing Case

Ethnic Albanian villagers accused of planting a mine that killed two NATO soldiers in Macedonia in 2003 hope that the Special Prosecution will drop all charges.

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Russia and the West are going toe to toe 'at the crossroads of energy corridors' in Europe

© AFP ELVIS BARUKCIC Zagreb - The West and Russia are battling for control of the transport of natural gas through the Balkans, as both sides pursue their geopolitical agenda in the volatile region. Moscow has suffered a series of setbacks in the Balkans. Montenegro has joined NATO, while Macedonia's new social democratic ...

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Malta gets a Macedonian link as flights to Skopje begin

The first commercial flight between Malta and Macedonian capital Skopje touched ground at Malta International Airport earlier today, adding a further link to the Balkan peninsula.    Passengers on board the first flight were welcomed with a cake-cutting ceremony. Wizz Air, which announced flights to Malta in February this ...

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Macedonia-Bulgaria Treaty Meets Suspicion in Both Countries

As Macedonia and Bulgaria ready to sign a historic friendship treaty, opponents of the deal in both countries are accusing their governments of betraying vital national interests.

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Balkans can help EU 'feel attractive' after Brexit, Macedonia says

Dented by Brexit, the European Union should seize on the hunger of Balkan nations for membership as an opportunity to "feel attractive", Macedonia's foreign minister said on Wednesday .

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EU pledges funds for new Balkan railway, transport projects

This week's summit of the six Western Balkans EU hopefuls and EU leaders fell somewhat short of political expectations but produced concrete results in financing regional transport projects, most notably a railway link between the capitals of Macedonia and Bulgaria.

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Macedonian Albanian Party Presses Zaev on Language Law

A small ethnic Albanian party has threatened to withdraw its vital support for Macedonia's new government if it does not speedily adopt a law expanding the official use of Albanian.

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EU says door still open to Balkan states

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said in Trieste, Italy, on Wednesday that "the Balkan route to the EU has not stopped" despite recent problems in Serbia, Kosovo, and Macedonia, as well as Brexit. She said that Wednesday and Thursday's Trieste summit - to include the German, Italian, French and Balkan leaders - ...

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Macedonia Opposition Tries to Paralyse Parliament

To prevent the quick approval of reforms sought by the EU and delay new public appointments, Macedonia's former ruling VMRO DPMNE party has adopted a strategy aimed at stalling parliament's progress.

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Protecting Syrian children en route to Europe

Source: Save the Children Country: Croatia, Greece, Jordan, Lebanon, Serbia, Syrian Arab Republic, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey, World A research study reviews the drivers of migration from Syria and the neighboring countries. Routes and conditions of the journey are also evaluated with special ...

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