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Ziadin Sela Outlines Vision for a New Macedonia.

Macedonian ethnic Albanian leader recalls the night he was almost killed in parliament – and says Albanians expect tangible results from their support for Zoran Zaev - starting with justice reform.

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Macedonia Faces Long Road to Recovery After Gruevski.

New government faces a daunting task of rebuilding institutions, financial consolidation and curbing widespread corruption, if it is to live upto its reformist promises.

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Zaev tells Vucic he 'regrets his carelessness'.

Macedonian PM-designate and SDSM leader Zoran Zaev said in Brussels on Wednesday that he apologized to Serbian PM and President-elect Aleksandar Vucic. "I expressed my regret for the carelessness of us politicians, before, during, or after the campaign. That was a moment of my carelessness," Zaev said, according Tanjug, ...

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Sofia Disagrees with Putin Claim that Slavonic Alphabet Arrived in Russia From Macedonian Land.

Bulgarian politicians have reacted sharply to claim of Russian President Vladimir Putin that the Slavonic alphabet had arrived in Russia from Macedonian land. Putin voiced this thesis while in a meeting with his Macedonian counterpart Gjorge Ivanov and his words were quoted on the Kremlin website, BNR reported. In ...

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Cries of Impunity as Macedonia's 'Bloody Thursday' Parliament Attackers Get Suspended Sentences.

According to members of the security forces who spoke anonymously to journalists, the attackers planned to execute people, but were deterred by the eyewitnesses filming the event on their phones.

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Putin's Homage to Cyrillic Makes Bulgarians See Red.

Vladimir Putin's claim, made at a meeting with the Macedonian President, that the Slavic alphabet came to Russia from Macedonia, has not gone down well in Bulgaria.

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5km Long Queue of Trucks Formed at the Exit of Kapitan Andreevo Border Checkpoint.

Traffic is intense on the Bulgarian-Turkish border. At Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint, a 5km long queue of cargo vehicles formed at the exit, while a 2km long one formed at Lesovo border checkpoint, the press centre of Chief Directorate Border Police announced. The traffic information on Bulgarian border checkpoints ...

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'Serbian intelligence officer was in Macedonian Assembly'.

Adviser at the Serbian embassy in Skopje and BIA officer Goran Zivaljevic was in the Assembly of Macedonia as it was stormed by violent protesters on April 27. This has been reported by Macedonian television Telma.

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'We're closely monitoring developments in Macedonia' - Putin.

Moscow has been "closely monitoring the developments in Macedonia," Russian President Vladimir Putin has said. This is according to a Beta report on Wednesday, that quoted Macedonia's MIA agency.

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Macedonia President Greeted Warmly in Moscow.

Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov has hurried to meet President Vladimir Putin in Moscow - after caving into Western pressure to allow the Social Democrats to form a government.

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Mogherini Must Build on West's Balkan Breakthroughs.

The EU and US must follow up their recent successes in knocking heads together in Macedonia and Albania – or the region's descent into a dangerous crisis will continue.

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6km Queue of Cargo Vehicles at Kapitan Andreevo Border Checkpoint

On the Bulgarian-Turkish border there is a 6km queue of cargo vehicles at Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint, at exit from the country, while at Lesovo checkpoint – 3km, the press office of Chief Directorate Border Police said.On the Bulgarian-Romanian border there is a 2km queue of cargo vehicles at Vidin checkpoint.Traffic is ...

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Macedonia Hands Nine Suspended Sentences For Bloody Rampage In Parliament

Nine people were given suspended sentences by a Macedonian court on May 23 for their part in a rampage at the Balkan nation's parliament last month that left several politicians battered and bloodied.

- Radio Free Europe - US

Macedonian court convicts 9 over parliament invasion

A Macedonian court has convicted nine people of participating in a mob invasion of parliament last month that left more than 100 people injured.

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Zaev Races to Close Deal on Macedonian Cabinet

Macedonia's Prime Minister-designate, Zoran Zaev, is about to launch the final round of talks with his ethnic Albanian coalition partner, which should result in a deal on the ministries in the next government.

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Video Shows MPs Aiding Macedonia Parliament Assailants

MPs from the former ruling VMRO-DPMNE party opened parliament's main gate, allowing their supporters to enter the building and cause the bloody rampage in the building on April 27, newly released security camera footage shows.

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Macedonia Prosecution Names Gruevski in Two New Corruption Probes

Macedonia's Special Prosecution, SJO, said it suspects former Prime Minister and VMRO DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski illegally financed his party through money laundering and was also involved in misuse of his office in relation to a highways contract.

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Politicians Throng Opening of Macedonia's Costly New Philharmonic

The elite of Macedonia's former ruling party attended Sunday's gala opening of the new Macedonian Philharmonic, which has costs almost 40 million euros and forms part of the grand government-sponsored revamp of the capital, 'Skopje 2014'.

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Macedonia Suspends 16 Police Officers After Parliament Invasion

The Macedonian Interior Ministry has suspended 16 police officers for their failure to prevent a violent storming of the parliament building by nationalist protesters. The angry invasion of the parliament on April 27, which included masked men, resulted in dozens of journalists and lawmakers being injured, including Social ...

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Macedonia Suspends Police Officers For Parliament Invasion

The Macedonian Interior Ministry has suspended 16 police officers for their failure to prevent a violent storming of the parliament building by nationalist protesters.

- Radio Free Europe - US

Macedonia suspends police over parliament violence

Macedonia's interior ministry Saturday temporarily suspended 16 police officers for failing to act when nationalist demonstrators, including a group of masked men, stormed parliament

- The Daily Star - LB

The Macedonian Crisis Is Far from Over

Yesterday, Macedonia's opposition was granted the mandate to form a government, ending a long-running political standoff. But the country is not out of the woods yet.

- The American Interest - US

Zaev Mulls his Cabinet Lineup in Macedonia

Macedonia's Prime Minister-designate, Zoran Zaev, is counting on several well-known names from his party as new ministers, although he may invite some civic activists into his cabinet as well, BIRN has been told.

- Balkan Insight - UK

Dimitar Glavchev: 'Bulgaria Recognized Macedonia by its Constitutional Name'

''Bulgaria has been supporting firmly the name of the Republic of Macedonia and this support is part of our consistent policy towards Macedonia since we recognized our neighboring country'', Bulgaria's National Assembly Speaker Dimitar Glavchev told TV+ channel. According to his words, Sofia should not take side in the ...

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1km Long Queue of Cars Formed at the Entrance of Kulata Border Checkpoint

A 1km long queue of cars formed at Kulata border checkpoint at the entrance of the country, the press centre of Chief Directorate Border Police announced. The information is by 06:00 Bulgarian time. The reason for the queue of cars forming is repairs being done on the roadway at the checkpoint. At Dunav Most-Vidin border ...

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Following Macedonia, Western pressure resolves Albanian crisis

A three-month standoff that had blocked progress on reforms to Albania's government ended yesterday , as the ruling parties and the opposition reached agreement on how to resolve their conflict.

- EurActive - UK

The Macedonian Crisis is Far From Over

Yesterday, Macedonia's opposition was granted the mandate to form a government, ending a long-running political standoff. But the country is not out of the woods yet.

- The American Interest - US

Macedonia's president accuses German diplomats of spreading 'fake news'

President Gjorge Ivanov has caused a diplomatic storm after openly accusing the German ambassador in Macedonia of being incompetent. It is not the first time Ivanov has criticized Berlin.

- Deutsche Welle - DE

Vucic hopes Trump will withstand 'relentless campaign'

Aleksandar Vucic expects good relations with the US and adds that the country's new president has faced "a relentless campaign" against him from day one." "Serbia is too small a country, and I too small a politician to interfere even in the internal affairs of Macedonia, let alone of the US," the prime minister and ...

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Why is there silence about assault on Kosovo journalists?

Former editor of the daily Zeri Arbana Xharra has been brutally beaten near her place of residence by "an unknown person." The news has been reported by numerous media, while local media throughout Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia are discharging a sea of comments on the subject.

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Besa Refuses to Commit to Joining Macedonia Govt

The ethnic Albanian Besa party has said a decision on joining a new Social-Democrat-led government will follow only once it is sure the new cabinet does not include ministers suspected of corruption.

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Macedonia sticks with EU despite Russian offer

EU happy after president gave mandate to new Macedonian-Albanian coalition despite Russian efforts to the contrary.

- EU Observer - EU

Zaev Calls Serbian PM's Rhetoric on Macedonia 'Uncomfortable'

Macedonia's PM-designate says he feels 'uncomfortable' with the way Serbian leader Aleksandar Vucic has talked about his country - but is ready to improve relations.

- Balkan Insight - UK

NATO Secretary General welcomes political progress in Skopje

I welcome President Ivanov's decision to grant Mr. Zaev's parliamentary majority a mandate to form a new government. This is a step in the right direction, and the right thing to do. I encourage the swift formation of a new government, a timely confirmation vote in parliament and a constructive attitude by all parties. It ...


Macedonia president backs down, hands opposition mandate to form cabinet

Macedonia's president today asked the opposition Social Democratic party to form a government, five months after an election in the troubled Balkan country.

- EurActive - UK

Macedonian president gives Zaev mandate to form government

Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov has given the mandate to form a government to the leader of the SDSM party Zoran Zaev. In a brief address earlier in the day in the presidential residence, Ivanov and Zaev emphasized that all obstacles for giving the mandate to the leader of the parliamentary majority had been removed.

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FM on 'Zaev's insults': We'll respond to Skopje in kind

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic says the statements of Zoran Zaev are undermining relations between the two countries. Zaev, the leader of the SDSM party, earlier on Wednesday became Macedonia's PM-designate.

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US Expects Zaev to Form New Macedonian Government

US State Department official Hoyt Yee, who is currently touring the Balkans, said that the Macedonian President understands that he is expected to give Zoran Zaev a chance to form a government.

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Zaev Wins Mandate to Form Macedonia's Next Govt

President Gjorge Ivanov finally offered Social Democrat leader Zoran Zaev a mandate to form a new government at a ceremony on Wednesday.

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