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SES-14 integrates NASA ultraviolet space spectrograph.

Luxembourg May 24, 2017 SES report the successful integration of NASA's Global-Scale Observations of the Limb and Disk hosted payload with SES-14. GOLD will employ an ultraviolet imaging spectrograph to measure densities and temperatures in the Earth's thermosphere and ionosphere in response to Sun-Earth interaction. It is ...

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SES Networks offers new hybrid resiliency service.

Luxembourg May 22, 2017 SES has announced a new hybrid resiliency platform to serve the specific needs of telcos, mobile network operators, enterprises and maritime connectivity providers. Internet services provider Palau Telecoms is already enjoying the exceptional performance of the seamless solution supporting business ...

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One of the largest Lloyd's insurers has picked Luxembourg for its EU base.

Liberty Specialty Markets, one of the five largest members of Lloyd's of London, has picked Luxembourg for its EU base according to reports. Sources told Insurance Insider it had selected Luxembourg, mirroring the selection made by fellow Lloyd's stalwart Hiscox. However, Liberty Specialty, which is owned by US giant ...

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Thatcher daintily manoeuvred over my sprawled form. All right there?' she said.

In those days it was thought exciting to send out Today presenters to hang around at EU summits. Winter 1980: a bland conference centre in Luxembourg. I was a Today presenter then, though you wouldn't have known it from my youth and innocently scruffy demeanour. On one mortifying occasion we were all invited to a ...

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Netherlands begins Benelux air policing.

Two Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16s began policing the airspace over Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg for the first time on 11 May. The Volkel-based Dutch fighters will be on 15-minute quick-reaction alert for the next four months after taking over the mission from

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Secret New European Copyright Proposal Spells Disaster for Free Culture.

EFF has learned about a new proposal for European law that takes aim at online streaming services, but which will strike a serious blow to creators and their fans. The proposal, which would effectively ban online streaming services from hosting works under free licenses, could spell an end to services like the ...

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