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City of Munich Is Ditching Linux and Moves Back to Windows After over 14 Years.

After more than 14 years, the City of Munich has decided to switch back to using Microsoft's Windows operating system instead of their Linux-based LiMux OS on more than 6,000 offices. There were discussions back in February for the German city of Munich to ditch their Ubuntu-based LiMux GNU/Linux distribution, which was ...

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Munich Approves €49.3m Windows 10 Migration Plan.

The city Linux desktop programme has come to an end with the vote to spend more than €50m euros to roll out Windows 10 desktops across the council

- TechWeekEurope - UK

TLDR is what Linux man pages always should have been.

If you get stuck using a Linux tool, the first port of call shouldn't be to Stack Overflow, but rather its man pages.' Man — which is short for manual — retrieves documentation for a given program. Unfortunately, this can often be dense, hard to understand, and lacking in practical examples to help you solve your ...

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OSS and third-party security risk: Lessons for IoT businesses.

The Apache Struts vulnerability raises questions about Open Source Software and third-party security for businesses, especially Internet of Things organisations.

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Munich council finds €49.3m for Windows 10 embrace.

Open source dream officially dies in Bavarian city The city of Munich will spend €49.3m going all-in on Windows after local politicos agreed to call time on the failing 15-year open source project.…

- TheRegister - UK

ExTiX, the Ultimate Linux System, Now Has a Deepin Edition Based on Ubuntu 17.10.

Believe it or not, GNU/Linux developer Arne Exton released today a new edition of his ExTiX Linux distro with the Deepin desktop environment. For those not familiar with Arne Exton's work, he regularly creates live ISO images based on the latest Ubuntu or Debian operating systems and shipping with the most recent GNU/Linux ...

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Oracle Adds Initial Support for Linux Kernel 4.14 LTS to VirtualBox.

Oracle recently updated their VirtualBox open-source and cross-platform virtualization software with initial support for the latest Linux 4.14 LTS kernel series. VirtualBox 5.2.2 is the first maintenance update to the latest VirtualBox 5.2 stable series of the application, and it looks like it can be compiled and used on ...

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GRID Autosport Racing Game Launches November 27 on iOS, for iPhone and iPad.

Feral Interactive announced today that it brings the GRID Autosport racing game to Apple's iOS mobile platform for supported iPhone and iPad devices on November 27, 2017. The ninth game in the TOCA series, GRID Autosport is a racing video game developed by Codemasters. It's one of the most acclaimed racing games, and it's ...

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openSUSE Tumbleweed Operating System Now Powered by Linux Kernel 4.14 LTS.

Users of the openSUSE Tumbleweed rolling operating system have received the latest Linux 4.14 LTS kernel via a snapshot released this week in the stable software repositories. Linux kernel 4.14 LTS is the latest and greatest kernel for GNU/Linux distributions, and now that it's ready for mass deployments, it will arrive in ...

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Canonical Needs Your Help to Figure Out a Direction for Ubuntu's Mir/Wayland.

Canonical's Mir developer Gerry Boland reports on the community forums on the latest work done by him and his team to implement Wayland support in the Mir display server. That's right, Canonical still has a team of developers working on the Mir display server, despite the Unity 8 development being dropped, and it looks like ...

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Woman faces jail for brandishing 'Make America great again' cap and condemning racism.

Macias was filmed brandishing the famed red hat and condemning racism.

- Zee News - IN

Samba needs two patches, unless you're happy for SMB servers to dance for evildoers

Big Linux distros have pushed their fixes, but let's not assume everything auto-patches, OK? It's time to patch Samba again - or turn off SAMBA 1, which is never as easy as it sounds.…

- TheRegister - UK

10 Best LaTeX Editors For Linux

itsFOSS: Once you get over the learning curve, there is nothing like LaTex.

- Linux Today - US

Containers are Linux - But What About Windows?

ServerWatch:  Chris Wright, CTO of Red Hat discusses the intersection of Windows and Linux containers and how Red Hat now works with Microsoft.

- Linux Today - US

How to Set Up Private DNS Servers with BIND on Ubuntu 16.04

BIND is the most used DNS software over the Internet.

- Linux Today - US

Ask Slashdot: What Are Your Greatest Successes and Weaknesses With Wine ?

wjcofkc writes: As a distraction, I decided to get the video-editing software Filmora up and running on my Ubuntu box. After some tinkering, I was able to get it installed, only to have the first stage vaporize on launch. This got me reflecting on my many hits and misses with Wine over the years. Before ditching private ...

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TheSSS Linux OS Receives Latest MariaDB & Apache Servers

4MLinux developer Zbigniew Konojacki informed us today on the general availability of the TheSSS 23.1 maintenance update of the Smallest Server Suite GNU/Linux distribution. TheSSS 23.1 is a small update to the open-source, server-oriented GNU/Linux distribution and it's based on the recently released 4MLinux Server 23.1 ...

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Experience Google's DeepDream in VR and hallucinate in the name of science

Exploring the complex mechanisms that cause us to hallucinate is an incredibly tricky task. This is largely because hallucinations are usually triggered by psychotic conditions or psychedelic drugs, making it nearly impossible to isolate what really transforms our perception of reality. Instead of getting participants to ...

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Qt 5.9.3 Packs More Than 500 Changes, Fixes Security Issues for Android Port

The Qt Company, through Tuukka Turunen, announced today the third maintenance and stability update to the latest Qt 5.9 LTS open-source and cross-platform application framework. While Qt 5.9.3 does not add any new functionality to the long-term supported Qt 5.9 series, it would appear to be a major bugfix release that adds ...

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Ubuntu-Based ExLight Linux OS Is One of the Few to Use Latest Enlightenment 0.22

A few days after releasing a new build of his ExLight Linux distribution, developer Arne Exton is now informing us on the availability of a new release that uses the latest Enlightenment release. ExLight Build 171121 replaces last week's Build 171112, which used the older Enlightenment 0.20 desktop from the Ubuntu 17.10 ...

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qBittorrent 4.0 Is a Massive Update of the Open-Source BitTorrent Client

qBittorrent, the open-source and cross-platform BitTorrent client written in Qt for GNU/Linux, macOS, and Windows systems, has been updated to version 4.0, a major release adding numerous new features and improvements. qBittorrent 4.0 is the first release of the application to drop OS/2 support, as well as support for the ...

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LXLE 16.04.3 'Eclectica' Linux Distro Is Out Now Based on Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS

The developers of the Ubuntu-based LXLE GNU/Linux distribution have announced the release of LXLE 16.04.3, the latest update to the Eclectica series based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS . Incorporating all the updates and core components of Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS, the LXLE 16.04.3 release is here to further integrate various of the ...

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Ubuntu 17.10 Users Get Major Kernel Update, 20 Security Vulnerabilities Patched

After releasing the new kernel update for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS systems to patch 13 security vulnerabilities, Canonical announced the availability of a major kernel update for Ubuntu 17.10. If you're using the latest Ubuntu 17.10 operating system on your personal computer, you should know that it received it's first major kernel ...

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'Gimme Gimme Gimme' Easter egg in man breaks automated tests at 00:30

Wow, I see what you did there *rolls eyes* The maintainer of the Linux manual program man has scrapped an "Easter egg" after it broke a user's automatic code tests.…

- TheRegister - UK

Linus Torvalds 'sorry' for swearing, blames popularity of Linux itself

More than 20 pulls a day on his desk, v.4.15 bloating and a Thanksgiving trip to pack for made Linus testy Linux overlord Linus Torvalds has apologised – a bit – for calling some security-centric kernel contributors f*cking morons'.…

- TheRegister - UK

'Urgent data corruption issue' destroys filesystems in Linux 4.14

Using bcache to speed Linux 4.14? Stop if you want your data to live A filesystem-eating bug has been found in Linux 4.14.…

- TheRegister - UK

ProtonMail: An Open Source Privacy-Focused Email Service Provider

itsFOSS: Have a look at ProtonMail, a secure, privacy-focused email provider that you can use as an alternative to Gmail.

- Linux Today - US

How To Kill The Largest Process In An Unresponsive Linux System

ostechnix: Early OOM checks the amount of available memory and free swap 10 times a seco

- Linux Today - US

7 tools for analyzing performance in Linux with bcc/BPF

Look deeply into your Linux code with these Berkeley Packet Filter Complier Collection tools.

- Linux Today - US

Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition is coming from Beamdog, Linux support confirmed

GamingOnLinux: Beamdog have officially announced their next revamp of a classic with Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition

- Linux Today - US

Linux Kernel 4.14 Now Ready for Mass Deployment as First Point Release Debuts

softpedia: Renowned Linux kernel developer Greg Kroah-Hartman announced today the Linux 4.14.1 kernel, the first point release of the Linux 4.14 kernel series

- Linux Today - US

Kali Linux 2017.3 Ethical Hacking OS Brings InSpy, Sublist3r, and SMB3.0 Support

Offensive Security announced a few moments ago the release and general availability of the Kali Linux 2017.3 ISO snapshot of their popular ethical hacking and penetration testing GNU/Linux distribution. Coming two months after the previous release, Kali Linux 2017.3 is here with a new kernel, namely Linux 4.13.10, which ...

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OpenMandriva Is Dropping 32-Bit Support, OpenMandriva Lx 3.03 Is the Last One

OpenMandriva announced a few moments ago the release of OpenMandriva Lx 3.03, the third installment of the 3.x series of the operating system bringing several improvements and up-to-date apps. Powered by the Linux 4.13.12 kernel, OpenMandriva Lx 3.03 is an enhancement to the previous OpenMandriva Lx 3 releases, adding major ...

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Linux Kernel 4.14 Now Ready for Mass Deployments as First Point Release Debuts

It's been a little over one week since the Linux 4.14 LTS kernel was announced by Linus Torvalds, and the first point release is already out to mark it as "stable" and ready for mass deployments. Renowned Linux kernel developer Greg Kroah-Hartman announced today the Linux 4.14.1 kernel, the first point release of the Linux ...

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Raspberry Slideshow 10 Operating System Released for Raspberry Pi Computers

After releasing last week the Raspberry Digital Signal 10.0 operating system, Binary Emotions developers inform us today on the availability of Raspberry Slideshow 10. Raspberry Slideshow is another Linux-based operating system that runs on Raspberry Pi single-board computers, this time designed to provide image and video ...

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Debian Buster-Based SparkyLinux 5 Development Version Adds Full Disk Encryption

The developers of the Debian-based SparkyLinux operating system have released today a new development build based on the Debian Testing repositories and featuring full disk encryption. Shipping a few days after the release of SparkyLinux 4.7 "Tyche" stable operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux 9 "Stretch," the ...

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Canonical Releases Major Kernel Update for Ubuntu 16.04 to Fix 13 Security Flaws

Canonical announced today the availability of a new kernel update for the original Ubuntu 16.04 LTS operating system using the long-term supported Linux 4.4 kernel. The update is a major one patching a total of 13 security flaws, including race conditions in Linux kernel's ALSA subsystem, the packet fanout implementation, ...

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LibreELEC Embedded Linux OS Now Compatible with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

The developers of the Kodi- and OpenELEC-based LibreELEC embedded Linux operating system announced today the availability of the first point release to the latest LibreELEC 8.2 "Krypton" series. The LibreELEC 8.2.1 update is based on the latest Kodi 17.6 "Krypton" open-source and cross-platform media center software and it ...

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LibreOffice 6.0 Beta to Arrive by Week's End for Second Bug Hunting Session

The Documentation Foundation is preparing for the second bug hunting session for the upcoming LibreOffice 6.0 open-source and cross-platform office suite. Announced today by Mike Saunders, the event will be held for the first time on a Monday, on November 27, 2017, from 8 a.m. UTC to 10 p.m. UTC. During the event, which ...

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Kodi Linux distro LibreELEC gets final Krypton update

LibreELEC is a fantastic open source Linux-based operating system designed to run Kodi. It is particularly well suited for devices like Raspberry Pi. If you want to build your own Kodi box, it's ideal. Today, the LibreELEC team releases a new build that it expects will be the last from the current branch -- going forward ...

- BetaNews.Com - US

Raspberry Pi OctoPrint Monitors And Streams Your 3D Print In Real Time

3D printing enthusiasts looking for a way to monitor and control their 3D prints using a Raspberry Pi mini PC may be interested in OctoPrint, a free open source software which is being created and is maintained by Gina Häußge. Once installed onto your Raspberry Pi and connected to your 3D printer OctoPrint is capable (

- Geeky Gadgets - US

Red Hat integrates its OpenShift container platform with AWS services

Red Hat Inc. is adding native integration with many of Amazon Web Services Inc.'s cloud services to its OpenShift Container Platform. The OpenShift Container Platform is Red Hat's on-premises private platform-as-a-service product, built around a core of application containers powered by Docker, with orchestration and ...

- SiliconANGLE - US

Debian package depicts 'Tux the penguin' with sheep in intimate ASCII

User files bug report A Debian software package containing an "ASCII representation of zoophilia" has been installed automatically on some users' machines.…

- TheRegister - UK

How to Create Your Own NAS Storage with Openmdediavault

tecmint: OpenMediaVault is a NAS a simple and intuitive solution based on Debian Linux distribution best-suited for deploying network storage in small offices.

- Linux Today - US

How to use special permissions: the setuid, setgid and sticky bits

linuxconfig: Normally, on a unix-like operating system, the ownership of files and directories is based on the default uid and gid of the user who created them.

- Linux Today - US

LVFS makes Linux firmware updates easier The Linux Vendor Firmware Service serves as a link between hardware vendors who release updates and end users who need to install them.

- Linux Today - US

Linux Containers vs Virtual Machines

 Datamation: Among the many distinctions between containers and virtual machines is that one is used for applications and the other is designed for entire operating systems.

- Linux Today - US

Google Is Working On Fuchsia OS Support For Apple's Swift Programming Language

An anonymous reader shares a report from Android Police: Google's in-development operating system, named "Fuchsia," first appeared over a year ago. It's quite different from Android and Chrome OS, as it runs on top of the real-time "Magenta" kernel instead of Linux. According to recent code commits, Google is working on ...

- Slashdot - US

​Red Hat partners with AWS with OpenShift Container Platform 3.7

Red Hat wants to be your AWS hybrid cloud and container company as well your Linux provider.

- ZDNet - UK

Snaps Are Coming to Ubuntu 18.04 by Default, Kubuntu Could Also Adopt Them

Snap, the universal Linux binary format from Canonical, allows us to run the most recent versions of apps on day one.

- Linux Today - US


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