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Cedars off to flying start in AC qualification.

Lebanon's Asian Cup qualification campaign got off to the perfect start Tuesday with a comfortable 2-0 win against Hong Kong in the Camille Chamoun Sports City Stadium.

- The Daily Star - LB

Letter to Arab leaders draws rebuke.

Prime Minister Saad Hariri Tuesday implicitly criticized two former presidents and three former premiers for sending a controversial letter to the Arab League summit over Lebanon's foreign policy and its position on the sensitive issue of illegitimate arms, a clear allusion to Hezbollah's arsenal.

- The Daily Star - LB

Lebanon to deliver 'message of peace' to Arab summit.

President Michel Aoun said Tuesday that he was carrying a united message of peace on behalf of Lebanon to the annual Arab League summit scheduled to begin on the banks of the Dead Sea in Jordan Wednesday.

- The Daily Star - LB

EU pledges $67M for Lebanon healthcare.

The European Union Tuesday announced that it will provide Lebanon with 62 million euros to help guarantee access to health services for the Lebanese communities and Syrian refugees.

- The Daily Star - LB

Aoun, Hariri drop lawsuit against activist charged with slander.

President Michel Aoun and Prime Minister Saad Hariri Tuesday decided to drop a lawsuit against an activist who had been arrested on charges of defamation and insulting high-ranking officials.

- The Daily Star - LB

Political, Regional Clouds Gather over Israel Even As Economy Booms.

Israel's politics are darkening: the governing coalition, in power for barely two years, is in tumult and regional tensions are rising. Looking only at the economy, things seem bright. U.S. chip giant Intel recently bought local start-up Mobileye for $15 billion, growth is robust and the currency is at record highs. But ...

- Voice of America - US

Lebanon Cabinet approves electricity reforms plan.

Lebanon Cabinet approves electricity reforms plan

- The Daily Star - LB

Protesters rally for general amnesty outside Military Tribunal.

Around 200 people Tuesday rallied outside the Military Tribunal in Beirut in their continued efforts to press for a general amnesty for their detained family members.

- The Daily Star - LB

Former MK Azmi Bishara: I met with Nasrallah.

Former Arab MK Azmi Bishara, who evaded arrest on suspicion of spying for Hezbollah, reveals his relationship with the organization.

- Arutz Sheva - IL

FM Bassil reassures Lebanon over tax measures in state budget.

Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil said Tuesday that general tax measures which would directly impact ordinary people will not be implemented as part of the state budget

- The Daily Star - LB

ISF arrests 145 on miscellaneous charges.

Lebanon's Internal Security Forces announced Tuesday the arrest of 145 suspects over the past 24 hours on miscellaneous charges, state-run media reported

- The Daily Star - LB

Aoun promises he will carry a united message at Arab League Summit

President Michel Aoun said Tuesday that he will carry a united message on behalf of Lebanon at the Arab League Summit in Amman, Jordan.

- The Daily Star - LB

Lebanese student conducts during training in US first 'in seat' A-29 flight

MOODY AIR FORCE BASE, Ga. , A Lebanese A-29 Super Tucano pilot trainee, from the 81st Fighter Squadron, conducted the first 'in seat' training sortie March 22, 2017, here. The program, which began earlier this month, is designed to ensure the Lebanon air force receives the support and training needed to safely and ...

- Ya Libnan - US

Lebanese women protests against Lebanon's 1925 sexist citizenship law

As women in the Middle east celebrate Mother's Day, many mothers around the world including Lebanon are still fighting for basic rights. In Lebanon Hundreds of people from across the country convened in Beirut at Ain Al-Mreisse's corniche Sunday to protest a law which prevents Lebanese women from passing their nationality ...

- Ya Libnan - US

Bahrain arrests terror cell with links to Iran guards, Hezbollah brigades in Iraq

Bahrain security forces have arrested a terror cell that plotted to assassinate important senior government and community figures. The suspects were arrested on Sunday, a statement from Bahrain's interior ministry has confirmed. During security operations in several cities across the small Gulf island kingdom, ...

- Ya Libnan - US

Lebanese Journalist Maalouf sues Hezbollah chief after receiving death threats over tweets

Lebanese journalist Maria Maalouf   who received death threats after she asked on social media why Israel has not eliminated Hassan Nasrallah has filed a lawsuit against the Hezbollah chief . How can it be that a criminal who forced us into a war with Israel hasn't been punished?' she said.  Maalouf sparked a media ...

- Ya Libnan - US

Several Hezbollah field commanders, fighters killed in Syria, report

Syrian opposition rebels destroyed a Hezbollah military position and killed a number of its commanders and fighters in the town of Qamhana in central Syria's Hama district on Sunday, Sky News reported Monday. According to its sources, the opposition rebels targeted the position with guided missiles, which led to the ...

- Ya Libnan - US

Lebanon: Activist Charged for Facebook Post Criticizing Politicians

– A Lebanese activist was arrested on March 21, 2017, and faces charges over a Facebook post criticizing public officials, Human Rights Watch said today. The arrest and detention of the activist, Ahmad Amhaz, is incompatible with Lebanon's human rights obligations. Lebanese authorities should immediately release him and ...

- Human Rights Watch - US

Once again, disputes delay Lebanese elections

Unless Lebanese politicians overcome their differences — or at least ignore them long enough to hold elections — the country could face another legislative vacuum.

- Al-Monitor - EG

Light at end of tunnel

For the Lebanese, the tackling and solving of the country's chronic and scandalous electricity issues would show that Lebanon is finally on the right track.

- The Daily Star - LB

Nahnoo says 'false claims' in Horsh Beirut campaign

Lebanese NGO Nahnoo released a statement Monday arguing that aspersions cast by the Beirut Municipality against Nahnoo's campaign to protect Horsh Beirut were false.

- The Daily Star - LB

Lebanon's stance at the Arab Summit

Lebanon's delegation to the 28th Arab League Summit in Amman, Jordan will depart immediately following a Cabinet session Tuesday.

- The Daily Star - LB

Framing colleague ruined my life, defendant says

The following security-related incidents took place across Lebanon Monday.

- The Daily Star - LB

Missing man's wife appeals to Aoun over disappearance

In 2009, Joseph Sader, a 57-year-old IT manager at Middle East Airlines and a father of three, was abducted while walking to Rafik Hariri International Airport where he worked.

- The Daily Star - LB

AUB, Civil Impact Forum aim to boost civic engagement

In an effort to improve trust and the engagement of youth in the public sector, the Civil Impact Forum and the American University of Beirut are launching initiatives aimed at increasing student participation in volunteering.

- The Daily Star - LB

Iran: Lawmaker Threatens to Designate U.S. Military, CIA 'Terrorist Organizations'

Iranian lawmaker Allaeddin Boroujerdi, who leads the Iranian parliament's national security committee, has pledged to legally designate the U.S. military and the CIA "terrorist organizations" if the U.S. State Department does the same to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps , a military arm with longstanding ties to ...

- Breitbart - US

The political prisoner, Syria and Beethoven

A Lebanese former political prisoner wants people to hear the story of his extraordinary ordeal in two of Syria's most notorious prisons. Now he is reaching new audiences - with a little help from an old German composer.

- Deutsche Welle - DE

Galant to Hezbollah: 'We will push Lebanon back 100 years'

Housing Minister Yoav Galant warns that if Hezbollah drags Israel to regional conflict, 'we will push Lebanon back a hundred years'

- Arutz Sheva - IL

U.S.-coalition sees no 'imminent risk' to Syria's Tabqa dam

BEIRUT - The U.S.-led coalition said on Monday it saw no imminent danger to a major hydroelectric dam that allied Syrian militias are fighting to take from Islamic State, unless the jihadists planned to blow it up.

- Reuters - US

Syria threatens Scud missile strikes if Israeli airstrikes continue

The Aviationist After Syrian forces fired missiles at Israeli jets returning from airstrikes in the country's ISIS-held eastern side, Syria reportedly issued a stern warning to Israel through their Russian allies — more airstrikes will be met by Scud missile fire in return. "Despite a 6-year war Syria is not weak and ...

- Business Insider - US

Syria's Raqqa expected to join Kurdish-led federalism: Kurdish leader

BEIRUT - The northern Syrian city of Raqqa is expected to join a decentralized system of government being set up by Syrian Kurdish groups and their allies once it is freed from Islamic State, a leading Kurdish politician told Reuters on Monday.

- Reuters - US

U.S.-backed Syrian militias say pause operations near Tabqa dam

BEIRUT - U.S.-backed Syrian militias said they temporarily halted military operations near the hydroelectric Tabqa Dam on the Euphrates river on Monday to allow government engineers access to carry out work.

- Reuters - US

US-backed fighters to pause military action near Syria dam

BEIRUT — U.S.-backed forces in northern Syria said Monday they will pause military operations near a major dam held by the Islamic State...

- Townhall.com - US

Lebanon police arrest three suspected counterfeiters

Police Monday announced the arrested three suspects on charges of using and distributing counterfeit money in the southern village of Adaisseh.

- The Daily Star - LB

Mobile shop owners protest fines, demand telecoms sector organization

Lebanon mobile shop owners Monday staged a rally outside the Ministry of Economy in Downtown Beirut to protest fines involving the prices of mobile phone recharge cards.

- The Daily Star - LB

Hariri, Aoun to prioritize Lebanon interests at Arab Summit: Geagea

Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea Monday said that President Michel Aoun and Prime Minister Saad Hariri will prioritize Lebanon's interests when representing the country at the Arab Summit in Amman.

- The Daily Star - LB

Syrian rebels resume withdrawal from last Homs bastion: monitor

BEIRUT - Hundreds of rebels left their last bastion in Syria's Homs city on Monday, resuming an evacuation expected to be among the largest of its kind under a Russian-backed deal with the government, state media and a monitor said.

- Reuters - US

Lebanon: demonstrators call for equal citizenship rights for women

Scores of people from across Lebanon convened at Ain Al-Mreisse's corniche Sunday to protest a law which prevents Lebanese women from passing their nationality to family members. Copyright © 2017, The Daily Star. All rights reserved.

- Albawaba - UK

Police arrest four in east Lebanon on drugs charges

Police have arrested four suspects on drugs-related charges at an east Lebanon checkpoint, the Internal Security Forces said Monday.

- The Daily Star - LB

Syrian opposition 'fed up with terrorists', seeks help against Assad

By Tom Miles GENEVA - The Syrian opposition rejects terrorism and is "fed up" with banned militants but they cannot be stopped if Syria continues evicting populations of besieged areas, opposition negotiator Basma Kodmani said on Sunday. Syria's government has always cited the fight against terrorism to justify its part in ...

- Yahoo! News - US

Lebanon university settles US lawsuit over Hezbollah

A Lebanese university will pay $700,000 to settle a US lawsuit over allegations it provided "material support" to entities linked to Hezbollah, US officials said. The American University of Beirut confirmed in a statement Friday it was settling the lawsuit, which charged it had violated the terms of grants it received ...

- Yahoo! News - US

Lebanon: Activist Charged for Facebook Post Criticizing Politicians

– A Lebanese activist was arrested on March 21, 2017, and faces charges over a Facebook post criticizing public officials, Human Right Watch said today. The arrest and detention of the activist, Ahmad Amhaz, is incompatible with Lebanon's human rights obligations. Lebanese authorities should immediately release him and ...

- Human Rights Watch - US

U.S.-backed forces capture Islamic State-held airport near Euphrates dam

BEIRUT/AMMAN - A U.S.-backed Syrian alliance of Kurdish and Arab militias on Sunday took a military airport in northern Syria held by Islamic State, close to the country's largest dam that may be in danger of collapse.

- Reuters - US

Firefighters extinguish gas station fire in Beirut

Firefighters Sunday extinguished a fire at a gas station on Pierre Gemayel Avenue in Beirut, the National News Agency said

- The Daily Star - LB

The Latest: Syrian Kurdish forces battle IS over air base

BEIRUT — The Latest on the Syrian conflict :7 p.m.Syrian activists say U.S.-backed Syrian Kurdish forces have reached the...

- Townhall.com - US

Islamic State warns Syrian dam at risk, evacuates residents

BEIRUT " The Islamic State group ordered residents to evacuate the Syrian city of Raqqa on Sunday following reports that a dam contested by U.S.-backed forces upstream on the Euphrates River could collapse, activists reported.The...

- The New Zealand Herald - NZ

The Latest: Activists say IS evacuating Raqqa over dam fears

BEIRUT " The Latest on the Syrian conflict :2:45 p.m.Syrian activists say the Islamic State group has ordered an evacuation from its de facto capital, Raqqa, following warnings that the Tabqa Dam upstream...

- The New Zealand Herald - NZ

Laptop ban on planes came after terrorist's plot to put explosives in electronic device

, Mar. 26 : The ban on carrying some selected electronic devices by the passengers in cabins of flights from certain countries in the Middle East and Africa by the United States and United Kingdom was put considering a previously undisclosed terrorists' plot involving explosives hidden in a electronic device.The ban came ...

- Sify - IN

Islamic State warns Syrian dam at risk of collapse

BEIRUT - Islamic State has warned that the Tabqa dam, which a U.S.-backed Kurdish and Arab militia is trying to capture from the militant group, is at imminent risk of collapse because of airstrikes and increased water levels.

- Reuters - US

U.S.-backed Syrian militia makes gains against Islamic State

BEIRUT - A Kurdish and Arab Syrian militia backed by the United States has captured the town of Karama as it prepares for an assault on the Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa that it expects to take place in early April, it said on Sunday.

- Reuters - US