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Trump cites death of chief of staff's son to question if Obama did enough to honor fallen soldiers.

President Donald Trump has pulled bereaved military families into a painful political fight of his own making, going so far Tuesday as to cite the death of his chief of staff's son in Iraq to question whether Barack Obama and other presidents did enough to honor the military dead. He's boasted...

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Kurdish forces pull out of more areas in Iraq.

Peshmerga forces left Sinjar before dawn yesterday, allowing Iraqi militiamen to move in

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Oil steady as U.S. output gains offset Middle East tensions.

By Scott DiSavino NEW YORK - Oil prices ended little changed on Tuesday, steadying after earlier gains and losses, as expectations of high U.S. production and exports offset concerns that fighting between Iraqi and Kurdish forces could threaten the country's crude output. Brent crude futures gained 6 cents, or 0.1 percent, ...

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Asia and Australia Edition: Raqqa, Kirkuk, Marawi: Your Wednesday Briefing.

Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

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Iraqi Forces Retake All Oil Fields in Disputed Areas as Kurds Retreat.

Kurdish independence aspirations appeared to stall — at least for now — as Iraqi forces seized oil facilities that supply most of the region’s revenue.

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It's do or die for Bengaluru.

Bengaluru FC will take on FC Istiklol in the second leg of the AFC Cup inter-zonal final, aware that they need a win by a no less than a two-goal margin to make it to a second successive AFC Cup final on Wednesday. The tie is poised on a knife-edge after Bengaluru went down 0-1 in the first leg a few weeks ago. If they are ...

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Iraq Aims To Double Kirkuk Oil Output Capacity To More Than 1 MMbpd.

Iraq plans to contract a foreign oil company to almost double the oil production capacity of the northern Kirkuk fields.

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'Years of effort lost in minutes': Kurds who fled Kirkuk still in shock.

When Iraqi government forces seized control of the contested city of Kirkuk on Monday, hundreds of Kurdish families were sent scattering to nearby safe havens.

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U.S.-Backed Forces On The Verge Of Pushing ISIS Out Of Raqqa.

U.S.-backed forces are close to finishing the battle to push ISIS from its de facto capital, Raqqa. Doing so will leave little territory remaining for the so-called Islamic State that once ruled a large swatch of Iraq and Syria. It also leave the city in ruins and with an uncertain future.

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No Clear End Game For U.S. Military In Iraq And Syria.

The U.S. is training and equipping both sides in the Iraq-Kurdistan stand-off along with Syrian opposition forces in the battle against ISIS and the Assad regime. It has created a tangled web with no clear end game.

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He's Poison.

The United States has been in a more or less perpetual state of war since the fall of 2001. That's more than fifteen years. Whether you support or oppose wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and lower intensity conflicts in various other countries, it has left thousands of American men and women dead and far more with longterm ...

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Divided Iraq tests U.S. influence as Daesh fight wanes

After years of focusing divided Iraq on a shared fight against Daesh , the U.S. is now straining to leverage its limited influence to avoid a full-blown conflict between the Iraqi and Kurdish forces it has armed and trained.

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One big reason ISIS lost the capital of its caliphate

After a four-month battle, American-backed forces in Syria captured Raqqa on Oct. 17, taking back a city that was the center of power for Islamic State's caliphate' since 2014. While the victory was a military one, the real heroes may be the Muslim civilians forced to live under the harsh rule of Islamic State but who ...

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Pentagon 'Looking at All Options' in Iraq, Including Cutting Aid if Attack on Kurds Persists

Pentagon spokesman Army Col. Rob Manning told reporters on Monday that the U.S. military could potentially reconsider supporting the Iraqi military if attacks on Kurdistan Regional Government territory continued, emphasizing that he would not "speculate" on any future actions at the moment.

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Trump Vows Not to 'Take Sides' as Kurdish and Iraqi Forces Clash in Kirkuk

The Trump administration on Monday refused to take sides in a brewing civil war in Iraq between its Kurdish allies in the north and the Iraqi government in Baghdad, despite desperate calls from Kurdish leaders to intervene.

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Iraq sweeps up more territories from Kurds after taking Kirkuk

Standoff is tense but violence is averted as Iraqi forces move into disputed areas held by rival Kurds         


ISIS 'capital' Raqqa falls to U.S.-backed forces. What it means for terror group's future

The fall of Raqqa marks end of terror group's caliphate in Syria and Iraq.         


Iraqi forces retake the oil-rich city of Kirkuk in escalating dispute with Kurds

President Trump says the United States is not taking sides' in crisis between two U.S. allies.

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Iraqi forces move deeper into Kurdish-held areas, redrawing political map

The military push is raising doubts about the future of Iraqi Kurdistan's leadership.

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Iraqi Forces Sweep Territory From Kurds With Little Resistance

Kurdish forces relinquished control over a huge swath of northern Iraq, ceding territory they gained during the war with Islamic State to triumphant Iraqi forces.

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After Kirkuk, Kurdish forces pull out of more areas in Iraq

Kurdish forces pulled out of disputed areas across northern and eastern Iraq on Tuesday, a day after handing the northern city of Kirkuk over to federal forces amid a tense standoff following last month's vote for independence. The Kurdish forces, known as peshmerga, withdrew from Sinjar as well...

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Iraqi Forces Take 'Full Control' of Kirkuk's City Center

Iraqi forces have taken "full control" over Kirkuk's city center as announced late Monday Earlier Monday, the forces reportedly took control over central Kirkuk's main government headquarters Iraqi authorities imposed a citywide curfew in Kirkuk that was set to expire at 7 a.m. Tuesday morning The Prime Minister ordered ...

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Peshmerga Surrender Sinjar After Iraqi Forces Take Kirkuk

Peshmerga forces give up Sinjar after Iraqi forces secured full control over Kirkuk Sinjar is inhabited by Yazidi Kurds, a non-Muslim Kurdish minority ISIS was driven out of Sinjar two years ago Peshmerga forces also began a withdrawal in adjacent Makhmur district The Kurdish town of Sinjar was given up by Peshmerga forces ...

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Assessing impact of shifting Iran-KRG relations

While Iran's important trade with Iraqi Kurdistan could temper tensions, Iranian geostrategic concerns in the aftermath of the Kurdish independence referendum are driving government policy.

- Al-Monitor - EG

Congress threatens to withhold arms from Baghdad

Allegations that Shiite-majority militias allied with Iraq's central government have used US military equipment against Kurds in the disputed Kirkuk province has sparked outrage among US lawmakers.

- Al-Monitor - EG

Turkey pledges to back Baghdad against Kurds

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim praised the capture of Kirkuk by Iraqi forces as Turkey continues to express outrage over the Kurdish vote for independence.

- Al-Monitor - EG

How Iran helped Baghdad seize back Kirkuk

The Iraqi government's rapid recapture of Kirkuk from Kurdish forces was made possible by Iranian intervention.

- Al-Monitor - EG

Returnees to Mosul face booby-trapped homes and destruction

Source: Médecins Sans Frontières Country: Iraq The destruction of infrastructure means returning families, particularly in west Mosul, end up living in partially or totally ruined homes, with almost no access to clean water, electricity or medical care.Médecins Sans Frontières is seeing a shift in medical needs that ...

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Iraq sweeps up more territories as Kurds quarrel amongst themselves

The Iraqi government has bloodlessly seized more territory from the Kurds after retaking Kirkuk. Baghdad's rapid advances have triggered bitter Kurdish infighting.

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Iraqi forces capture oil-rich city of Kirkuk

Iraqi forces took control of the contested city of Kirkuk, as two US allies faced off over territory and oil.Iraqi forces recaptured military bases, an oil field and other infrastructure held by the Kurdish troops, saying their...

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Procrastination hasn't solved dispute over Kirkuk

The scariest possibility is that what begins as a limited fight will grow into something much more like a regional civil war.

- Stars and Stripes - US

Iraqi forces seize Kirkuk governor's office in push against Kurds

Iraqi forces seized the Kirkuk governor's office, key military sites and an oil field as they swept across the disputed province following soaring tensions with Kurds over an independence referendum.

- TheCitizen - TZ

Iraqi president Masum calls for urgent Baghdad-Kurdish dialogue

Iraqi President Fuad Masum called for a dialogue between the central government in Baghdad and the Kurdistan regional leadership to resolve the crisis triggered by the Kurdish independence referendum

- The Daily Star - LB

Procrastination hasn't solved Kirkuk dispute

The scariest possibility is that what begins as a limited fight will grow into something much more like a regional civil war

- GulfNews - AE

Oil turns negative as U.S. output gains offset Middle East tensions

By Scott DiSavino NEW YORK - Oil prices gave up earlier gains and turned negative on Tuesday as expectations of high U.S. production and exports offset concerns that fighting between Iraqi and Kurdish forces could threaten the country's crude output. Brent crude futures were down 60 cents, or 1 percent, at $57.22 a ...

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Is the Dream Of Kurdish Independence Now Over?

The independence dream of Iraq’s Kurds may be over. It was felled by a lightening advance by Iraqi counter-terror units, trained and equipped by the United States, and Shi’ite militias, trained and equipped by Iran, who seized the disputed city Kirkuk and its surrounding oilfields after isolated skirmishes and a ...

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After Kirkuk, Kurdish forces pull out of more areas in Iraq

Kurdish forces pulled out of disputed areas across northern and eastern Iraq on Tuesday, a day after handing the northern city of Kirkuk over to federal forces

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Firm pays $2.6 million settlement after hiring base guards in Iraq who US says couldn't shoot

A security firm accused of billing the Defense Department millions of dollars for guards at a U.S. air base in Iraq has agreed to pay $2.6 million in a settlement with the government, after allegations that the guards couldn't shoot easy targets.

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Toward a Civil War in Northern Iraq

With the Iraqi government's move to retake Kirkuk, it's time for the U.S. to start planning for just how bad things could get. The post Toward a Civil War in Northern Iraq appeared first on The American Interest.

- The American Interest - US

The US Wants To Keep The Focus On ISIS But Its Iraqi Allies Are Moving On

Experts have warned for years that US-backed Iraqi forces and US-backed Kurdish forces will turn against one another once the war on ISIS ends. Now the time has come. View Entire Post ›

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The rise and fall of the Islamic State group

After brutalizing residents living under its command for more than three years, the militants are now battling to hang on to relatively small pockets of territory in Iraq and Syria, besieged by local forces from all sides.

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ISIL capitalises on Peshmerga retreat in northern Iraq

ISIL's gains come as the Iraqi military continues its major operation to retake the oil-rich province of Kirkuk.

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Here's a super-quick guide to what traders are talking about right now

Thomson Reuters Dave Lutz, head of ETFs at JonesTrading, has an overview of today's markets. Netflix beat earnings after the bell on Monday and shares hit all-time highs. Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley crushed earnings expectations. Spain's IBEX continues to fall amid Catalonia tensions. Oil is adding to previous gains as ...

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ISIS completely driven out of their Syrian capital Raqqa

Losing Raqqa has been a huge blow for ISIS, which has steadily lost territory in Iraq and Syria.

- Global News - CA

Kurds abandon territory in the face of Iraq government advance

The Baghdad government recaptured territory across the breadth of northern Iraq from Kurds on Tuesday, making startingly rapid gains in a sudden campaign that has shifted the balance of power in the country almost overnight. In the second day of a lightning government advance to take back towns and countryside from forces ...

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Kurds lose Kirkuk as Iraqi forces take back oil fields, air base

Iraqi soldiers rolled into Kirkuk to take back control of the area's oil fields, air base, power plant and refinery. Video provided by Newsy         


ISIS capital in Syria falls: What it means for militant group's future

The fall of Raqqa marks end of terror goup's caliphate in Syria and Iraq         


Kirkuk: Iraqi forces seize largest oilfields near city

Two more oilfields are seized as government troops take over areas under Iraqi Kurdish control.

- BBC - UK

Iraq pushes Kurds out of more territories, including Sinjar, a town they liberated from Isis

Iraq's dramatic move against the Kurds came soon after they had fought side by side to rid the country of Islamic State .

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Islamic State jihadists sliding from defeat to defeat

BEIRUT, Oct 17 — The Islamic State group seized swathes of Iraq and Syria in 2014, but its self-declared caliphate has now been crushed and it has lost its de facto Syrian capital Raqqa. Here are some of the major defeats IS has suffered as...

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