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Liberals Call On Pm To Provide Partial Access To Communist Informer Files.

Files on secret service informants of Hungary's communist era should be opened up, at the very least to the targets of informants without the redaction of names, the Liberal Party leader said.

- The Budapest Sun - HU

Olaf: Officials Cited Before Committee.

Former senior officials of Budapest are expected to appear before parliament's economic committee on Tuesday in connection with the metro 4 construction project, the largest corruption scandal of all time', ruling Fidesz said.

- The Budapest Sun - HU

Hungarian Love Story Wins Top Prize At Berlin Film Festival.

A Hungarian love story called "On Body and Soul" about two lonely hearts working in a slaughterhouse in Budapest won the Golden Bear for best film on Saturday at the 67th Berlin International Film Festival.

- The Budapest Sun - HU

Hungary's Top 6 Festivals In 2017.

Budapest Spring Festival 31 March – 24 April, Budapest

- The Budapest Sun - HU

Sparty Bath Party @ Szechenyi, 4 March.

The first sign of SPARTY spring is here: our bath parties hop over to the fabulous Szechenyi Bath on the flat side of Budapest, right in the middle of City Park. The set-up is the same, only the background changes and grows bigger. Two outdoors hot experience pools await sparty-goers and pool-dancers with DJs, hypnotic ...

- The Budapest Sun - HU

Few Hungarian Pupils Learn A Second Foreign Language.

Almost all Hungarian lower secondary school pupils learnt a foreign language in 2015 but only a few studied two, data compiled by Eurostat shows. Fully 90.5% of the 385,300 lower secondary school pupils in Hungary learnt one foreign language while 6% studied two or more.

- The Budapest Sun - HU

Coming Up: Foo Fighters Concert Budapest Aréna, 26 June.

The last great American arena rock band' will return to Hungary for the first time in 20 years. The iconic band had already visited Budapest in 1997 as the performer of the well-known Sziget Festival. This time, the Foo Fighters have confirmed that they will give an all-night long concert at the Budapest Arena on June 26th, ...

- The Budapest Sun - HU

Coming Up: Buddha-Beats @ Buddha-Bar Budapest, 11 March.

The successful series of Buddha-Beats has come to its next stop. In case you are seeking an exclusive and chic venue to spend your Saturday night, you are at the right place. We are looking forward to welcoming you with our delicious signature Buddha-Bar cocktail creations and the best party atmosphere.

- The Budapest Sun - HU

South Stream 'Could Be Revisited' after Bulgaria Election - Hungary FM.

Hungary's Foreign Minister has argued the abandoned South Stream gas pipeline project could be revisited following the early election in Bulgaria next month.RIA Novosti quotes Peter Szijjarto as saying: "All these countries in the Western Balkans and Central Europe, we have the interest of revitalizing South ...

- Novinite - BG

Hungary rejects criticism of NGO crackdown.

Government spokesman said "foreign agent" NGOs were trying to steer national politics, defended push-back on asylum seekers.

- EU Observer - EU

Hungary begins construction of second border fence to keep out migrants.

Human rights activists have condemned the 'abusive, pointless, and cruel' immigration policy.

- - UK

In Budapest, Roma and Jews turn alternative JCC into anti-government hub

BUDAPEST , Although she lives in the undisputed nightlife capital of Central Europe, Andi Angelip knows of only a handful of bars here where she is truly comfortable bringing a date. Angelip, a 19-year-old student and activist for lesbian and gay rights, said she avoids “rainbow” establishments that cater only ...

- JTA - US

Ladies Night Party Series, Buddha-Bar Budapest, 3 March

Ladies it's your night! The Buddha-Bar Lounge is hosting a chain of Ladies Night events in 2017 as well, and you – with all your girlfriends – are invited. On this unique night for the queens in house – yes we are talking about you - handsome knights will serve complimentary Café de Paris sparkling wine. Conquer the ...

- The Budapest Sun - HU

Watch Hungarian Oscar-Winning Short Film Sing' Online

Hungarian Director Kristóf Deák's film Sing won the Best Live Action Short Film Oscar at the 89th Academy Awards, held last night in Hollywood. The 25-minute short film has become the first film directed by a Hungarian to secure a win in the category.

- The Budapest Sun - HU

Drugs Confiscated From Budapest Dealers

Police found marijuana, amphetamine derivatives, hashish, LSD and ecstasy pills on three men after stopping a car on Andrássy út on Thursday, police announced on Sunday.

- The Budapest Sun - HU

Hungarian Tourism Agency Promotes Movie Tourism

The Hungarian Tourism Agency has signed an agreement with the Korda Filmpark studio to strengthen movie tourism. Movie tourism presents great opportunities, as many travellers choose their destinations based on films, said MTÜ director Gabriella Litpay.

- The Budapest Sun - HU

Hungary starts construction of second border fence

Hungary has begun building a second line of fence along its southern border with Serbia, a government spokesman said on Monday , a move likely to exacerbate criticism from some of the country's European Union partners.

- EurActive - UK

Hungary builds another border fence to stop migrants

Hungary has begun building a second fence on its border with Serbia to stop migrants from freely entering the country.

- IOL - ZA

Hungary begins second line of fence on border with Serbia

Hungary has announced it is building a second barrier to keep out migrants. The move by Prime Minister Viktor Orban is likely to exacerbate tensions between his government and the European Union .

- Deutsche Welle - DE

Migrants: Budapest reinforces wall with 'intelligent' fence

On Serbian border, sensors set off migrant alarms


Hungary begins building second border fence to stop movement of refugees

Hungary has begun building a second fence on its border with Serbia to stop refugees from freely entering the country.

- - IE

Hungary building yet another fence on border with Serbia

Hungary has started to build a second fence along the southern border with Serbia, Reuters reported on Monday, citing Hungarian officials. This move will "likely to exacerbate criticism from some of the country's European Union partners," the agency said.

- B92 - SK

The Latest: Greek coast guard searches for migrant boat

BUDAPEST, Hungary " The Latest on the flow of migrants into Europe :4:25 p.m.Greece's coast guard has launched a search and rescue operation for a boat believed to be carrying dozens of migrants in the southern...

- The New Zealand Herald - NZ

Hungary building 2nd border fence to stop migrants

BUDAPEST, Hungary " Hungary has begun building a second fence on its border with Serbia to stop migrants from freely entering the country.The government spokesman's office confirmed a report published Monday in pro-government...

- The New Zealand Herald - NZ

Hungary building 2nd border fence to stop migrants

BUDAPEST, Hungary — Hungary has begun building a second fence on its border with Serbia to stop migrants from freely entering the country.The...

- - US

Hungary starts construction of second border fence

Hungary has begun building a second line of fence along its southern border with Serbia, a government spokesman said on Monday, a move likely to exacerbate criticism from some of the country's European Union partners.

- The Daily Star - LB

Films every lover of interior design should watch

The Academy Awards are finally upon us and in honour of Hollywood's night of nights, we've compiled a list of 10 must-watch films for every lover of interior design. Simply press play and be inspired.  THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, 2014 Wes Anderson has famously created many visually appealing films and The Grand ...

- Stuff - NZ

US President Thanks PM Orbán For Support

US President Donald Trump has thanked Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán for his support sent in a message on the occasion of Trump's inauguration, Orbán's press chief said. In his letter Trump said he highly values the Hungarian prime minister's support and encouragement.

- The Budapest Sun - HU

Hungarian Recipe Of The Week: Golden Coffee Cake

Not until you have had Aranygaluska - raisin dotted sugary balls of dough – have you experienced the ultimate in countryside dessert specialties so famous in Hungary. In order to bake golden coffee cake first of all you will need a 10-inch tubed pan.

- The Budapest Sun - HU

'Colour Concerts' At Palace Of Arts Budapest, 28 February

A broad spectrum of musical genres can be heard in and around the Foyer in the afternoons: visitors stopping by and wishing to hear music in Müpa Budapest may listen to the young representatives of popular music, jazz and folk on Tuesdays and classical genres on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

- The Budapest Sun - HU

S+P Affirms Hungary 'BBB-/A-3' Ratings; Outlook Stable

Standard and Poor's Global Ratings on Friday said it affirmed Hungary's long- and short-term foreign and local currency sovereign credit ratings at 'BBB-/A-3'.

- The Budapest Sun - HU

New Puskas Stadium In Budapest To Cost HUF 190 bln

The government has approved the budget for reconstruction of Budapest's Puskás Ferenc Stadium, the home of the national soccer team, at HUF 190 billion, substantially up from the initially planned HUF 90-100 bln, according to reports.

- The Budapest Sun - HU

Magyar Opinion: Retail Multinationals Accused Of Selling Lower Quality Products In Hungary

A pro-government columnist finds it outrageous that some products sold in Hungary are of a lower quality than the same goods sold in western Europe. His colleague agrees that Hungarians should buy Hungarian-made products – provided their quality is good.

- The Budapest Sun - HU

Magyar Opinion: ELTE To Launch Gender Studies Program

Conservative commentators fulminate as Eötvös Loránd University announces plans to open a degree program in gender studies. A left-wing pundit, on the other hand, accuses the critics of gender studies of trying to force their ideological vision on Hungarians.

- The Budapest Sun - HU

EQUINOXymphonic, Mupa Budapest, 4 March

By somehow combining in a single person the roles of music teacher, pianist, music writer, composer, bandleader, cultural missionary and festival organiser, Tibor Márkus often leaves the impression of being an entire institution. He works tirelessly to teach and promote jazz music. And it is not just pianists trained in ...

- The Budapest Sun - HU

Hungary: Draft Law Tramples Asylum Seekers' Rights

– A draft bill proposed by the Hungarian government would allow the authorities to automatically detain asylum seekers in transit zones and to summarily return asylum seekers to the Serbian border from anywhere in Hungary, Human Rights Watch and the Hungarian Helsinki Committee said in a February 24 letter to the European ...

- Human Rights Watch - US

Hungary should be ringing alarm bells in Brussels

Unless the EU and other European institutions support civil society groups under attack in Hungary, all of Europe will be the poorer.

- EU Observer - EU

Dem Rep Meeks: Trump Is Using Similar Tactics as Putin, Hugo Chavez Against the Press

Rep. Gregory Meeks claimed Saturday on MSNBC that President Donald Trump is using similar tactics as Russian President Vladimir Putin and former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in attacks against the press. “When we look at the threats that number 45 continues to give to the press, seeming as though he wants to be ...

- Breitbart - US

Hungarian love story wins Golden Bear - Finland's Kaurismaki wins Best Director at Berlin fest

Hungarian love story wins Golden Bear - Finland's Kaurismaki wins Best Director at Berlin fest...


Hungary win Kuwait National Day Festival Fencing Champ'ship

Hungary win Kuwait National Day Festival Fencing Champ'ship...


Hungary to erect second fence to deter migrants

The Hungarian government said it will start building a new fence on the border with Serbia in the spring because of the risk that large numbers of migrants may try to enter the country.

- Stars and Stripes - US

Trump Adviser Sebastian Gorka Threatens Legal Action Over Tweets

Sebastian Gorka is British-born, Hungarian-educated, and a self-described expert on Islamists — who doesn't speak Arabic. As Trump's deputy assistant, he has his boss' ear and security experts' ire.

- NPR - US

Life Expectancy in South Korea May Reach 90 by 2030

Life expectancy is expected to rise in many countries around the world, but in the United States, that increase is predicted to be smaller than in other countries, a new study finds. In the study, published today in the journal The Lancet, researchers predicted what the average life expectancies will be in 35 countries for ...

- Yahoo! News - US

Gorka Linked To Anti-Semitic Groups During His Time In Hungarian Politics

Working as a deputy assistant to President Donald Trump is not counterterror lightweight and apparent hothead Sebastian Gorka's first rodeo in politics. The Forward on Friday detailed Gorka's time in Hungarian politics in the aughts, which included trying to get a new political party off the ground alongside former members ...

- TPM News - US

Trump's controversial national security aide reportedly tied to far-right, anti-semitic group

Screenshot / YouTubeUS President Donald Trump’s deputy assistant has ties to Jobbik, a far-right political party in Hungary, according to a report published Friday in Jewish media outlet Forward. That deputy assistant, Sebastian Gorka, is a naturalized American citizen born in the United Kingdom to Hungarian parents. ...

- Business Insider - US

REVEALED: Top Trump aide Gorka worked with anti-Semitic and racist groups in Hungary

Former editor turned senior White House aide Sebastian Gorka worked with anti-Semitic and openly racist far-right political groups in Hungary before becoming a U.S. citizen. reported Friday that an in-depth look at the British-born Gorka's time in Hungary from 2002 to...

- The Raw Story - US

Dollar & Thrifty Team Up With Hertz In Hungary

From the 24th of February 2017, the operator of the Hertz Franchisee in Hungary will also be the proud representative of the Dollar and Thrifty brands here as well, alongside the Hertz brand.

- The Budapest Sun - HU

EU Has No Legal Means To Ensure Uniform Quality Of Food Products, Says Commissioner

Community law has no provisions under which the European Union could prosecute food producers distributing different quality goods under the same brand in different member states, daily Magyar Idők cited the EU's commissioner for food safety as saying.

- The Budapest Sun - HU

Momentum: Govt Betrays' Advocates Of Olympic Referendum

The government has betrayed' those who supported a local referendum to be held on Budapest's plan to host the 2024 Olympic Games by proposing the bid's withdrawal, the civil Momentum Movement, the proponent of the referendum, said. It is regrettable that the government ... has betrayed 266,000 people by withdrawing the ...

- The Budapest Sun - HU

Second Fence To Be Built Along Hungary-Serbia Border

The government has decided to build a secondary line of defence' along Hungary's fence on its southern border with Serbia, János Lázár, government office chief told his weekly press briefing. Lázár argued that a significant number' of illegal migrants could arrive in Hungary in 2017.

- The Budapest Sun - HU