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Hezbollah leader: Trump racist towards Muslims.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has accused Donald Trump of being racist against Muslims and railed against the decision of Middle Eastern leaders to meet with the U.S. president at a summit in Riyadh earlier this week. Speaking on the 17th anniversary of the Israeli withdrawal from southern Leban...

- The Raw Story - US

Hezbollah chief calls for Saudi- Iran dialogue, says it is only way forward.

The chief of Lebanon's Hezbollah group is telling Saudi Arabia that dialogue with Iran is the only way forward, lashing out at the kingdom's lavish royal welcome of U.S. president Donald Trump. In a speech Thursday, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said the U.S. president is 'only interested in money' and is the most 'racist' U.S. ...

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Riyadh summit will not impact Lebanon: Hezbollah chief Nasrallah.

Riyadh summit will not impact Lebanon: Hezbollah chief Nasrallah

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Riyadh declaration will not impact Lebanon: Nasrallah.

The recent Riyadh summit will not have an impact on Lebanon, said Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah on Thursday, calling on Saudi Arabia to engage in dialogue with its arch-foe Iran.

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Riyadh summit an attempt to convince US to confront Iran, resistance: Nasrallah.

Riyadh summit an attempt to convince US to confront Iran, resistance: Nasrallah

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Nasrallah calls on Saudi Arabia to engage in dialogue with Iran.

Nasrallah calls on Saudi Arabia to engage in dialogue with Iran

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Bahrain holds Lebanese govt. responsible for Hezbollah threats.

Khaled bin Ahmed al-Khalifa, Foreign Minister of the kingdom of Bahrain is holding the Lebanese government responsible for the remarks of Hezbollah and its chief Hassan Nasrallah against the kingdom's rulers. The Lebanese government bears the responsibility for the insulting statements of its partner Hezbollah and its chief ...

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Gulf slams Qatar stance on Iran and Hezbollah.

Emir appears to defy official GCC policies, observers say

- GulfNews - AE

Israelis build fortifications at south Lebanon border.

Israeli bulldozers were seen carrying out more construction work Wednesday near the Lebanese-Israeli border, the Hezbollah-affiliated War Media Center reported.

- The Daily Star - LB

Bahrain foreign minister blasts Hezbollah.

Bahrain's Foreign Minister Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmad al-Khalifa Wednesday launched an attack on Hezbollah over recent statements and said the Lebanese government was responsible for the group it deems a terrorist organization.

- The Daily Star - LB

Bahrain foreign minister blasts Lebanon over Hezbollah statement.

Bahrain Foreign Minister Khalid bin Ahmed al-Khalifa condemned Lebanon over a Hezbollah statement made Tuesday

- The Daily Star - LB

Qatar Emir stirs controversy by defending Iran and Hezbollah

Doha-based broadcaster Al Jazeera has been blocked by the UAE and Saudi Arabia in response to the emir's statements

- GulfNews - AE

Lebanon: The Battle of Abra

We investigate an incident highlighting tensions in Lebanese politics, the role of Hezbollah and the sectarian divide.

- Al Jazeera - QA

To Stop the New Hezbollah, Think Regionally

Israel and Hezbollah have traded increasingly heated rhetoric of late, prompting many in the region to remark on the possibility of a new war between the antagonists. Indeed, this prospect will grow more likely as long as Hezbollah continues to build up its arsenal from Iran's advanced weapons, and continues to constitute a ...

- The Washington Institute - US

Hezbollah chief to deliver speech on 17th Liberation Day

Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah is expected to deliver a speech on Thursday to mark the 17th anniversary for the liberation of south Lebanon.

- The Daily Star - LB

President Donald Trump says Mideast peace deal not easy

Telling of threats to Israel from Hezbollah, Hamas and Iran he vows to protect state.

- Daily Nation - KE

Trump My administration will always stand with Israel

May 23, 2017, 3:26 PM In a moving speech winding up his two-day visit to Israel, US president Donald Trump again reaffirmed the unshakeable bond between the US and Israel. Speaking at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, the president made three solemn pledges: “Hizballah and Hamas send rockets and Iran wants to destroy ...

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Trump compares Hezbollah to ISIS, praises Lebanon and its army

In his first public address abroad  since taking office on January 20th, U.S. President Donald Trump compared Sunday Hezbollah to other extremist organizations such as Islamic State and al-Qaida and praised the Lebanese army for fighting IS and hailed Lebanon for hosting a huge number of Syrian refugees. We now face a ...

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Israeli drone crashes in Aita al-Shaab southern Lebanon

An Israeli “Skylark” drone crashed in the Aita al-Shaab area of southern Lebanon on Monday, Lebanon's state news agency NNA reported. Tensions have increased in recent months between Israel and Lebanon's Shi'ite Hezbollah movement, and Monday's crash is the second of an Israeli drone in southern Lebanon this ...

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Writing on the wall

The message emanating from the summits held in Riyadh over the past two days – echoed by U.S. President Donald Trump in his speech Sunday – was that Iran, Hezbollah and their regional allies are sponsors of terror.

- The Daily Star - LB

Trump rails against Iran and Hezbollah

President Donald Trump urged Arab and Islamic leaders Sunday to unite and do their share to defeat Islamist extremists, and condemned Iran and Hezbollah for the destabilizing effect they have on the region.

- The Daily Star - LB

Hezbollah calls US administration 'mentally impeded' during Trump Saudi visit

A senior Hezbollah official recently blacklisted by Washington and Riyadh called the US administration 'mentally impeded and crazy' on Sunday as President Donald Trump visited Saudi Arabia, in the group's latest verbal attack on the United States.

- GMA News - PH

Senior Hezbollah official resumes tirade against US, Saudi Arabia

'The whole world denounces global terrorism,' said Hezbollah's deputy Secretary-General Sheikh Naim Qassem Sunday, renewing accusations against the US and Saudi Arabia

- The Daily Star - LB

Trump praises Lebanese Army, says Hezbollah a 'terror' group

U.S. President Donald Trump Sunday hailed the Lebanese Army for combating militants to fend off terror threats, labeling Hezbollah as a "terrorist group."

- The Daily Star - LB

Hezbollah decries Bahraini court sentence against prominent Shiite cleric

Lebanon's Hezbollah Sunday denounced a Bahraini court sentence against a prominent Shiite cleric

- The Daily Star - LB

Trump: Hamas and Hezbollah are terrorist organizations

President Trump slams Islamic terror groups in first speech abroad since inauguration, expresses hope for regional efforts against terror.

- Arutz Sheva - IL

Trump says Hezbollah, Hamas and ISIS represent different kinds of terrorism

Trump says Hezbollah, Hamas and ISIS represent different kinds of terrorism

- The Daily Star - LB

Hariri's stance at Riyadh summit wont affect Lebanon consensus, says Khoury

Culture Minister Ghattas Khoury told al-Mustaqbal newspaper in remarks published Sunday that Prime Minister Saad Hariri's stances at the Arab Islamic American Summit in Riyadh will not affect the Lebanese consensus ' with regards to Hezbollah. Most participating countries have already labeled Hezbollah as a terrorist ...

- Ya Libnan - US

Hezbollah's Safieddine dismisses US sanctions, says 'won't be able to harm resistance'

Three days after he was blacklisted by the U.S. and Saudi Arabia in an unprecedented “joint terrorist designation ” Hezbollah executive council chief Sayyed Hashem Safieddine stressed Sunday that the U.S. administration will not be able to harm the resistance.' America's malice and siege against our region, ...

- Ya Libnan - US

Senior Hezbollah official blasts Trump administration as 'weak'

Head of Hezbollah's Executive Assembly Hashem Safieddine Sunday said that the U.S. became "weak" due to the ongoing domestic conflict on the presidency of Donald Trump.

- The Daily Star - LB

Elite Hezbollah unit operating in southern Lebanon

Hezbollah moves elite units from Syria to 'sensitive areas' in southern Lebanon, to ' strengthen its forces' near Israeli border.

- Arutz Sheva - IL

Hezbollah officials blast inability to reach vote law

Hezbollah officials Sunday said that rivals have so far failed to agree on a vote law, emphasizing the need to maintain stability in Lebanon.

- The Daily Star - LB

Hezbollah faces fresh US sanctions - but they may cripple Lebanon

By Makram Rabah Since the 9/11 attacks, it's mostly been radical Sunni groups that have been branded by governments and the media as responsible for militant activities. This predisposed singling out of Sunni Islam, however, is occasionally disturbed by the US government's issuance of financial sanctions against groups ...

- Ya Libnan - US

Syria & allies push back at US-held border post

May 20, 2017, 6:50 PM The Syrian-pro-Iranian-Hizballah force in southern Syria renewed its advance on the Iraqi border on Saturday, May 20, two days after sustaining heavy casualties from a US air strike on its convoys. Syrian military sources report the capture Saturday of the Suweida region and another 60 square ...

- DEBKAFile - IL

Saudi Government Sanctions a Hezbollah Leader Involved with Terrorist Activities and Providing Advice to Commit Terrorist Operations

Saudi Government Sanctions a Hezbollah Leader Involved with Terrorist Activities and Providing Advice to Commit Terrorist Operations...


Hezbollah: We've captured an Israeli spy

Lebanon says they've captured Iraqi citizen working as Israeli spy.

- Arutz Sheva - IL

U.S. and Saudi Arabia Impose Terror Sanctions on Hezbollah Leader Hashem Safieddine

, The Trump administration imposed its first terrorism sanctions jointly with Saudi Arabia on Friday as President Donald Trump travels to the kingdom on his first overseas trip. The State Department announced sanctions on senior Hezbollah leader Hashem Safieddine and Muhammad al-Isawi, a leader of the Islamic State group's ...

- TIME Magazine - US

US imposes sanctions in joint action with Saudi Arabia against Hezbollah, IS and al Qaeda

The Trump administration imposed its first terrorism sanctions jointly with Saudi Arabia on Friday as President Donald Trump travels to the kingdom on his first overseas trip. The State Department announced sanctions on senior Hezbollah leader Hashem Safieddine and Muhammad al-Isawi, a leader of the Islamic State group's ...

- Ya Libnan - US

'Hezbollah' repositions Itself on Syria border, did not pull out as announced

Beirut- The recent announcement of Lebanon's Hezbollah' that it was dismantling its positions along the Lebanese-Syrian border has not been met with implementation on the ground. Sources following up the party's moves said that Hezbollah' hasn't made an actual withdrawal, but rather repositioned itself in certain areas. The ...

- Ya Libnan - US

Maintaining fiscal stability in Lebanon a 'dance with wolves': Central bank governor

By Hadley Gamble As U.S. President Donald Trump prepares to make his first trip to the Middle East, some lawmakers back in Washington are seeking amendments to a law that could see further sanctions against Hezbollah and its political allies. “We are worried,” Lebanon's central bank governor told CNBC this week. ...

- Ya Libnan - US

Saudi Arabia blacklists Hezbollah's Hashem Safieddine

Riyadh accuses leading figure of Hezbollah of advising armed group to carry out 'terrorist operations'.

- Al Jazeera - QA

US, Saudis Jointly Impose Sanctions on Two 'Global Terrorists'

On the eve of President Donald Trump's trip to Saudi Arabia, the U.S. State Department imposed terrorism sanctions jointly with the kingdom on two prominent extremist leaders, calling them "global terrorists." Senior Hezbollah leader Hashem Safieddine, a Lebanese citizen in his 50s, and Muhammad al-Isawi, an Egyptian ...

- Voice of America - US

Saudis, United States blacklist a Hezbollah leader

Saudi Arabia said on Friday it had blacklisted Hashem Safieddine, a prominent leader of the Lebanese Shi'ite Muslim group Hezbollah that is a close ally of Riyadh's arch-regional adversary Iran. The United States Treasury Department also added Safieddine to its counter-terrorism blacklist on Friday, a day before U.S. ...

- Yahoo! News - US

Hizballah’s elite force sustains heavy casualties from US air strike

May 19, 2017, 6:46 PM Most of the damage inflicted by the US air strike Thursday in South Syria was sustained by Hizballah’s elite unit, the Radwan Force, DEBKAfile’s military sources disclose. This was the first aerial attack the United States has conducted on a combined Syrian-Iranian-Hizballah convoy in the ...

- DEBKAFile - IL

Hizballah’s elite unit pointedly sent to Lebanese-Israeli border for Trump’s ME visit

May 19, 2017, 10:13 PM The elite Al-Radwan Division of Iranian-backed Hizballah was relocated from Syria to the Shabaa Farms area opposite the Israeli border and is on high alert, military officials in Lebanon and Syria announced Friday night. They noted that the unit, now posted opposite Mt Dov and Mt Hermon north of the ...

- DEBKAFile - IL

US and Saudi Arabia are combining forces to wage war on terrorist organizations

REUTERS/Carlos BarriaThe United States and Saudi Arabia issued a first-of-its-kind joint terrorism designation on Friday, targeting the allies' foremost adversary in the region. " is the latest example of the strong partnership between the United States and Saudi Arabia in combating the financing of terrorism," the State ...

- Business Insider - US

Saudi Arabia, U.S. blacklist Hezbollah leader

Saudi Arabia and the United States blacklist Hashem Safieddine, president of Hezbollah's executive council.

- Arutz Sheva - IL

Senior Hezbollah official added to U.S., Saudi terror blacklists

Lebanese national and head of Hezbollah's Executive Assembly Hashem Safieddine was added to the U.S. and Saudi Arabia's lists of those subject to the counterterrorism blacklist Friday, according to the U.S. State Department.

- The Daily Star - LB

Hezbollah moves forces toward Al-Tanf in Syria

Hezbollah units, among other battalions including Iraqi militias, have deployed en masse to Al-Tanf, a strategic crossing leading to the Syrian-Iraqi border, rebel sources told The Daily Star Friday.

- The Daily Star - LB

Saudi Arabia blacklists Hezbollah's Safieddine

Riyadh accuses Hashem Safieddine of giving advise to Hezbollah to carry out "terrorist operations".

- Al Jazeera - QA


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