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Introduction to the symposium on the Routledge Handbook of Libertarianism'.

Asking what is libertarianism is more like asking what distinguishes Georgetown from Foggy Bottom than asking how the White House fits together. Libertarianism is a body of related views; it has the unity of a neighborhood more so than a house. There are such things as libertarian conclusions. Libertarians conclude, for one ...

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These Georgetown Students Fought Nike—and Won.

Daniel Luis Zager, Angeles Solis, Sonia Adjroud For the first time ever, Nike signed a contract that ensures full, independent access for the Worker Rights Consortium—and it happened because of students. The post These Georgetown Students Fought Nike—and Won appeared first on The Nation.

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9/15: The Takeout.

White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney joins CBS News Chief White House correspondent Major Garrett and Political Director Steve Chaggaris for a BLT at The Tombs in Georgetown. There's lots to mull over including Mulvaney's reaction to Steve Bannon's "60 Minutes" interview, President Trump's surprising budget deal with ...


Appel à la grève générale.

La FSU et les syndicats Sud-éducation et Sud-PTT appellent aujourd'hui les Guyanais à faire grève pour protester contre la Loi...

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EFF Calls on New York Court to Vacate Unconstitutional Injunction Against Offensive Speech.

A court's order preliminarily enjoining a website from publishing certain images and statements about a former governmental official is an unconstitutional prior restraint and must be rescinded, EFF argued in an amicus brief filed yesterday in the New York state appellate court.  The case, Brummer v. Wey, is a dispute ...

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