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Three arrested in Kampala with a tonne of ivory.

A Liberian and two suspects from Guinea Bissau have been arrested in Kampala, Uganda's wildlife authority spokesman Simplicious Gessa told this reporter

- Daily Monitor - UG

Guinea-Bissau: Sustaining economic growth requires political stability, says UN envoy.

In the face of continued political crisis in Guinea-Bissau, a more sustained and well-coordinated approach is required to sustain economic gains, said the United Nations envoy for the country, calling for “faithful” implementation of a regionally-brokered road-map.

- UN - INT

As Gambia crisis passes, displaced return from Senegal.

Several thousand people have returned to the Gambia since ex-president Yahya Jammeh ceded power. Over 50,000 remain in Senegal and Guinea-Bissau.

- UN - INT