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North Korea threat could slow Marines' relocation, commandant says.

The commandant of the Marine Corps suggested that the United States may reconsider the timeframe for relocating troops from Okinawa to Guam because of North Korea's growing missile threat.

- Stars and Stripes - US

North Korea threats could delay plans for U.S. Marines in Okinawa.

A plan to relocate 4,000 U.S. Marines from Okinawa, Japan, to Guam is under review because of North Korea threats.

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NYT: NKorea Missile Test Provided Useful Data to Boost Its Program.

Although the missile that North Korea fired on Sunday does not have enough range to hit U.S. military bases in Guam, South Korean defense officials said the test did provide Pyongyang with enough useful data...

- Newsmax - US

North Korea Missile Test Was Short on Distance but Long on Data, South Says.

The missile launched on Sunday could not reach American bases in Guam, South Korean officials said, but the test appeared to have provided useful data.

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11 Guam Catholic priests involved in sex abuse lawsuits.

The dozens of lawsuits against 11 Guam Catholic priests have drawn the attention of Pope Francis.         


What's Different About North Korea's Latest Missile Launch .

Bruce Klingner Security, Asia Pyongyang's willingness to violate UN resolutions so quickly after Moon's inauguration shows that it will not act benevolently toward the new president. Saturday marked another breakthrough in North Korea's broad array of missile programs. Pyongyang successfully launched a new system that could ...

- The National Interest - US

North Korea's Got a Brand New Ballistic Missile .

Ryan Pickrell Security, Asia Could it hit U.S. bases in Asia or Guam?  North Korea tested a new ballistic missile — the Hwasong-12 — early Sunday morning. The missile, which Pyongyang praised as a perfect weapon system,' is a medium long-range missile, according to North Korean media. It appears to be the longest range ...

- The National Interest - US

Can North Korea Attack Guam with a Nuclear Weapon?.

Ryan Pickrell Security, Asia What the latest North Korea missile test might reveal.  North Korea's latest ballistic missile test offered valuable insight into its weapons program, hinting that the North is moving rapidly toward something bigger. A Hwasong-12, a new medium long-range surface-to-surface missile, was launched ...

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The Real North Korea Missile Threat.

Ryan Pickrell Security, Asia Latest missile launch reveals limits of intelligence on North Korean weapons.  North Korea is launching new missiles at an accelerated pace as it advances its weapons programs, making it difficult to identify North Korean missiles. North Korea tested a Hwasong-12 medium long-range ballistic ...

- The National Interest - US

US sources: North Korea’s last missile test points to long-range capability.

May 15, 2017, 5:39 PM Less than 24 hours after the latest North Korean ballistic missile test, US intelligence and military sources Monday reversed their original assessment of a failed launch. They are now awarding it top marks as the most successful ballistic missile test-fire to date. They confirmed that the ...

- DEBKAFile - IL

North Korea's New Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missile, the Hwasong-12: First Takeaways.

North Korea introduces the Hwasong-12, a "perfect weapon system" that may bring the U.S. territory of Guam into range.

- The Diplomat - US

Quadrilateral US, UK, Japan, France Naval Exercises Off Guam Indefinitely Postponed

The U.S. Navy does not have a date for the resumption of the exercises.

- The Diplomat - US