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Topless Femen protest outside Le Pen polling station.

Moments before France's far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen cast her vote at a polling station in Hénin-Beaumont in northern France, six topless Femen activists staged a protest nearby, wearing Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen masks and shouting "Marine, President" sarcastically. Video provided by AFP ...


Topless Femen activists wearing Donald Trump masks disrupt polling station where Marine Le Pen voted.

Demonstrators have criticised Marine Le Pen for being a 'pretend feminist'.

- IBTimes.co.uk - UK

Femen Activists Protest As Le Pen Casts Ballot.

HENIN BEAUMONT, France – Topless demonstrators from the Femen activist group have caused a commotion as they staged a stunt against Marine Le Pen outside a polling station where the presidential candidate was heading to vote. Around six topless Femen activists were detained Sunday morning after jumping out of an SUV limo ...

- Breitbart - US

Tunisia: Doctors Oppose 'Anal Test' for Homosexuality.

Expand English translation of poster text: Is it possible to refuse an anal test? From a legal point of view: It is possible to refuse an anal test when examined by a forensic doctor. But the reality is different. The victims often accept' the test for fear of being tortured, because of their young age, or because they ...

- Human Rights Watch - US