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Falklands' election motivates support resolution in US House of Representatives.

The United States 115th Congress has tabled resolution 650 recognizing the results of the free and fair elections for the new Members of the Legislative Assembly of the Falkland Islands held on 9 November 2017. The resolution, 650, was submitted last week by Representatives Mario Diaz Balart, Derek Kilmer and George ...

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Battle Day in London.

The annual Falklands memorial service at the Cenotaph took place on the 9th December under a brilliant cloudless sky. This commemorates all those who gave their lives liberating the Falklands from Argentine occupation in 1982. But it originally commemorated the naval Battle of the Falkland Islands, on the 8th of December ...

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Falklands' ferry operations temporarily suspended until at least 20 December.

The Falkland Islands Government has confirmed that the Concordia Bay ferry service will be suspended until at least Wednesday 20 December. The temporary suspension of ferry operations during December had been advanced in an initial public announcement in November by Workboat Services Limited

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Battle Day marked in the Falkland Islands 103 years on.

Residents of the Falkland Islands annually mark one of the early major naval battles of the First World War, which took place off the coast of the Islands. This year the event was commemorated with a traditional parade, made up of Members of the Falkland Islands Defence Force.

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Falklands/Buenos Aires Ezeiza airport direct flight by a RAF Voyager transport.

A RAF Voyager transport, in a direct link from MPA in the Falkland Islands landed on Thursday morning at Ezeiza airport in Buenos Aires with 25 members of the HMS Protector crew, on time to catch a midday British Airways flight to London. It has been decades since an RAF unit lands in the Argentine capital international ...

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Falklands Code of Practice covers much of ILO Work in Fishing Convention.

A convention which has been described as opening up a new era for millions of fishermen worldwide will have some impact on fishermen working in the Falkland Islands' waters. Director of Natural Resources John Barton said that he thought some of the articles of the International Labour Organization Work in Fishing Convention ...

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Falklands promotes fish in China from Fortuna's new processing plant in Stanley.

Products from the Falkland Islands Fish Company, the trading name of Fortuna Ltd's new Stanley fish processing plant, were featured recently in China and attracted favorable attention from trade media.

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Falklands: Argentina tells families results of soldier IDs.

A forensic study that identified the remains of 88 Argentine soldiers buried in a Falklands Islands cemetery after the 1982 war with Britain was presented to some of the families of the fallen troops Tuesday.

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Falkland/Malvinas Islands: ICRC presents Argentina and the United Kingdom with results of humanitarian forensic identification project.

News release | Geneva – The International Committee of the Red Cross has today handed out its forensic reports resulting from the work it carried out to identify the mortal remains of Argentine soldiers buried in Darwin cemetery."We are pleased that w