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Falklands: 95 Families have consented to ID tests of Darwin cemetery remains; task should begin 19 June.

The Argentine foreign ministry confirmed that 95 families from the 123 Argentine unknown combatants buried at Falkland Islands' Darwin Cemetery have consented to the identification of remains, a task to be undertaken by the International Red Cross, allegedly beginning next 19 June.

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Labour manifesto expected to strongly support Falklands' right to self determination.

Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry has strongly suggested that the Labour manifesto, to be launched on 15 May, will make clear that the disputed Falkland Islands will remain British for as long as those living there want to be, according to Politics Home

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The future of the Falklands depends on the Islanders, and that is what is most important'.

British ambassador in Argentina Mark Kent has said that conflict policies lead nowhere, Argentina and the UK have different positions on the Falkland Islands sovereignty, but it is up to the Islanders to decide on their future. Anyhow bilateral relations have significantly improved with great prospects for trade, ...

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Falklands: Argentine investors project to build a Howard Johnson hotel in Stanley.

An Argentine businessman and partner of the US based Howard Johnson, with 37 hotels under that name in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, is attempting to refloat an old project to install a 40 rooms complex in the Falkland Islands, according to media reports in Buenos Aires.

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Falklands airbridge working; no reply from Argentina on a second flight.

Falkland Islands lawmaker, MLA Mike Summers apologized on behalf of the UK Ministry of Defense for the disruption that the flight diversion from Ascension Island had caused, but said he knew they were working hard to ensure proper arrangements were in place for the continuation of the air bridge with the UK.

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Lavrov compares Crimea occupation with Falkland Islands issue.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has compared the occupied Crimea with the Falkland Islands, according to an UNIAN correspondent in the Russian Federation.


UK sends engineer team to repair Ascension Island runway.

A team of UK Royal Engineers have been despatched to Wideawake Airfield on Ascension Island in the central Atlantic Ocean to repair "significant issues" with its runway. The runway, which is a key staging post for the UK's strategic air bridge to Mount Pleasant Airfield on the Falkland

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Argentina puts hope in Brexit for new EU position on the Falklands.

The EU could re-evaluate its position on the disputed Falkland Islands after Britain leaves the bloc, Argentina's foreign minister said yesterday .

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Argentina eyes Brexit advantage in Falklands dispute.

BRUSSELS - Argentina believes Brexit might cost Britain the support of European allies for its control of the Falkland Islands and is watching developments closely, the Argentinian foreign minister said in Brussels.

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