Equatorial Guinea

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George Soros 'plotted to oust Equatorial Guinea's leader'.

The claim has been made by a former British mercenary who led his own failed coup attempt in 2004.

- BBC - UK

News24.com | 'Soros wanted to topple E Guinea leader,' UK mercenary tells Paris court.

Former British mercenary Simon Mann, who led a failed 2004 coup in Equatorial Guinea, has accused US billionaire George Soros of plotting to overthrow its president, in testimony at a high-profile trial in Paris.

- News24.com - ZA

Oil tanker believed to have exploded, six missing.

The ship was laden with crude oil and registered at the Port of Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, says MMEA.

- Malaysiakini - MY

Equatorial Guinea: Oil Wealth Squandered and Stolen.

– Equatorial Guinea's mismanagement of its oil wealth has contributed to chronic underfunding of its public health and education systems in violation of its human rights obligations, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. Declining oil reserves mean that there is very little time left for the government to ...

- Human Rights Watch - US

How to use oil revenues efficiently: Universal basic income.

The oil-rich countries of Africa and the Middle East all seem to suffer from a common malady: the inefficient use of their oil revenues.  The Central-African countries of Gabon and Equatorial Guinea have per-capita incomes of $10,000 - $20,000, but high child mortality rates of about 6-10 percent and some of the ...

- Brookings - US