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When Ecuador elects a new president, will Julian Assange still have a safe haven at its London embassy?.

There's more at stake in Ecuador's presidential election on Sunday than whether the leftist legacy of outgoing President Rafael Correa will be extended with a victory by his former vice president. If pro-business candidate Guillermo Lasso upsets former Vice President Lenin Moreno, WikiLeaks founder...

- Los Angeles Times - US

Messi banned for four international matches.

Argentina forward Lionel Messi has been banned from their next four competitive internationals, starting with last night's World Cup qualifier in Bolivia, for swearing at a match official, FIFA said yesterday. The decision was announced less than six hours before kickoff of the match in La Paz and means the five-times world ...

- - MT

Brazil close in on qualification for Russia 2018.

SAO PAULO - Brazil could become the first side to guarantee qualification for the 2018 World Cup on Tuesday if they beat Paraguay at home and both Ecuador and Chile drop points.

- - AU

Ecuador vs Colombia puts Conmebol qualifying sides deficiencies on display.

As far as they are concerned, the build-up to the 2022 World Cup has already begun. Both have included players from recent South American under-20 championships in their squads.

- Daily Monitor - UG

Correa´s candidate headed for victory in Ecuador presidential runoff next Sunday.

The latest release of public opinion polls ahead of next Sunday's presidential runoff in Ecuador show the ruling party candidate Lenin Moreno winning by a margin of 4.5 percentage points. The Cedatos poll conducted between March 18th and 21st, showed the ruling party candidate with 52.4% of the vote compared to opposition ...

- MercoPress - FK

Kiwi scientist's trek to volcanic hotspot.

A Kiwi scientist just returned from one of the world's most volcanically active regions says Ecuador's fiery volcanoes could teach us much about our own.Victoria University's Dr Ian Schipper travelled with six international researchers...

- The New Zealand Herald - NZ

Ecuador: The rush for oil in Yasuni National Park.

Located in eastern Ecuador, the Yasuni Park is a unique ecosystem. Thousands of species of plants and wildlife are concentrated in this part of the Amazon rainforest. But the park and its treasures are directly threatened by drilling for oil.

- France24 - FR

New Striped Rain-Frog Species Discovered in Ecuador’s Cloud Forests.

The species was discovered during an expedition to study a similar rainfrog.

- - US

The Cerberus Groundsnake is a Critically Endangered new species from Ecuador.

With as many as 140 species, Atractus is the most diverse snake genus in the world, even though it can be found exclusively in Central and South America. However, these colubrid ground snakes seem largely under-researched, since there have been thirty-three species discovered in the last ten years only.

- ENN - US

'Spectacular-looking' endangered frog species discovered in Ecuador's cloud forests.

It's not every day someone gets to say, 'I've discovered a new species.' It's a claim that biologist Chris Funk can happily make. Funk and collaborators, who've spent years exploring the tropical climes of South America to study the region's dizzying biodiversity, have documented a new species of rainfrog they've named the ...

- ScienceDaily - US

'Spectacular-looking' endangered frog species discovered in Ecuador's cloud forests.

It's not every day someone gets to say, "I've discovered a new species."

- PhysOrg - NL

Rare 'Snakes from Hell' Lurk Near Petrochemical Plant in Ecuador

A secretive new ground snake gets a mythology-inspired name.

- - US

Ecuador: Health Consequences of Ceramic Glazing

Caitlin J. CotterAn Andean village has battled severe lead toxicity from ceramics production, and now residents face the challenges of alternative glazing compounds or abandoning their cottage industry altogether.

- Pulitzer Center - US