East China Sea

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Golden Kings make quick work of Evessa.

Two teams entered Saturday's contest with the same target: improving their chances of making the playoffs. The Ryukyu Golden Kings did just that, winning 84-69 over the host Osaka Evessa. The longtime bj-league rivals who captured seven of the league's 11 titles, now competing as B. League foes in the West Division, have ...

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China's East China Sea ADIZ Represents a Thinly Veiled Grab for Sovereignty.

James Holmes Security, Asia Beijing's approach in the East China Sea is a geospatial inverse of its approach in the South China Sea.  Chinese maritime strategy is a misnomer, methinks. It should be strategies, plural. China may harbor the same goals in, say, the East China Sea that it does in the South China Sea. Namely, ...

- The National Interest - US

Project aims to reproduce traditional Ryukyu products.

An Okinawa Prefecture sponsors a project to make products related to the cultural heritage of the Ryukyu Kingdom and restore the precise methods to create the arts and crafts of the era while making full use of modern science and technology. The project is scheduled to run from 2015 through 2019 and includes manufacturing ...

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Creation of virtual currency Ryukyu Coin' in works.

A pair of Tokyo-based companies have presented a plan to create a virtual currency for Okinawa that the plan calls Ryukyu Coin.' The two companies propose using the latest technology block chain' for the project that is used for bitcoin virtual currency by companies and financial institutions in Okinawa. Bitbank Inc., a ...

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Taiwan and Japan's East China Sea Dispute Back in the Spotlight.

Taipei and Tokyo will convene later this year to discuss oceanographic survey rights for Taiwan.

- The Diplomat - US