East China Sea

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China's navy puts on show of strength for North Korea ... and United States' east Asia alliance.

More than 40 warships from China’s navy took part in a major exercise in the East China Sea on Thursday, just days after reports that the country’s air force had carried out similar high-level drills, and as tensions remain high over the North Korean nuclear crisis. The vessels, from the North Sea, East Sea and ...

- South China Morning Post - HK

Rookie standout Hassan Martin says defensive focus fuels Ryukyu's success.

The retooled Ryukyu Golden Kings have reshaped their team with a savvy formula that combines speed, finesse and power and the vital contributions of newcomers.Sharpshooter ...

- The Japan Times - JP

Japan, China Agree to Implement East China Sea Crisis Management Hotline.

An agreement this week will lead to the implementation of a long-sought hotline.

- The Diplomat - US

Tokyo and Beijing agree to implement communication mechanism aimed at averting clashes over Senkakus.

Japan and China largely agree on how to implement a mechanism to prevent clashes in the East China Sea amid a long-running territorial dispute over ...

- The Japan Times - JP

China, Japan close to setting up hotline to avoid sea, air clashes: sources.

Japan and China have largely agreed on how to implement a maritime and air communication mechanism aimed at averting unintended clashes in and above the East China Sea, sources said. The move towards an agreement comes despite strained relations between the two sides over the disputed Diaoyu Islands, known in Japan as the ...

- South China Morning Post - HK