East China Sea

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China pips US in race to start the world's first meltdown-proof nuclear power plant.

At a small peninsula facing the East China Sea in Sanmen county in Zhejiang province sits the world’s most advanced nuclear reactor, and China’s clarion call to the clean energy industry. Some day over the next two weeks, the power plant will start loading more than 100 fuel assemblies into the honeycomb core of ...

- South China Morning Post - HK

Top US, Japan Defense and Diplomatic Officials Meet to Discuss Alliance, Regional Issues.

Top U.S. and Japanese officials discuss North Korea, the East China Sea, and much more.

- The Diplomat - US

US, Japan Conduct Military Exercise Near Senkakus.

U.S. B-1B bombers and Japanese fighters participated in a joint air drill in the vicinity of the Senkaku islands on August 15.

- The Diplomat - US

Chinese Planes Buzz Taiwan in Military Drills.

Chinese military aircraft carried out two rounds of drills around Taiwan this weekend, flying past its southern tip and then around its north near Japan, the self-ruled island's defense ministry said.China has been increasingly asserting itself in territorial disputes in the South and East China Sea...

- The Chosun Ilbo - KR

North Korea's Failure Is Not a Success, Ignore at Your Own Peril.

On the eve of North Korea's Unha-3 rocket launch, Japan's Self-Defense Forces were on high alert. They installed interceptors in Okinawa and sent destroyers to the East China Sea — maneuvers that haven't been seen for a decade. In the end, the rocket didn't even make it into the field of the SDF's radars, and the damage ...

- GMF - DE