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U.S. military to buy counter-drone radars from RADA.

RADA Electronic Industries Ltd. Of Israel this week announced an order from the U.S. military for its Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radar systems.

- UPI - US

Q: How many drones are we bombing ISIS with? A: That's secret, mmkay.

But the MoD will happily tell you how many manned jets we're using to do that exact thing The Information Tribunal has rejected an appeal by campaigners trying to find out how many British Reaper drones are being used for warlike missions in the Middle East.…

- TheRegister - UK

Russia claims ISIS-held eastern Hama town surrounded.

Militants 'fleeing towards Deir Al-Zor under drone strikes'


US drone crashes in southern Turkey after leaving Incirlik Air Base.

An MQ-1 Predator crashed late Thursday in southern Turkey after taking off from Incirlik Air Base, the military said Friday.

- Stars and Stripes - US

The Radio Frequency Spectrum plus Machine Learning = equal A New Wave in Radio Technology.

Washington DC Aug 14, 2017 The current wave of artificial intelligence, driven by machine learning techniques, is all the rage, and for good reason. With sufficient training on digitized writing, spoken words, images, video streams, and other digital content, ML has become the basis of voice recognition, self-driving cars, ...

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TRANSPORTATION AND LOGISTICS BRIEFING: Fiat Chrysler teams up with BMW, Intel — Nvidia invests in autonomous trucking startup — Drone delivery challenges.

Welcome to Transportation & Logistics Briefing, a new morning email providing the latest news, data, and insight on how digital technology is disrupting transportation and delivery, produced by BI Intelligence. Sign up and receive Transportation & Logistics Briefing free to your inbox. Have feedback? We'd like to hear from ...

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DJI Develops Option For Pilots To Fly Without Internet Data Transfer.

DJI, the world's leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, is developing a new local data mode that stops internet traffic to and from its flight control apps, in order to provide enhanced data privacy assurances for sensitive government and enterprise customers. DJI's flight control apps routinely ...

- WebWire - US

Drones will fly into the path of the eclipse to study weather.

As the sky does dark, robots will conduct atmospheric science. A hex drone and a DJI Phantom fly in the sunset On Monday, hex drones will fly into the sky during the eclipse to measure the change in weather from the sudden darkness and the sudden cold. Jamey Jacob When the sun disappears behind the ...

- The Raw Story - US

Despite crackdown, there's a new Apple Park drone video.

A new drone video shows work continuing on Apple Park, including progress on landscaping, despite reports that the company was attempting to prevent such flyovers. Over the summer, several drone operators said that Apple had hired security guards for adjacent sites to warn them not to fly their drones over the company's new ...

- VentureBeat - US

DJI Announces AirWorks 2017 to Help Enterprises Put Drones to Work in Skies Around the World.

DJI, the world's leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, opened registration on Thursday for its AirWorks enterprise drone conference on November 7-9 in Denver, Colorado. The annual event will bring together the global commercial drone ecosystem for three days of industry presentations, hands-on workshops, ...

- WebWire - US

Robotics and AI celebrated in this year's MIT Technology Review 35 Innovators Under 35 list.

13 researchers working in robotics and AI made the MIT Technology Review “35 Innovators Under 35” list this year. Robotics Anca Dragan UC Berkeley Ensuring that robots and humans work and play well together. Lorenz Meier ETHZ An open-source autopilot for drones. Austin Russell Luminar Better sensors for safer ...

- Robohub - CH

Heart of Darkness in Sliema gig

The Salesian Theatre will host another free music event tonight with guest act Heart of Darkness. With main contributions from brothers Jimmy and John Bartolo, Heart of Darkness's music is built on the use of drones, loops, noise and improvised psychedelia. The band, though currently known only to the few who have attended ...

- timesofmalta.com - MT

Trio in car nabbed after drone drops cellphone, drugs into Michigan prison yard

Michigan prison officials say three people have been arrested after trying to use a drone to smuggle a cellphone and drugs into a prison.Michigan Department ...

- The Japan Times - JP

US drone mysteriously crashes in Turkey

, August 18 : Governor of Adana province in Turkey, Mahmut Demirtas has confirmed that a drone belonging to the United States has crashed under mysterious circumstances in southern Turkey."The drone came down in the Ceyhan district of Cokcapinar," Anadolu Agency quoted Demirtas as saying.The governor has denied of any ...

- Sify - IN

3 arrested after drone drops cellphone, drugs to prison yard 

Michigan prison officials say three people have been arrested after trying to use a drone to smuggle a cellphone and drugs into a prison. The post 3 arrested after drone drops cellphone, drugs to prison yard  appeared first on Inquirer News.

- Philippine Daily Inquirer - PH

OBTAIN F803 on sale for $349.99 with $150 Off Coupon over at Tomtop

In the mood for a DJI Mavic Pro-looking quadcopter? Here's the OBTAIN F803, which you can now get for $349.99 instead of its full retail price of $499.99 with the $150 off coupon you'll find at the end of the article; keep reading to learn more! The OBTAIN F803 is a semi-professional aerial photography drone ...

- gizchina - CN

A former Marine cyber warrior explains how hackers will transform the face of modern combat

REUTERS/Chris MorganThe modern battlefield is changing dramatically with the advent of increasingly sophisticated technologies, from missile defense shields like THAAD to drones, armed robots and Boba Fett-style bulletproof helmets. But while it’s easy to focus on these visible displays of high-tech warfare, ...

- Business Insider - US

Raw: Drone video shows Sierra Leone mudslide

Recovery efforts continued in Sierra Leone on Thursday after more than 300 people died in deadly mudslides in capital Freetown. Some 600 are thought to remain missing.         


Drone comes dangerously close to state police helicopter

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. " Authorities say a drone came within about 100 feet of a state police helicopter in Massachusetts.A state police spokesman says the helicopter was passing over Lawrence Municipal Airport at approximately...

- The New Zealand Herald - NZ

Anti-Ramstein protesters seek dialogue with airmen

A group of protesters who have scheduled a series of demonstrations against drone operations allegedly directed from Ramstein Air Base hope to meet and talk with airmen and other military personnel in the area during September protests.

- Stars and Stripes - US

Fat Lama is a platform to lend and borrow anything

Part of YC's Summer '17 class, Fat Lama wants to be a rental marketplace for anything. Launched late last year in London, the startup has gained early traction among professionals needing short-term rentals of creative gear - like drones, cameras or DJ equipment. But the platform is also filled with weirder goods - like a ...

- TechCrunch - US

A defense company put a machine gun on a drone

Duke Robotics, a military contractor, has produced a video for their unique and uniquely dangerous new tool, TIKAD. This drone platform looks fairly basic - a custom multi-rotor drone with a chassis on the bottom to hold what looks like a stripped down machine gun, sniper rifle, or grenade launcher - but what it suggests ...

- TechCrunch - US

Drones banned over Trevor Deely search site

The Irish Aviation Authority has banned drones from flying over a site in Dublin where gardaí are carrying out a search as part of the investigation into the disappearance of Trevor Deely almost 17 years ago.

- RTE - IE

Drones banned as gardaí search for body of Trevor Deely

A ban has been imposed on the flying of drones over the site in Dublin where gardaí are searching for the remains of Trevor Deely.

- BreakingNews.ie - IE

Apple's $5 billion 'spaceship' campus looks nearly finished a month before the next iPhone launches

YouTube/Matther RobertsNext month, Apple is widely expected to launch a new iPhone. It's supposed to be a stunner. Where will Apple CEO Tim Cook hold up the latest iPhone for the first time in public? It could be at a big space in San Francisco, like last year's iPhone event. Or it could be at the underground 1,000-seat ...

- Business Insider - US

Taking Down Drones With a $38,000 Stinger Missile Feels Like Overkill

Last week, an amateur drone pilot landed his DJI quadcopter on the deck of Britain's newest and most advanced aircraft carrier. The incident was accidental, but highlights the irony of how difficult it is to neutralize threats from smaller aircraft like drones that are slowly filling the skies. But perhaps modifying a…

- Gizmodo - US

One Last Time Over Georgia

One photographer's mission to capture Georgia from above before new laws close the skies to drones.

- Radio Free Europe - US

Balloons and drones and clouds

Albuquerque NM Aug 16, 2017 Last week, researchers at Sandia National Laboratories flew a tethered balloon and an unmanned aerial system, colloquially known as a drone, together for the first time to get Arctic atmospheric temperatures with better location control than ever before. In addition to providing more precise data ...

- SpaceDaily.com - US

Drone promises to walk your dog along a GPS route

Will this be the end of human dog walking?        


This company claims to be selling a dog-walking drone

A drone company is claiming to be selling a drone modified to walk your dog. Take this one with a grain of salt. Nathan Rousseau Smith reports.        


The Drone Center's Weekly Roundup: 8/14/17

August 7, 2017 - August 13,2017 If you would like to receive the Weekly Roundup in your inbox, please subscribe at the bottom of the page. News Two U.S. airstrikes targeted members of al-Shabab in Somalia. In a statement, the…

- Robohub - CH

Drone makes mysterious delivery to French prison

Inmates at a French prison received a mysterious parcel delivery on Tuesday, with the unknown item arriving by drone.

- The Local - INT

Microsoft Research uses AI to help drones soar like eagles

Microsoft is looking to the skies for its next round of AI inspiration. Specifically, Redmond's Research division is using the birds that capture columns of warm air to glide around without expending much energy to guide its work. So far, it's been a...

- Engadget - US

A US defense contractor developed a drone that can fire a sniper rifle

Duke Robotics A US defense contractor has developed a consumer-sized sniper drone which it says could save the lives of soldiers and civilians on the battlefield, but some are voicing concerns, Popular Mechanics reported. Duke Robotics, a Florida-based defense contractor, developed the TIKAD sniper drone, and recently sold ...

- Business Insider - US

Company's dystopian promotional video for drone armed with machine gun

What a time to be alive. Duke Robotics brings a fully robotic weaponry system to an airborne platform. TIKAD, which is a proprietary development of Duke, uses the delivery of a unique suppression firing and stabilization solution. TIKAD allows governments to utilize completely new capabilities against terrorist groups and ...

- Boing Boing - US

'Extremely dangerous' £2,000 dog-walking drone pulled from sale as PR stunt backfires

Proflight Walkies Dog Drone claimed to be based on the DJI Phantom 4 drone.

- IBTimes.co.uk - UK

OnePlus And DJI Announce Back To School Bundles

What does OnePlus and DJI have in common? Both of them have drones, and it looks like both companies are now teaming up to offer customers back to school bundles in which users can choose from a variety of bundles to suit their needs, whether they are more of someone interested in recording videos, or if they're more ...

- Ubergizmo - US

The Morning After: Wednesday, August 16th 2017

Welcome to Wednesday! Virtually creep inside Kendall Jenner's closet, watch a drone chill on the UK's biggest warship and hear about a smart-lock update that bricked said locks. Whoops.

- Engadget - US

Smart watches and VR headsets are catching on, but they're still not ready to kill the smartphone

Smartphones replaced TVs and computers as the dominant product in consumer electronics. But what will replace smartphones as the next king of the hill is still anybody's guess. Things like wearables, smart-home devices, and drones have all hit the consumer market with a bang, but no single technology has raced ahead of the ...

- Silicon Alley Insider - US

Balloons and drones and clouds; oh, my!

Last week, researchers at Sandia National Laboratories flew a tethered balloon and an unmanned aerial system, colloquially known as a drone, together for the first time to get Arctic atmospheric temperatures with better location control than ever before. In addition to providing more precise data for weather and climate ...

- ENN - US

OnePlus partners with DJI for their Back to School sale, offering bundles with drones & more

OnePlus and DJI have partnered to create back to school bundles The new packages are available from both firms, packaging some of DJI's best products with OnePlus' line of backpacks.

- Neowin.net - US

Chinese drone maker DJI working on mode to let pilots disconnect from internet during flights, weeks after US Army ended DJI use due to 'cyber vulnerabilities'

Alwyn Scott / Reuters: Chinese drone maker DJI working on mode to let pilots disconnect from internet during flights, weeks after US Army ended DJI use due to “cyber vulnerabilities”  —  - Chinese drone maker SZ DJI Technology Co Ltd is tightening data security on its drones after the U.S. Army ordered ...

- Techmeme - US

OnePlus and DJI team up with back to school bundles

OnePlus and DJI are teaming up to offer back to school bundles. As the new school year approaches, a lot of companies are looking to offer back to school deals to entice students. OnePlus and DJI are combining forces to offer a rather enticing bundle. Right now, OnePlus and DJI are offering a bundle with the DJI Osmo Mobile ...

- Android Central - US

Iranian Drone Threatens US Navy in the Persian Gulf Again

Iran Focus London, 15 Aug - The Iranian Regime has once again chosen to conduct an unsafe manoeuvre with an Iranian Unmanned Aerial Vehicle , coming within 1,000 ft of US forces in the Arabian Gulf, the US Navy has reported. On Sunday, an Iranian QOM-1/Sadegh-1 UAV conducted a series of unsafe and unprofessional actions ...

- Iran Focus - UK

Separating fiction from feasibility in the future of drone delivery

From donuts to life-saving anti-venom, drone delivery draws attention to what the technology might look like in a few short years. While the full potential of drones extends beyond transport, there's little doubt that the fledgling technology will turn consumer package delivery upside down.

- TechCrunch - US

The U.S. is now routinely launching 'danger-close' drone strikes so risky they require Syrian militia approval

The Air Force pilot carefully throttled the controls of a missile-firing MQ-1 Predator drone flying half a world away in northern Syria. Suddenly his headset crackled to life. Militants firing from bombed-out buildings had ambushed a U.S.-backed militia on a rubble-strewn street in Raqqah, Islamic...

- Los Angeles Times - US

DJI drones to gain privacy mode after US Army ban

The app that controls DJI's drones will stop sending data to the internet to reassure customers.

- BBC - UK

What are drones good for? Common commercial applications of drones in agriculture, business and the military

Facebook Considered to be one of the most resourceful and multipurpose innovations of the century, drones have managed to perforate numerous segments of the global economic sphere. Having uses in fields ranging from filmmaking to farming, drones have managed to capture a major share of the commercial, personal goods, and ...

- Business Insider - US

Drone-maker DJI's Go app contains naughty Javascript hot-patching framework

Apple has already smote JSPatch once this year Updated Chinese drone firm DJI appears to have baked a hot-patching framework into its Go app that breaks Apple's App Store terms and conditions, according to drone hacker sources.…

- TheRegister - UK

DJI announces pending fix for drones following Army ban

China-based drone company DJI has announced it is developing a local data mode for its line of unmanned aircraft systems after an Army memo emerged banning DJI products for security reasons.

- UPI - US