Costa Rica

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Watch the President of Costa Rica Invite Emma Stone for a Magical Personal Tour.

The politician is rolling out the red carpet for the 'La La Land' actor.

- TIME Magazine - US

Australia may not take refugees in Costa Rica in U.S. deal.

Andrew V. PestanoFeb. 22 -- An Australian official said the United States must to accept refugees from Manus Island and Nauru or else Australia will not accept refugees held in Costa Rica.

- UPI - US

Immigration minister says Australia won't take Costa Rican refugees if US refuses Island refugees.

The announcement by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull last September was a surprise รขย€ย” Australia would help the US by taking refugees from Costa Rica.

- FOX News - US

Dutton blows Turnbull's credibility โ€“ for now and perhaps for later.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton's explicit linking of the arrangements to send Australia's offshore refugees to the US and to accept some from Costa Rica presents not just an immediate credibility problem for Malcolm Turnbull but, potentially, a more serious longer-term one. It contradicts the prime minister's flat โ€“ if ...

- The Conversation - UK

These tiny beetles have evolved to ride ants like horses.

Newly discovered beetle species evolved to live among the army ants of Costa Rica.

- Ars Technica UK - US