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YOUR BUSINESS IS OUR BUSINESS:Seeing water hyacinth as economic input.

Today, July 20, is 'Tree-Planting Day' in the Central African Republic on the African Continent – and 'Engineers Day' in the Republic of Costa Rica in Central America.

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Marca Peru Among Top 50 Country Brands in the World.

Peru's national brand is now among the top 50 country brands in the world, surpassing both Chile and Costa Rica, according to Bloom Consulting. Bloom Consulting's Country Brand Ranking 2017 revealed a gigantic leap for Marca Peru as it rose 11 places to become the 41st ranked national brand in the world.  Peru surpassed ...

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Univision omite yihadismo de nota de amenaza contra concierto.

No siempre pueden ser identificados los sesgos de una organización mediática basado solamente en lo que reportan, Como comprueba esta nota, lo que un medio puede ser igual o más importante. Así cubrió Univision la amenaza terrorista contra organizadores del concierto de Ariana Grande recién celebrado en Costa Rica: { ...

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14 of the worlds unique environments.

From Tasmania to The Amazon to Costa Rica, here are 14 of the most extraordinary environments on earth.

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Univision Omits Jihadi Nature Of Terror Threat At Ariana Grande Show.

You can't always identify a media organization's biased based solely on what they say. As this story proves, what a news organization at times can be just as important, if not more so. Here's how Univision covered the terrorist threat levied at organizers of an Ariana Grande concert that was recently held in Costa Rica: ...

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Joel Campbell suffers major knee injury while representing Costa Rica in Gold Cup.

Campbell spent the season on loan at Sporting Lisbon.

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