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Zinke Allows Plastic Water Bottles in National Parks.

Sierra ClubYesterday, the National Park Service reversed bans on disposable water bottles in National Parks-- another reversal of an Obama-era environmental policy. The ban originally was placed as an effort to increase the agency's sustainability efforts and reduce carbon emissions. In response, Sierra Club's public lands ...

- Common Dreams - US

New study validates East Antarctic ice sheet should remain stable even if western ice sheet melts.

A new study from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis validates that the central core of the East Antarctic ice sheet should remain stable even if the West Antarctic ice sheet melts.The study's findings are significant, given that some predict the West Antarctic ice sheet could melt quickly due to global ...

- ENN - US

Weathering the Violence of Climate Change.

With India experiencing its worst drought in 140 years, Indian farmers have taken to the streets. At a protest in Madhya Pradesh this summer, police opened fire on farmers demanding debt relief and better crop prices, killing five.

- AzerNews - AZ

Open thread for night owls: Trump has plenty of power to wreck the final version of climate report.

Earlier in August, The New York Times published a 669-page draft of the government's latest climate change report after it was leaked amid fear among scientists that the current occupant of the Oval Office would order the final version due in 2018 heavily redacted. Given the surreality of the Trump regime so far, it's ...

- Daily Kos - US

July ranks 2nd for heat globally, hottest recorded on land.

US government scientists calculate that Earth broiled last month to more record-like heat, calling it part of man-made global warming.

- Hawaii News Now - US

Why does USA Today keep publishing op-eds that dispute climate science?.

Sarah Wasko / Media Matters USA Today has once again invited a climate denier onto its opinion pages to cast doubt on mainstream science, and the paper failed to disclose the author’s numerous industry ties. On August 14, USA Today's editorial board wrote a well-reasoned editorial highlighting the scientific consensus ...

- Media Matters for America - US

The Make Or Break Moment For Argentina's Shale Boom.

Argentina's abundant shale resources have attracted a growing number of major international companies since the beginning of this year—all of them interested in developing the prized Vaca Muerta shale formation; but mid-term elections are making everyone nervous, and a change in the current pro-business climate could mean ...

- - US

Curbing climate change: Why it's so hard to act in time.

March for Science, Washington, D.C., April 29, 2017. Shutterstock.comThis summer I worked on the Greenland ice sheet, part of a scientific experiment to study surface melting and its contribution to Greenland's accelerating ice losses. By virtue of its size, elevation and currently frozen state, Greenland has the potential ...

- The Conversation - UK

This Company Makes Social Good Campaigns Go Viral For Bigger Impact.

When nonprofits need to get their campaign to blow up, they’re calling Stackla. Earlier this year, the World Wildlife Fund faced a strange promotional paradox: On March 25th from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. Eastern time, the group honored Earth Hour Day, a campaign asking people and companies around the world turn off their ...

- Fast Company - US

A Swedish company has developed a device that washes clothes without any laundry detergent.

Scandinavian Water Technology/FacebookAs global warming intensifies, the world is turning to large-scale environmental technologies like electric cars and solar power. But so far, innovations that transform resource use inside people's homes have been few and far between. Swedish startup Scandinavian Water Technologies, or ...

- Business Insider - US

Professor: Climate change means Sweden needs to stop wasting water.

Climate change will make it more important than ever to save rainwater that falls on our rooftops in urban areas. While some European countries have turned to rainwater harvesting, Sweden has been slow to respond.

- Radio Sweden - SE

LNG tanker makes Arctic passage unaided

A tanker carrying liquefied natural gas has made the passage from Europe to Asia via the Arctic unaided, a maritime course that has become possible due to global warming, energy firm Total said Thursday.It...

- Expatica - NL

Is climate change to blame in Freetown?

Humanity may have worsened the conditions on the ground but is the weather worse anyway?

- Al Jazeera - QA

Greenland: Land of ice on fire

Greenland, home to the world's largest permanent ice sheet outside Antarctica, is being swept by wildfires. Scientists say global warming and increased plant cover are likely factors.

- Deutsche Welle - DE

Is climate change to blame in Freetown?

Mankind may have worsened the conditions on the ground but is the weather worse anyway?

- Al Jazeera - QA

Investigating the Enigma of Clouds and Climate Change

Clouds perform an important function in cooling the planet as they reflect solar energy back into space. Yet clouds also intensify warming by trapping the planet's heat and radiating it back to earth. As fossil fuel emissions continue to warm the planet, how will this dual role played by clouds change, and will clouds ...

- ENN - US

It's time to start thinking about our digital carbon footprint

FreeProd33/shutterstockThe media is at the forefront of generating awareness over environmental issues. It is easy to name influential films like An Inconvenient Truth or note advances made by The Guardian's environmental reporting. But what is often missing from this discussion is the environmental costs of producing media ...

- The Conversation - UK

How one man's 40 years of weather records became a treasure trove of climate change data

billy barr spent the last 40 years living alone in a cabin in Gothic, Colorado, and collecting meticulous weather data about temperatures, snowfall and more.

- MNN - US

California's scientists push to create massive climate-research programme

Effort backed by the state's flagship universities comes as US President Donald Trump shrugs off global warming.

- Nature - UK

German Chancellor Merkel's favorite emoji is a smiley

Merkel talked about her emoji preferences Wednesday during a live interview on YouTube as part of her re-election campaign. Merkel was interviewed by four prominent German YouTubers about issues as diverse as education, electrically powered cars, migration, feminism and climate change.

- SFGate - US

There's no place like home, in Google Earth

When you opened Google Earth for the very first time, where did you go? For most people there's a common destination: Home. The definition of "home" changes by country, culture and climate. So as part of the relaunch of Google Earth back in April, we introduced This is Home, an interactive tour to five traditional homes ...

- The Official Google Blog - US

The Young Turks Network partners with Verizon's Go90 to air 16-episode docu-series on climate change exclusively on the streaming service this fall

Jeremy Barr / Hollywood Reporter: The Young Turks Network partners with Verizon's Go90 to air 16-episode docu-series on climate change exclusively on the streaming service this fall  —  The show, called ‘True North’ and hosted by John Iadarola, is a docuseries slated to debut this fall.  —  The ...

- Mediagazer - US

Trump Rolls Back Obama-Era Flood Standards For Infrastructure Projects

An Obama order called for new public infrastructure projects to be built to withstand rising sea levels caused by climate change. President Trump revoked that order to accelerate the review process.

- NPR - US

Progress in Swiss and European Union emissions deal

The Swiss cabinet approved a deal on Wednesday that would link the carbon emissions trading systems of Switzerland and the European Union, capping six years of negotiations linked to improving business...

- Expatica - NL

An inconvenient truth about An Inconvenient Truth

Still from An Inconvenient Truth Al Gore has a follow-up to his blockbuster documentary film, An Inconvenient Truth. However, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power was greeted with far less fanfare than the original. This is not surprising given how the first movie dominated the international box office and became one of ...

- The Conversation - UK

Trump's rejection of national climate report would do more damage than exiting the Paris Agreement

One of the impacts of climate change is an increase in the frequency of heavy rain events. AP Photo/David J. PhillipA scientific report done every four years has been thrust into the spotlight because its findings directly contradict statements from the president and various Cabinet officials. If the Trump administration ...

- The Conversation - UK

Of renewables, Robocops and risky business

What a gas: one of Moreland's new hydrogen-powered garbage trucks. Takver/, CC BYA while ago I asked what types of people will lead our great energy transition. Well, some of them seem to be living in North Melbourne. Earlier this month I watched as Victoria's Climate Change Minister Lily D'Ambrosio announced ...

- The Conversation - UK

Climate Change Might Increase Drought Recovery Times, Something Ecosystems Would Struggle With

Drought recovery times are expected to take longer as climate change continues and some ecosystems might not be able to take it.

- Yahoo! News - US

State tells SC it filed for Kalasa-Banduri approval, Centre begs to differ

The Karnataka government has claimed before the Supreme Court that it had applied for forest clearance of the Kalasa-Banduri drinking water project. This is in clear contrast to the affidavit filed by the Union government before the court.It has received no proposal from Karnataka for environmental clearance of the project, ...

- Deccan Herald - IN

Modern genetic sequencing tools give clearer picture of how corals are related

The documentary "Chasing Coral," released on Netflix in July, is a cinematic warning about how the bleaching of coral reefs may foreshadow how these marine animals will respond to climate change. Corals are key to ocean health because they support the densest, most diverse ecosystems—harboring species from turtles to ...

- PhysOrg - NL

129I waste used to track ocean currents for 15,000 km after discharge from nuclear plants

Radioactive 129I has travelled the equivalent of a third of the way round the globe, since being released from nuclear fuel reprocessing plants in the UK and France. The iodine's 15,000 km journey begins in the nuclear plants at Sellafield and La Hague and continues via the Arctic Ocean and then southward via the Grand ...

- PhysOrg - NL

Norway's climate hypocrisy: Clean at home, dirty in the Arctic

Norway trumpets its low carbon footprint, but a new report says plans to ramp up oil and gas production in the Arctic will increase its emissions by half again - making a mockery of its Paris Agreement promises.

- Deutsche Welle - DE

Russian power most feared in Europe

Climate change and the Islamic State are a bigger threat in the world than Russia, a fresh PEW survey showed. Globally, 31% said Russian power poses a major threat to their nation, compared to 62% for IS, 61% for climate change and 51% for cyberattacks and for the global economy. Europe is the region least confident in ...

- EU Observer - EU

Swiss, EU move closer to linking emissions trading systems

ZURICH - Switzerland and the European Union have moved closer to linking their carbon emissions trading systems after the European Commission and Swiss government gave their backing for a deal.

- Reuters - US

California scientists push to create massive climate-research programme

Effort backed by the state's flagship universities comes as US President Donald Trump shrugs off global warming.

- Nature - UK

Freetown floods

How geography, climate change and politics contributed to Sierra Leone's latest disaster.

- BBC - UK

Weathering the violence caused by climate change

As world leaders grapple with the environmental effects of climate change, they also need to confront the direct threat that it poses to global security.

- The Japan Times - JP

Lots of enhancements for C-Class and GLC: New special models and connectivity offers

Fuel consumption combined: 7.5 - 5.3 l/100 km; Combined CO2 emissions: 169 - 122 g/km. The Smartphone Integration is now available as an option for the Audio 20 USB and Audio 20 CD systems. With this equipment, expected to be available from the third quarter of this year, compatible smartphones with the appropriate ...

- WebWire - US

Russian scientist says leave coal in the ground

Nearly all of the world's coal reserves and 30 percent of its oil should be left alone in order to keep climate change at bay, a Russian scientist said.

- UPI - US

Good environmental news! The 1987 ozone treaty had a surprising positive side effect

The 1987 ozone treaty had a surprising positive side effect The 30-year-old Montreal Protocol is the unsung hero in our current battle against climate change 16 Aug 2017 Environment


How War Pollutes the Potomac River

The Pentagon’s impact on the river on whose bank it sits is not simply the diffuse impact of global warming and rising oceans contributed to by the U.S. military’s massive oil consumption. The U.S. military also directly poisons the Potomac River ...

- Scoop NZ - NZ

Court Stops Expansion of Country's Largest Proposed Underground Coal Mine Over Climate Impacts

Sierra ClubIn a rebuff to the Trump administration's decision to ignore climate change in federal decision-making, a U.S. District Court judge on Monday invalidated a proposed expansion of Signal Peak Energy's Bull Mountain mine because its climate impacts were not adequately considered.

- Common Dreams - US

Stores waste tons of CO2 a day by blasting A/C with the doors open

For the sake of the planet, it’s time to be more mindful of how we're using A/C

- Grist Magazine - US

Trump wants to ignore the effects of climate change when permitting infrastructure projects.

President Trump signed an executive order Tuesday that he said will streamline the environmental review required to get large public construction efforts , like roads, bridges, and buildings , off the ground. From the gilded lobby of Trump Tower, the …

- Grist Magazine - US

Meet July, the hottest month yet

This is climate change in action.

- Grist Magazine - US

Climate change projected to significantly increase harmful algal blooms in U.S. freshwaters

Harmful algal blooms known to pose risks to human and environmental health in large freshwater reservoirs and lakes are projected to increase because of climate change, according to a team of researchers led by a Tufts University scientist.The team developed a modeling framework that predicts that the largest increase in ...

- ENN - US

Nebraska education board looks at climate-change teaching

- Education Week - US

Lucifer and the fish

Sea surface temperatures exceeded a staggering 30˚C last week. Such high temperatures are not only affecting people who flock to the sea in the vain hope of cooling off, but are also affecting marine life. From scientific studies, we know that the effects of rising sea temperatures on fish are likely to be numerous. ...

- - MT

Arctic's Epic Mosquito Swarms May Get Worse with Climate Change

The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet. Across the tundra, the rapid changes are affecting creatures large and small. That includes the ferocious Arctic mosquito and the caribou it torments. It's a snapshot of how climate change is rippling through entire ecosystems around the world. VOA's Steve ...

- Voice of America - US

'Donald Trump forest' climate change project gains momentum

Campaigners plan to plant enough trees to counteract the climate impact of the US President.

- BBC - UK