Chemical weapons

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Report: U.N. Agency Is Helping North Korea with Patent for Nerve Gas Component.

Fox News reported on Monday that North Korea has been working on an international patent application for producing sodium cyanide, which can be used in nerve gas, with the help of a U.N. agency.

- Breitbart - US

ISIS consolidating chemical weapons, warn US officials.

Washington: In an alarming report, a United States intelligence official informed that ISIS maybe bringing together Iraqi and Syrian experts on chemical weapons into a 'chemical weapon cell.'The U.S. intelligence believes that the ISIS is securing its chemical arsenal to boost its ability to defend its remaining ...

- Sify - IN

US sanctions individuals, entities linked to Syrian government.

Two days after the alleged chemical attack, the United States launched 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airbase to neutralise its chemical weapon arsenal.

- Zee News - IN

Report: U.N. agency was assisting North Korea file nerve gas patent request.

A United Nations agency may have been assisting North Korea with an international patent application for a chemical.

- UPI - US