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Morning Update: Canada pushing to revamp NAFTA provision; Gay Chechen refugee threatened.

Also: Calgary Flames go on a power play against city with arena proposal; a labour shortage in the food business

- The Globe and Mail - CA

Gay Chechen refugee physically threatened in Toronto.

Threats against gay Chechen man brought safely to Canada raise concerns about Ottawa's promises to protect refugees

- The Globe and Mail - CA

Latest car blast in Kyiv: Police considering 3 main versions of assassination of 'Kadyrov's personal enemy'.

Ukrainian law enforcers are working out three versions of the murder downtown Kyiv on Friday of a Georgian citizen, ethnic Chechen Ali Timaev, known as Timur Makhauri, Interior Ministry's spokesman Artem Shevchenko told 112 Ukraine TV channel.


Belarus Police Stop a Chechen Woman En Route To Safety in Norway.

Expand The national coat of arms is seen at the terminal of Minsk International Airport near the village of Sloboda, Belarus May 19, 2016. © 2016 Reuters On September 4, Belarus police officials stopped a 22-year-old Russian woman of Chechen origin waiting for a flight at Minsk airport. They forced Luisa to go with them to ...

- Human Rights Watch - US

Chechen leader's foreign policy involvement likely to be aimed at securing political influence, financial resources from Russia.

Event On 5 August 2017 in Grozny, Chechnya, up to 50,000 people joined a rally in protest against the Myanmar government's treatment of Muslim Rohingya minority. A day earlier there was a 1,000-strong protest outside Myanmar's embassy in Moscow and a 2,000-strong march in Makhachkala, Dagestan.

- Jane’s - US

Chechnya’s Persecuted Gays Find Refuge in Canada.

The Canadian government has quietly allowed gay men and lesbians from the Russian republic to seek safety in Canada over the past three months.

- International NY Times - US


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