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Catalan independence movement hurts Spanish economy, companies claim.

Spanish business leaders think Catalonia's push to split from Spain is negatively affecting the economy, even if the effects are not directly impacting their companies. The economy minister also warned of economc damage.

- Deutsche Welle - DE

Spain threatens to cut funds for Catalonia over referendum plan.

Region would have to certify that money was not being used to prepare for vote

- Financial Times - US

Dali exhumed to test if fortune teller is his daughter.

Forensics experts exhumed Salvador Dali's remains from a tomb in his Spanish hometown on Thursday, nearly three decades after his death, in order to test a fortune teller's claims that she is the only daughter of the surrealist. Working behind closed doors, they removed a slab weighing more than a tonne which covers the ...

- Yahoo! News - US

Spain threatens to cut Catalonia funds over referendum.

Spain's central government on Friday threatened to cut off funds for Catalonia unless the region's administration can prove it is not using state money to prepare a referendum on independence.

- The Local - ES

Spain vows to cut off funds to Catalonia over independence vote.

Spain's central government says Catalonia must prove it is not using state funds to prepare for an independence referendum. Madrid is to conduct weekly audits to ensure no taxpayer money goes towards paying for the vote.

- Deutsche Welle - DE

Poll shows dip in support for Catalonia independence ahead of vote.

Support for independence in the prosperous Spanish region of Catalonia is waning less than three months ahead of a planned referendum, an opinion poll published on Friday indicated.

- - IE

In surreal twist, Salvador Dali exhumed in paternity lawsuit.

Salvador Dali's embalmed remains have been exhumed in order to find genetic samples that could settle whether one of the founding figures of surrealism fathered a girl decades ago. Pilar Abel, a 61-year-old tarot card reader, claims her mother had an affair with Dali while working as a domestic helper in the Spanish town of ...

- - MT

Salvador Dali's body removed from crypt for DNA check for woman claiming to be his child.

Catalonia's High Court says forensic experts have successfully removed biological samples from Salvador Dali's body 27 years after it was embalmed

- Global News - CA

Posters of ex-dictator Franco'order' Catalonians not to vote.

Campaign by left-wing separatist movement ahead of referendum