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Image: Rover sunset.

A rover crawls over rocky terrain on Spain's Canary Island of Lanzarote, also known as the island of a thousand volcanoes. A drone follows it closely from the sky as the Sun sets.

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Gadgets for Mars.

Paris Nov 22, 2017 A mini-rover, tools once used on the Moon and lasers for 3D mapping are in the backpack of the explorers of tomorrow. The terrain will be hazardous and it will be dark in volcanic caves, but this equipment could one day help to scout other planets. The alien-like landscapes of Lanzarote, Spain, are almost ...

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Effects of feeding populations of the green turtle in the Canary Islands: High consumption of fat, pollutants and behaviour changes.

Feeding the animals is altering the behavior and eating habits of the green turtle in the Canary Islands , concludes new research.

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Familiar-Looking Messenger from Another Solar System.

Tucson AZ Nov 21, 2017 The visit of the interstellar interloper 1I/2017 U1, recently spotted streaking through the solar system, gives the people of Earth their first chance to study up close an object from another planetary system. In a study carried out with the WIYN telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory and the ...

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Spain considers relocating Canary Islands naval base.

Spain is to look at moving its naval base on the Canary Island of Gran Canaria, defence minister María Dolores de Cospedal announced on 15 November. However, while she promised a commission to study possible new locations would be set up between the Ministry of Defence and local authorities by

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The Modern-Day Hippy Commune On a Remote Spanish Beach.

Papito at La Caleta. All photos by Nicolás Rodríguez Crespo. By Guillermo Rodríguez/Posted at; - Just miles from the centre of Tenerife's booming tourism strip, 20 people have are living as basic a life as possible. This article originally appeared … Continue reading → The post The Modern-Day Hippy ...

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Astronaut meets volcano.

An expedition of astronauts, planetary scientists and engineers is off to Spain's Canary Island of Lanzarote to learn best how to explore uncharted planets. The training will equip space travellers with a geologist's eye.

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