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President Radev on Vatican Visit.

Following his participation in the NATO summit in Brussels, Bulgarian President Ruen Radev has arrived in Rome leading a delegation which will visit the Vatican in connection with the Day of the Bulgarian Education and Culture and of the Slavonic Alphabet, reported BNR. The visit's agenda includes an audience at Pope ...

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Premiers of Bulgaria and Turkey Discuss Situation in Balkans.

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and his Turkish counterpart Binali Yildirim discussed over the phone the situation in the Balkans, reported the Bulgarian National Radio. The leaders have found that cooperation between Bulgaria and Turkey is of particular importance for the stability of the region and for cutting the migration ...

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Code Yellow Warning Issued Over Heavy Rain in 18 Bulgarian Districts.

Code yellow warning was issued over heavy rainfall in 18 districts in Bulgaria, according to the website of the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology .The warning applies for the districts of Vidin, Montana, Vratsa, Pleven, Veliko Tarnovo, Gabrovo, Lovech, Sofia region, Sofia, Pernik, Kyustendil, Blagoevgrad, ...

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4 People Dead, 15 Injured in Road Accidents During the Past Day.

 Four people have died in road accidents in Bulgaria during the past 24 hours, the press centre of the Ministry of Interior announced. A total of 15 road accidents occurred in the country, in which there were 15 people injured, while the lives of three others were in danger. In the capitol Sofia, a total of 132 minor ...

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Sporting briefs.

Mandzukic: Mario Mandzukic has committed his future to Serie A champions Juventus for at least three years. The 31-year-old Croatia forward has scored 11 goals for Juve in all competitions this term, helping the Bianconeri reach the Champions League final with a strike against Monaco in the last four. Japan: Japan coach ...

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Minister Nikolay Nankov: E-Vignette System Will be Flexible.

''Electronic vignettes will replace current paper stickers for light vehicles. There will be options for one-day and weekend vignettes, while prices won't exceed the current ones'', Regional Development Minister Nikolay Nankov told Bulgarian National Television's quoted by the ministry's press office. The pricing model ...

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Friday essay: desecration and romanticisation ‚Äď the real curse of mummies.

Sofia Boutella rises from the dead in The Mummy. Universal PicturesThis June Hollywood's tomb of old ideas will creak open yet again and present the tale of an ancient Egyptian tomb disturbed by a bumbling archaeologist and/or action-adventure hero, who inadvertently and unwittingly unleashes a curse. This curse will ...

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Paradise found.

As the summer travel season begins,we asked Monitor writers, past and present, to tell us about places that have moved them the most. Their postcards take us from a walking safari in Zambia to the monasteries of Bulgaria to a marathon in Havana.

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Surfers practise, line up on beach to display their skills.

Playing with waters is not new for 15-year-old Karunya from Chilimbi. After taking to swimming eight years ago, she is all set to test her mettle 'high on tide' in surfing at the three-day Indian Open of Surfing 2017 which starts at Sasihithlu beach from Friday.Unlike others, what makes it exquisite further about Karunya ...

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Bulgarian Helsinki Committee Launches a Campaign for Abolishment.

The Bulgarian Helsinki Committee , the leading organization for protecting human rights, is about to be shut down, reports Mediapool. In a video, part of the campaign, several Bulgarian activists, public men and journalists urge for closing down the Committee. In its video BHC announces that shutting down will be possible ...

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Sofia Disagrees with Putin Claim that Slavonic Alphabet Arrived in Russia From Macedonian Land.

Bulgarian politicians have reacted sharply to claim of Russian President Vladimir Putin that the Slavonic alphabet had arrived in Russia from Macedonian land. Putin voiced this thesis while in a meeting with his Macedonian counterpart Gjorge Ivanov and his words were quoted on the Kremlin website, BNR reported. In ...

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International Poetry Festival Begins Today in Plovdiv

The international poetry festival opens up under the slogan Spiritualty without limits', announces the Bulgarian National Radio. The event will entail a night, devoted to Polish, English, Bulgarian and Turkish poetry alongside with some translated literature. The fair will take place in Plovdiv`s National Library Ivan ...

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Bulgarian Christians Celebrate Ascension of Christ

Today Christians honor the Feast of the Ascension known as Spasovden in Bulgarian folklore beliefs, according to BNR. It is always marked on Thursday, the 40th day after Resurrection. According to the New Testament 40 days after Resurrection Jesus Christ remained on Earth to preach His teaching and communicate with the ...

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Total Turnover Index in Transportation and Storage Sector up 2.4% in Q1 2017

During the first quarter of 2017, the total turnover index in the Transportation and Storage sector in Bulgaria went up by 2.4% compared to the fourth quarter of 2016, according to a statistic of the National Statistical Institute , cited by Focus News Agency. The turnover index in services comprises activities included in ...

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International Conference on Bulgarian Church's Contribution to Saving Bulgarian Jews to Take Place in Sofia

An international conference about the contribution of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church to the rescue of Bulgarian Jews is taking place in Sofia, Focus News Agency reported.The conference was organised on the occasion of the nomination of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church for Nobel Peace Prize for 2017 for the saving of 48 000 ...

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100 Bulgarian Books Were Introduced to the Library of Congress in Washington D.C

One hundred Bulgarian books were introduced to the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. on the occasion of May 24th, Day of Bulgarian Education, Culture and Slavic Script, according to NOVA TV.At a special ceremony in Washington, the books were introduced on the Day of Slavic Literature and Culture. They are part of a 30 ...

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3 People Dead, 23 Injured in Road Accidents During Past Day

Three people died in road accidents during the past 24 hours in Bulgaria, the press centre of the Ministry of Interior announced. A total of 20 road accidents occurred in the country, in which 23 people were injured and one's life was in danger. In the capitol Sofia, a total of 137 minor and 4 serious road accidents ...

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No Immediate Refugee Wave Threat to Bulgaria

The Military Information Sevice at the Ministry of Defense has informed the Defense Parliamentary Committee on the current military and political situation in Southeast Europe and the implications for national security, according to BNR. After the meeting, the chairman of the committee, Konstantin Popov, commented that ...

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President Rumen Radev: 'Terrorism is Spreading in Europe and NATO Must Counteract'

Immediately before NATO's summit in Brussels, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev commented that terrorism was spreading in Europe and that NATO must counteract, quoted by BNR. ''Enhancing the alliance's contribution to the fight against terrorism is extremely important for Bulgaria. It is also very important for NATO to give ...

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Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, Elle Fanning all smiles at Cannes

Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst and Elle Fanning promoted Sofia Coppola's movie "The Beguiled" at the 2017 Cannes International Film Festival.

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Putin's Homage to Cyrillic Makes Bulgarians See Red

Vladimir Putin's claim, made at a meeting with the Macedonian President, that the Slavic alphabet came to Russia from Macedonia, has not gone down well in Bulgaria.

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Cannes: Coppola on top after French and American gender wars

The Cannes Film Festival gives us American and French battles of the sexes with Sofia Coppola's lavish art album The Beguiled' and Jacques Doillon's taxing biopic Rodin'.

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Bulgaria Needs More Reforms Before It Can Join Euro -ECB's Praet

''Bulgaria needs to show its economy is more closely aligned to its wealthier EU peers before it considers joining the euro zone'', the European Central Bank's chief economist Peter Praet said on Wednesday, Reuters reported.The Balkan country joined the European Union in 2007 and while it has relatively low inflation and ...

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5km Long Queue of Trucks Formed at the Exit of Kapitan Andreevo Border Checkpoint

Traffic is intense on the Bulgarian-Turkish border. At Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint, a 5km long queue of cargo vehicles formed at the exit, while a 2km long one formed at Lesovo border checkpoint, the press centre of Chief Directorate Border Police announced. The traffic information on Bulgarian border checkpoints ...

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Yellow Code For Intensive Rains and Thunders For 7 Regions

Yellow code for intensive rains and thunders is in force for 7 regions in the country, the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology  said on its website. The warning is valid for Kyustendil, Blagoevgrad, Pazardzhik, Smolyan, Lovech, Gabrovo and Veliko Tarnovo. Rains are expected in the amount of 15-20 litres/sq m, ...

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aleri Simeonov to be Chairman of the National Council for Cooperation on Ethnic and Integration Issues

Deputy Prime Minister on economic and demographic policy Valeri Simeonov will be chairman of the National Council for Cooperation on Ethnic and Integration Issues, attached to the Council of Ministers, the government's press office said.The council is a coordination and consultation body, assisting the Council of ...

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Why are Tom Cruise's love interests in The Mummy 20 years younger than him?

Tom Cruise's love interests, Annabelle Wallis, 32, and Sofia Boutella, 35, in his latest film The Mummy are 22 and 19 years his junior respectively.

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PM Boyko Borisov: 'Terrorist Threat For Bulgaria is Not Small'

''The threat from terrorism for Bulgaria is not small'', Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said commenting the terrorist attack in Manchester, quoted by the Bulgarian National Radio. He explained that world diplomacy ought to have stopped wars in the Middle East long ago: ''the wars in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan ...

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International Monetary Fund: 'Bulgaria Needs Further Banking Supervision Strengthening'

Owing to reforms, capital and liquidity buffers the Bulgarian banking system has stabilized in the wake of the closure of Corporate Commercial Bank in 2014. This is the finding of the International Monetary Fund following its evaluation of the stability of Bulgaria's financial system, BNR reported. IMF recommends further ...

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The Beguiled: A Sly Ode to the Sensuality of Deceit

Sofia Coppola's The Beguiled, playing at Cannes in competition, may be a remake of a 1971 Don Siegel revenge thriller starring Clint Eastwood, but it's really its own hypnotic yet hardy species of flora, a daylily crossed with a twisted root vegetable. Its skin is pretty, but its heart is dark. Though it borrows some…

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Cannes: French and US gender warfare and a bored audience walk out of biopic 'Rodin'

The Cannes Film Festival gives us American and French battles of the sexes with Sofia Coppola's lavish art album The Beguiled' and Jacques Doillon's taxing biopic Rodin'.

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Understanding star formation in the nucleus of galaxy IC 342

An international team of researchers used NASA's Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy, SOFIA, to make maps of the ring of molecular clouds that encircles the nucleus of galaxy IC 342. The maps determined the proportion of hot gas surrounding young stars as well as cooler gas available for future star formation. ...

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Bulgarian Teachers to Receive 15% Pay Rise This Fall

''The salaries of the Bulgarian Teachers will increase with 15% this fall'', said the Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov, according to bTV. September's growth will be the same for all, as there is no mechanism yet to be linked to the results of their work. However, the next increases will be given after well done job. The ...

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President Rumen Radev: 'In The Hierarchy of Spirit and Culture, the Leaders are Not Politicians but the Knights of Letters

''In the hierarchy of spirit and culture, the leaders are not politicians, but the knights of the letters.'' This is what Bulgarian President Rumen Radev stated during the official ceremony on the occasion of May 24, the Bulgarian Education and Culture, and Slavonic Literature Day, in front of the St. St. Cyril and ...

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Vice President Iliyana Yotova: 'We Cannot Have Other Priority Than Education'

''Today we often ask ourselves as Bulgarians what our main national priority should be. We cannot have a priority as a country and nation other than education'', Vice President Iliyana Yotova said in Topolovgrad. She took part in celebrations for the Day of Topolovgrad and the Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture and ...

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President Rumen Radev to Attend NATO Summit in Brussels and Make Official Visit to Vatican

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev will take part in the Meeting of NATO Heads of State and Government in Brussels on 25 May, the press secretariat of the head of state announced. The focus of the meeting is expected to be on issues related to just distribution of member states' financial contributions to the Alliance's ...

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Accession to Eurozone Remains Top Priority for Bulgaria

''Accession to the Eurozone remains top priority for Bulgaria'', Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov said at a conference for the 25th anniversary of the Association of Commercial Banks in Bulgaria, according to BNR. ''I heard an interesting announcement from Commissioner Moscovici that an unconventional proposal to the ...

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The Importance of Gerontology Today and in the Future

Thanks to the impact of modern medicine and healthcare technology, human life expectancy has increased dramatically. While this is good news for all of us, it has now also become necessary to provide physical and mental assistance to an ever-increasing elderly population. This is exactly where gerontologists come in with ...

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Kidman takes aim at sexism as Coppola film wows Cannes

HOLLYWOOD stars Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell said Wednesday they wanted to throw their star power behind more movies made by women, after the Cannes premiere of their battle-of-the-sexes thriller. “The Beguiled”, which drew warm applause, marks the third outing at the world’s biggest film festival for ...

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Sofia Coppola takes Colin Farrell to girls' school in 'The Beguiled'

CANNES, France - Sofia Coppola brought her remake of "The Beguiled" to Cannes on Wednesday, putting Colin Farrell through the pleasures and pain that Clint Eastwood experienced in the 1971 original.

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Sofia Coppola & 'Beguiled' Cast On The Big Screen Experience: “A Unique One In Our Modern Lives”- Cannes

At CinemaCon, director Sofia Coppola said about her film The Beguiled, "I hope people see it in the theater, where it was meant to be seen." Those words resonated with exhibitors who are continually threatened by the emerging streaming content world. Today at the press conference for her film at the Cannes Film Festival, ...

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Skyscraper Frenzy Divides Locals in Bulgarian Capital

New projects to build high-rises in the centre of Sofia are transforming the city's apprearance - but are also drawing a good deal of local opposition.

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Cannes: Sofia Coppola Speaks Out in Support of Theatrical Releases for Movies

Sofia Coppola, speaking at the Cannes Film Festival press conference for her American Civil War movie The Beguiled,' spoke out in favor of giving films a theatrical release rather than an online-only release. always looks better seen on the big screen,' Coppola said, adding that the atmosphere in a theater added to the...

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Many Clouds, Short Rains in Many Places in the Afternoon, with Thunders

In Western and Central Bulgaria cloudiness will be significant, rainy in the afternoon with short rains in many places, combined with thunders. Rains will be intensive in some areas, and there are conditions for hail as well. In Eastern Bulgaria there will be more sun. This is the weather forecast of the National Institute ...

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Bulgaria Celebrates Day of Education, Culture, Slavonic Alphabet

Bulgaria is celebrating on Tuesday the Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture and Slavonic Alphabet. Also known as Saints Cyril and Methodius' Day, May 24 commemorates the deed of Saints Cyril and Methodius, the two brothers who are credited with founding the Slavonic alphabet in the ninth century. Cyril and Methodius were ...

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PM Boyko Borisov: 'Investment in Education of Future Generations is Among our Main Aspirations Today'

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov expressed congratulations for the Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture and Slavonic Literature with a Facebook posting.''The work of Saints Cyril and Methodius has always been one of our brightest holidays. I wish health and success to all teachers, educational, cultural and spiritual ...

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Bulgarian Delegation Visits Rome for May 24

By tradition, May 24, the Day of the Slavonic Alphabet and of Bulgarian Education and Culture is marked at San Clemente basilica in Rome and by paying homage to the grave of St.Constantine-Cyril the Philosopher, creator of the earliest Bulgarian alphabet in 9 c. A delegation led by Bulgarian Minister of Culture Boil Banov ...

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6km Queue of Cargo Vehicles at Kapitan Andreevo Border Checkpoint

On the Bulgarian-Turkish border there is a 6km queue of cargo vehicles at Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint, at exit from the country, while at Lesovo checkpoint ‚Äď 3km, the press office of Chief Directorate Border Police said.On the Bulgarian-Romanian border there is a 2km queue of cargo vehicles at Vidin checkpoint.Traffic is ...

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Yellow Code Announced for 7 Districts in Bulgaria Over Intense Rain

Yellow code was announced for 7 districts in Bulgaria over intense rain, according to the website of the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology .The code includes the districts of Sofia, Sofia region, Pernik, Kyustendil, Blagoevgrad, Pazardzhik, and Smolyan. There will be brief rain and thunder in these ...

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'Dark Universe': Universal monster series stars Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp

Universal Pictures has titled its planned monster movie series "Dark Universe" that begins with "The Mummy" starring Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella.

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