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NY Times: In Bulgaria, a Businessman Who Talks Like Trump.

After Donald Trump's surpising victory in the US eletion, Bulgaria has become one of the formerly Communist countries in the East going through a surge of populist politicians, the New York Times has noted in a profile of businessman Veselin Mareshki. The Varna-based entrepreneur, who owns a pharmaceutics chain, fuel ...

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Bulgaria's Ex IntMin Secretary Denies Using Office for Political Appointments.

Former Interior Ministry Chief Secretary Georgi Kostov has described his dismissal as an instance of "lawlessness" and has repeatedly argued he was pressured into stepping down. Bulgarian President Rumen Radev earlier this week signed a decree dismissing Kostov, who had been appointed in 2015 under the previous government. ...

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Bulgaria's Vice President 'Cannot Give Up Party Overnight'.

Vice President Iliana Iotova has fended off claims that the Bulgarian Socialist Party is wielding influence on the presidency. In an interview with private NOVA TV, however, she has warned one cannot expect of her to "give up the BSP overnight." "Twenty of my best years are linked to the BSP," Iotova, a former MEP and core ...

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Ukrainians Clash with Locals over Bulgarian Dog Spinning Ritual.

Ukrainian and Bulgarian environmentalists have got into a scuffle with locals in a southeastern Bulgarian village over a controversial ritual performed there every year. Dozens of people have arrived in the Brodilovo village in the Strandzha mountains, led by an environmentalist organization and handing out stuffed toy dogs ...

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Jerusalem Post: A Bulgarian Love Affair with Israel.

A politician who "wans to look to the future... has to come to Israel, not once, but many times," Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev has told the Jerusalem Post. In an interview with the paper, which publishes a story about his live for Israel, he says: Israel is a very special country in my heart. We feel very strongly ...

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Bulgaria's Election Commission Delays Decision on Voting Machines.

Election authorities in Bulgaria are not to decide until Saturday on whether voting machines will be commissioned for the snap poll due in a month. The final say is expected a day into the election campaign, after the Central Election Commission said needed more time than the initial deadline on Friday as it was waiting for ...

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Bulgarian Town Residents to Demonstrate in Support of Syrian Refugees.

Locals in Elin Pelin, Western Bulgaria, will protest against authorities' decision to deny registration to a Syrian family. The development sparked outrage across Bulgaria, but also a wave of support for Elin Pelin's mayor who cited fears of the locals that a wave of migrants might follow if the Syrians are allowed to ...

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East Europeans leaving U.K. since Brexit vote.

Migrants from eight Eastern European countries are increasingly leaving Britain after the Brexit vote but the number arriving from Bulgaria and Romania has jumped, official data released Thursday showed.

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Pop music ban a hit on Bulgarian radio.

Bulgaria's public radio has been given a surprise boost in listenership after a copyright war limited the broadcaster to airing music recorded at least 70 years ago.

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Former PM Borisov Suspects Imminent Manipulation of Elections.

GERB's leader Boyko Borisov has expressed his suspicions about a manipulation of the elections and the appearance of certain personalities in the interim government making appointments. The announcement was made after a meeting with the Bulgarian Construction Chamber. This comprehensive change of cadres – at ports, ...

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Former Regional Governor of Haskovo Indicted for Biser Flood.

The former regional governor of Haskovo Irena Uzunova has been indicted for the flood in the village of Biser, reported Focus agency. Five years after the tragedy, the Prosecutor's Office identified for the first time a concrete person as responsible for the incident in which 11 people died and tens of houses were ...

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European MPs To Call On EC To Reinstate Visa Regime for US Citizens

European deputies might call on the European Commission to reinstate the visa regime for US citizens, reported Ekonomik.bg. The purpose is to encourage Washington to abolish visas required for the citizens of Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland and Romania. Recently, the group of Socialists and Democrats in the European ...

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The Saturday Profile: In Bulgaria, a Businessman Who Talks Like Trump

Veselin Mareshki, a tycoon running for president in Bulgaria, welcomes comparisons with President Trump, saying, 'we will be able to change the world.'

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Regional Minister Popnikolov To Discuss Building Sanitation Programme With BDB, Municipalities

Interim Regional Minister Spas Popnikolov will discuss the problems of the National Building Sanitation Programme with representatives of the Association of Municipalities and the Bulgarian Development Bank . The Association of Municipalities demanded an immediate re-launch of the building sanitation programme on Thursday. ...

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Election Campaign Starts in Bulgaria

The official election campaign for the snap parliamentary elections started on Friday. It will continue until 24:00 hrs on March 24 after which all campaigning will be banned until the end of the election day on March 26. There are 20 parties and coalitions which registered candidates lists. According to preliminary ...

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THAI warns of delays during runway repairs

Thai Airways International Plc is fully prepared for the anticipated delays during the scheduled two-month repairs on one of its runways at Suvarnabhumi airport, says an executive.

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Bulgarian, Romanian Migration to UK Hits Record High

While immigration overall to the UK dropped to its lowest for the past two years in 2016, the number of Romanians and Bulgarian migrants to Britain reached an all-time high of 74,000 people. 

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Bulgarians Abroad Not To Be Able To Mark Preferences on Ballots in Snap Elections

Bulgarians who will vote in the country in the snap parliamentary elections on March 26 will be able to note their preference for a candidate for parliamentary deputy on the list of the preferred political formation but Bulgarians voting abroad will not be able to do so. The reason is that Bulgaria is divided into 31 ...

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Rise in Eastern Europeans leaving UK since Brexit vote

Migrants from eight Eastern European countries are increasingly leaving Britain after the Brexit vote but the number arriving from Bulgaria and Romania has jumped, official data released today showed.

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Gallup: 73% of Bulgarians Support Trump's Policy Against Migrants

The majority of adult Bulgarians – 73% approve of the idea for citizens of certain Muslim countries to be forbidden entry in Bulgaria – an idea similar to Donald Trump's policy. 14% of Bulgarians are against and the rest hesitate. 1.7 million Bulgarians already consider their future with apprehensions about terrorism. ...

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Bulgaria's Constitutional Court Abolishes Compulsory Voting

Bulgaria's Constitutional court has abolished unanimously compulsory voting, reported Praven Svyat. The decision was adopted with 11 votes for' since Anastas Anastasov was absent from the meeting on Thursday. The decision overrules the entire text of Art. 242  para.A which entered into force on May 25, 2016. The text ...

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Bulgaria Ranks 2nd in Utilisation of EU Funds for SMEs

Bulgaria ranks second in terms of the utilisation of European funds for small and medium-size enterprises , announced in Sofia European Internal Market Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska. She was a guest at the European Forum dedicated to economic growth and entrepreneurship. In her address to the participants in the forum, ...

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BSP's Ninova Nominated for Vice President of Socialist International

The chairwoman of BSP Korneliya Ninova confirmed that she has been nominated for Vice President of the Socialist International. Yes, I have been nominated. I was invited personally by Mr. Luis Ayala who is the Secretary General of the international organisation,' stated Ninova and added: I accept this as recognition for ...

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Bulgarians Abroad Not To Be Able To Note Preferences on Ballots in Snap Elections

Bulgarians who will vote in the country in the snap parliamentary elections on March 26 will be able to note their preference for a candidate for parliamentary deputy on the list of the preferred political formation but Bulgarians voting abroad will not be able to do so. The reason is that Bulgaria is divided into 31 ...

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'Russia's arming Serbia - Bulgaria has rearmament problems'

Former head of the Bulgarian national intelligence service, Kircho Kirov, thinks that Serbia is becoming "a regional military factor." Beta agency reported this on Thursday, citing Kirov as saying that his country, as a NATO member, "has problems with its rearmament, while Serbia is receiving modern Russian combat equipment ...

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EUR 285 million from IPA funds for cross-border cooperation

A total of EUR 284 million from EU's IPA funds cross-border cooperation will become available to Serbia by 2020. This concerns cooperation with Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Macedonia, Croatia and two transnational program of cooperation – the Danube program and the Adriatic-Ionian program.

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More east European migrants leaving UK after Brexit vote

MIGRANTS from eight eastern European countries are increasingly leaving Britain after the Brexit vote but the number arriving from Bulgaria and Romania has jumped, official data released yesterday showed. Data from the Office for National Statistics also showed that in the year ending in September 2016, net migration ...

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Suvarnabhumi loader nabbed in B100,000 theft

A baggage handler at Suvarnabhumi airport has been arrested over the theft of valuables worth 100,000 baht from a passenger's checked luggage.

- BangkokPost - TH

'Pro-Russia' Label Hounds Bulgaria's New President

"The whole theory that Radev is pro-Russia comes from his appeal to the EU to withdraw the sanctions against Moscow."

- Global Voices - US

Athens Blocked by 24-Hour Strike of Public Transport Employees

Public transport employees in Athens are beginning a 24-hour strike on Thursday in order to protest against the plans for the privatisation of public transport vehicles, reported BTA. Three protests have been planned. The first is for Thursday and the other two are scheduled for March 1 and March 3. The leaders of the ...

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Sofia Municipality Evacuated Due To Bomb Signal

An evacuation has begun of the building of Sofia Municipality in Moskovska St. due to a signal about a bomb, reported BGNES. The signal about a bomb was submitted at a very interesting moment when there are several questions related to the lack of quality in the construction of Sofia boulevards, carried out by the ...

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Two Groups of Foreign Observers To Monitor Elections in Bulgaria

The observers from the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights with OSCE who will arrive in Bulgaria for the parliamentary elections are 19. On Thursday, their mission was opened officially in Bulgaria and their leader is Roman Yakich. The group of 19 people will be split in two units. The main team of 11 ...

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SGC to be expanded through extra interconnectors

The Southern Gas Corridor project will be significantly expanded through the construction of additional interconnectors in Europe, said Bulgarian Energy Minister Nikolay Pavlov.

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Consultative Council on South Gas Corridor To Meet in Baku

The third meeting of the Consultative Council on the project South Gas Corridor will start in Baku on Thursday. Representatives of the European Commission, Georgia, Turkey, Albania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy and Greece will discuss the prospects for transporting 10 billion cubic metres of Azerbaijani gas from the ...

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Interior Ministry Chief Secretary Submits Signal Against Bulgaria's PM Gerdzhikov

The Chief Secretary of the Interior Ministry Georgi Kostov who was dismissed on Wednesday has accused the interim PM Ognyan Gerdzhikov and the Interior Minister Plamen Uzunov of putting pressure on him. On Nova TV, Kostov said that Plamen Uzunov threatened him that he will be discredited if he does not resign. Kostov has ...

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NATO Black Sea Plans Cause Dissent in Bulgaria

NATO's commitment to increasing its presence in the Black Sea region has sparked bitter quarrels between Bulgaria's main parties as they gear up for general elections in March. 

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Secretary General of Bulgaria's Interior Ministry To Be Dismissed

The Secretary General of the Interior Ministry Georgi Kostov will be dismissed, reported Interim Interior Minister Plamen Uzunov. The interim cabinet decided on Wednesday to ask President Rumen Radev to issue a decree for the dismissal of Kostov. In the period 2015 – 2016, enough data was collected that he has exercised ...

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Bulgaria Remains Among 12 Countries Subject to Special Monitoring

The European Commission has established yet again an extreme imbalance in Bulgaria's economy. The country remains among the 12 EU member-states which are subject to special monitoring. The bank sector has been stabilised but the legacy of weak supervision has not been overcome. Actions are still needed in order to remove ...

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Azerbaijan Waiting for Bulgaria To Construct Gas Link With Greece

The construction of the gas link between Bulgaria and Greece is expected to start in the beginning of 2018, stated interim Energy Minister Nikolay Pavlov in Azerbaijan. Pavlov pointed out that intensive work is being conducted at the moment on the preparation of the documents for the announcement of the tender for the ...

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State Ventures To Invest 50% of 2016 Profits on Behalf of Bulgaria

The government has decreed that state ventures and commercial enterprises have to invest 50% of their profits for 2016 on behalf of the state. The decree excludes health treatment facilities for inpatient aid and Water and Sewerage enterprises due to the fact that these have fulfilled the preliminary conditions in the water ...

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GERB, BSP Draw Consecutive-Number Ballots for Snap Elections

GERB and BSP will participate in the upcoming snap parliamentary elections with consecutive-number ballots. This became clear from the draw of the Central Election Commission which determined the sequence of the parties in the ballot. The randomness of the draw which resulted in DROM receiving the number 1 ballot caused ...

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Bulgarians Warned Against Believing 'Suicide Game' Stories

Stories about a Russian online game called 'Blue Whale', which unsubstantiated rumours have claimed coerces teenagers into suicide, have flooded Bulgarian social networks, causing hysteria among parents.

- Balkan Insight - UK

Bulgaria's Radev: NATO Exercises in Black Sea No Threat To Tourism

The planned military training exercises of NATO in the Black Sea agreed at the meeting in Warsaw in July 2016 have nothing to do with the idea of the so-called Black Sea fleet. These training exercises do not threaten boats, yachts and tourism', wrote on Facebook Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev. Radev reminded that such ...

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Bulgarian Court Initiates Trial Against Former Defence Minister

Sofia City Court has given the go ahead for one of the trials against former Defence Minister Nikolay Nenchev – the case for the MiG-29 fighter aircraft. Nenchev's lawyer Petar Bozhkov stated that Nenchev is registered as a candidate-deputy and is the leader of a party due to which the trial may not start until the ...

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Fire Bursts Out in Varna Mall

A fire has burst out in a mall in Varna. No injuries have been reported. The reason for the fire is the explosion of a gas bottle. Four teams of firefighters have been deployed and the fire has been put out. The director of the mall Ivo Genov explained for BNR that there is no risk of the fire spreading and promised ...

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Neo-Nazi rally held in Bulgarian capital despite municipal ban

,  An annual neo-Nazi rally was held in the capital of Bulgaria despite a municipal ban. The Lukov March, which celebrates the Bulgarian alliance with Nazi Germany, went off as scheduled on Saturday night in Sofia despite the ban issued by Mayor Yordanka Fandakova. The rally honoring the then-Bulgarian war minister Hristo ...

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Neo-Nazi rally held in Bulgarian capital despite ban

Annual neo-Nazi rally held in the capital of Bulgaria despite a municipal ban.

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Former Irish premier John Bruton on Brexit: "Britain should pay for our border checks"

The former Taoiseach says Brexit has been interpreted as "a profoundly unfriendly act" At Kapıkule, on the Turkish border with Bulgaria, the queue of lorries awaiting clearance to enter European Union territory can extend as long as 17km. Despite Turkey's customs union for goods with the bloc, hauliers can spend up to 30 ...

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National karatekas claim medals in Bulgaria

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Bulgarians Wishing To Vote Abroad Have One Week Left To Apply

Bulgarians living abroad have one week left to file applications in order to participate in the upcoming snap parliamentary elections on March 26. The deadline is February 28. So far, over 15,000 applications have been filed, showed data published on the website of the Central Election Commission . The largest number of ...

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