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Donald Trump believes EU27 more united after Brexit vote, Donald Tusk says.

Donald Trump backs the view that Brexit is an "incident not a trend", European Council President Donald Tusk has said. Mr Tusk said he had been "positively surprised" by the US president's take on Britain's decision to leave the European Union when they met in Brussels on Thursday. Mr Trump has previously voiced strong ...

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Trump rows shadow 'toughest G7 in years'.

G7 leaders held annual summit talks today with divisions on trade and climate change, and fresh friction surrounding Donald Trump, threatening to undermine a show of unity against jihadist terrorism."There is no doubt that this will be the most challenging G7 summit in years," European Union president Donald Tusk predicted, ...

- Deccan Herald - IN

All party leaders except Theresa May and Paul Nuttall sign EU citizen pledge.

The Home is Here campaign asks candidates to commit to guaranteeing the rights of EU nationals.  The leaders of the Tories and Ukip have refused to back a pledge to campaign for the rights of EU citizens signed by all the other mainstream parties.  Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, Lib Dem leader Tim Farron, SNP Westminster ...

- New Statesman - UK

British PM May's lead falls to new low of 5 points.

Prime Minister Theresa May's lead in the polls has fallen to five percentage points, a new low less than two weeks ahead of a June 8 election, but her personal rating recovered slightly in the days since the Manchester suicide bombing. May called the snap election to strengthen her hand in negotiations on Britain's exit ...

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'Significant' drop in EU migration to UK.

The UK's net migration, the amount of people entering and leaving the country, recorded a "statistically significant" decrease in 2016, to an estimated +248,000, down 84,000 from 2015, the Office for National Statistics said Thursday. The main reason was more EU citizens left the country: 117,000, up by 31,000 from 2015, ...

- EU Observer - EU

The EU's secret plan to expand euro membership is deeply flawed.

With Article 50 triggered and Brexit negotiations about to begin, the EU has responded as it always does and proclaimed that “more Europe” is required. A leaked memo from a secret meeting in Strasbourg, seen by German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, suggests the European Commission will force all EU ...

- City AM - UK

Cost pressure concerns rise as British consumer starts to look gloomy.

Cost pressures in Britain’s consumer services sector rose at the fastest rate since the financial crisis in the three months to May, as weaker than expected growth figures underlined the challenges facing British businesses. A balance of 60 per cent of consumer services firms reported total costs per worker employed ...

- City AM - UK

Flash Physics: Flytrap robot catches prey, doughnut-shaped 'planets', EU dishes out £55m for UK physics.

Today's selection of need-to-know updates from the world of physics

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Freedom of movement didn't start with the EU - it's the norm for Britain.

Britain has only had full controls on immigration for one 11-year period. There's a reason.  There was a short period of just 11 years between 1962 and 1973 when free movement of people did not apply in the UK. Other than during that time, businesses and public services have had easy access to workers from other countries. ...

- New Statesman - UK

5 scenarios that will definitely happen in Ukip Britain.

The Ukip general election 2017 manifesto is out.  On 8 June 2017, Ukip defied expectations and pulled off a 392 majority in the general election. Prime Minister Paul Nuttall swiftly enacted his manifesto pledges – all 63 pages of them. Now, thanks to Ukip, Britons no longer have to worry about silly things like the EU ...

- New Statesman - UK

EU citizens are leaving Brexit Britain.

Citizens of European Union countries are leaving the U.K. in masses amid the uncertainty following the country's vote for Brexit.

- CNNMoney - US

Net migration to UK falls 84,000 in 2016

More EU citizens left the UK, and fewer came, after the Brexit vote, new figures show.

- BBC - UK

Trump talks trade with EU, varied differences remain

By Alastair Macdonald and Philip Blenkinsop BRUSSELS - A smiling Donald Trump offered European Union chiefs assurances on security in Brussels on Thursday but EU officials did not conceal lingering differences with the U.S. president over Russia, trade and climate change. In talks before a summit of NATO leaders at the ...

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Is UK sick man of Europe? Not yet, even as economy slows sharply

By David Milliken LONDON - Britain's economy slowed more sharply than first thought in early 2017 as consumers felt the hit from the rise in inflation that followed the Brexit vote and exporters struggled to benefit from the weak pound. Thursday's downbeat official data - which contrasts with signs of acceleration in many ...

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Donald Trump raises Brexit jobs fears at EU meeting in Brussels

US President Donald Trump has voiced concerns that Americans may lose jobs due to Brexit, according to EU sources.  Trump is in Brussels today meeting with European Council president Donald Tusk and Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker. According to a Reuters source, the US leader told EU officials he is worried that ...

- City AM - UK

Trump in 'tough' NATO and EU talks

US President Donald Trump pressed nervous allies today to do more on terrorism after the Manchester bombing as he met EU and NATO leaders for the first time.Trump faced protests on his arrival in Brussels but he is getting a red-carpet welcome from Western allies eager to persuade him that his earlier harsh criticisms of ...

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A.M. Links: Montana Republican Charged With Assault for Body-Slamming Journalist, Trump in Brussels, Philippines May Extend Martial Law 'Throughout the Country'

President Donald Trump is in Brussels for meetings with NATO leaders and EU officials. New poll: 54 percent of voters "say Trump is abusing the powers of his office." Greg Gianforte, Republican candidate in today's special congressional election in Montana, has been charged with assault by the police after allegedly ...

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The truth behind the 'migrant work ethic'

ShutterstockThe European Union was expanded back in 2004 to include the eight nations of Central and Eastern Europe, known as the A8'. Immediately afterwards, the United Kingdom was one of only three member states to allow full access to workers from these countries. It was a decision influenced by the low projected figures ...

- The Conversation - UK

The Brexit effect: The fall in EU migration spells trouble for the UK

The 84,000 fall in net migration to 248,000 will harm an economy that is dependent on immigration. The UK may not have left the EU yet but Europeans are already leaving it. New figures from the ONS show that 117,000 EU citizens emigrated in 2016 - the highest level for six years. The exodus was most marked among eastern ...

- New Statesman - UK

Northern Ireland faces outsize risk as Brexit looms

Northern Ireland is the smallest of the four countries that make up the U.K., and the only one that shares a border with another EU member, the Republic of Ireland.

- Marketwatch - US

Will Brexit Drive Northern Ireland Out of the United Kingdom?

Britain's decision to leave the EU is having a profound impact on the two parts of Ireland, and on the territorial integrity of the United Kingdom itself.

- Carnegie Endowment - US

Net migration to the UK falls to 248,000 in 2016

More EU citizens left the UK, and fewer came, after the Brexit vote, new figures show.

- BBC - UK

Trump meets EU chiefs in Brussels

BRUSSELS, May 25 — US President Donald Trump met the European Union's top officials today in a bid to mend ties with a bloc he deeply alarmed by backing Brexit. Trump arrived for his first ever talks with EU Council President Donald Tusk and...

- The Malay Mail - MY

Net migration fell by 84,000 in 2016 as more EU citizens left the UK

Net migration to the UK was 248,000 last year - down 84,000 from 2015, according to figures from the National Statistics Office . The ONS said the change was driven by a statistically significant increase in emigration, which was up 40,000 from 2015, and mainly comprised EU citizens and a decrease of 43,000 in immigration. ...

- City AM - UK

US President Trump meets EU chiefs in Brussels

U.S. President Donald Trump met the European Union's top officials Thursday in a bid to mend ties with a bloc he deeply alarmed by backing Brexit

- The Daily Star - LB

10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! Here is the tech news you need to know this Thursday. 1. UK government ministers are reportedly planning to enforce new powers that would compel tech companies like WhatsApp and Apple to hand over encrypted messages. It's not clear how this would work in practice as the "end-to-end encryption" techniques used ...

- Silicon Alley Insider - US

British MPs get abused in every 20th tweet they receive

The abuse peaked after the EU referendum vote.

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Post-Brexit EU Unity May Not Hold

The biggest surprise of Brexit has been the remarkable cohesion of the remaining 27 members of the European Union. No one has been more surprised by this unity than the EU itself. But it may not last.

- Wall Street Journal - US

EU Wants Secret Ballot on Post-Brexit Location of European Agencies

European Union countries fighting to host the bloc's top financial regulator and drugs agency will vote in secret ballot as the continent's capitals compete over Brexit spoils.

- Wall Street Journal - US

Openness over Brexit is 'political play', says EU ombudsman

Emily O'Reilly said she does not think that the EU institutions have suddenly "fallen in love with transparency".

- EU Observer - EU

Gibraltar will switch the EU flag for Commonwealth flag after Brexit

Gibraltar will switch the EU flag for the Commonwealth flag as it seeks to forge strong and enduring' trade relationships around the world after Brexit, Chief Minister Fabian Picardo said. The Chief Minister was speaking at the opening of a conference focusing on Brexit and the importance of the Commonwealth to the UK and ...

- MercoPress - FK

Potential Trump ambassador vows easier trade with countries that exit EU

The political science professor who wants to be the new United States ambassador to the EU has said that any country that follows the UK to leave the bloc could instantly' have better trade relations with the US.

- EurActive - UK

Financial integration in the Eurozone should not be a tough sell

Much progress has been made in recent years to improve the financial integration of the Eurozone.  This column argues that while banking union promotes stability, markets remain fragmented and consumers aren't yet fully enjoying the fruits of integration. With Brexit on the horizon, it is up to the remaining EU member ...

- VoxEU - UK

Australia's involvement in an 'Anglosphere' is the delusion of a golden age that never existed

For almost all of its cumbersome history, the British Empire was a very ramshackle affair. ShutterstockThe weird and wonderful concept of the Anglosphere is gaining a surprising salience in public debates as Britain faces up to its post-Europe future. Angst seems to be mounting as many British voters who voted to leave the ...

- The Conversation - UK

Aussies and Kiwis can be us' to Brexiteers - so why are EU citizens them'?

Nostalgia for the empire means Brexiteers still see Australians and New Zealanders as "Brits abroad".  There are many terrible things about Brexit, most of which I counted, mournfully, on the night of the referendum while hiding in a stairwell because I was too depressed to talk to anyone at the party I'd just run away ...

- New Statesman - UK

Portuguese minister: Southern cities better placed to host medicines agency

Portugal is the latest member state to try and poach the UK-based European Medicines Agency after Brexit. In an interview with, Portugal's junior minister for European affairs insisted having two EU agencies based in Lisbon already would not hurt its chances.

- EurActive - UK

Sofia, Athens Continue Exchange on Issues, Related to Future of EU and Migration

During the second Rhodes Conference for Security and Stability Foreign Ministers of Bulgaria and Greece Ekaterina Zaharieva and Nikos Kotzias confirmed the strategic feature of the bilateral relations, stating their will for the deepening of the latter. The ministers contracted the continuing of exchange between the working ...

- Novinite - BG

After Brexit, EU plans 'offer you cannot refuse' to expand euro zone: Moscovici

BRUSSELS - The European Commission aims to make adopting the euro more attractive to European Union members currently outside the currency bloc, the economics commissioner said on Tuesday, in a bid to make the union more tight-knit after Britain's vote to leave.

- Reuters - US

No post-Brexit trade deal before bill settled, EU tells UK

European Union governments agreed on a common Brexit negotiating plan on Monday and renewed their insistence that they would not open talks on a post-Brexit trade deal until London agrees to settle what...Click To Continue


EU nations set tough negotiating mandate for Brexit talks

BRUSSELS " The 27 European Union nations handling Britain's exit from the bloc set a tough negotiating mandate for the talks, the EU's chief negotiator said Monday, stressing that the discussions would be tension-filled.The...

- The New Zealand Herald - NZ

EU nations set tough negotiating mandate for Brexit talks

BRUSSELS " The 27 European Union nations negotiating Britain's exit from the bloc have set a tough mandate for their chief negotiator during the opening part of the two-year proceedings.EU ministers on Monday built on the tough...

- The New Zealand Herald - NZ

Deal for orderly Brexit a must, says EU lead negotiator

Failure to strike a deal that ushers Britain out of the European Union in an orderly way is not an option Brussels wants to consider, its chief negotiator said yesterday as the EU gave a final green light for him to launch talks next month.

- EurActive - UK

No trade talks before Brexit Bill settled, EU tells London

European Union governments agreed a common Brexit negotiating plan yesterday and renewed their insistence that they would not open talks on a post-Brexit trade deal until London agrees to settle what it owes the Union. Ministers from the 27 other EU states met in Brussels to sign off on a common strategy and mandate the EU ...

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Why the EU's Singapore ruling does not lead to a smoother Brexit road for Britain

The UK's future trade deals will be subject to EU member state approval. shutterstock.comThe UK's vote for Brexit was all about taking back control. Indeed, when the UK leaves the EU, control over a variety of policy areas is likely to change hands. The problem is that it will not necessarily be into the UK government's ...

- The Conversation - UK

EU Council authorises start of Brexit talks

The EU Council of 27 Member States formally authorised the beginning of talks with the UK Monday, following the notification of its intention to leave the EU. The Commission was nominated as the EU negotiator.

- - UK

Ministers face calls for Brexit transparency after the General Election

  Ministers are facing a new call to commit to more Brexit transparency, and reveal goals for EU negotiations immediately after the election. The European Commission met yesterday to formally authorise the start of negotiations with the UK, rubber-stamping priorities for the talks. And with the process set to formally ...

- City AM - UK

SNP to insist on Scotland's right to chose Brexit or independence

EDINBURGH - The Scottish National Party will insist on Scotland's right to decide its own future as Britain leaves the European Union, according to a policy document to be published on Tuesday.

- Reuters - US

EU's 27 to set Britain tough Brexit negotiating mandate

THE 27 European Union nations handling Britain’s exit from the bloc are to set a tough negotiating mandate for the talks, said the EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier yesterday. The discussions will center on the tens of billions in costs London would be expected to pay for the divorce. The 27 ministers said ...

- Shanghai Daily - CN

Failure not our option, EU says as Brexit plan set

By Alastair Macdonald BRUSSELS - Failure to strike a deal that ushers Britain out of the European Union in an orderly way is not an option Brussels wants to consider, its chief negotiator said on Monday as the EU gave a final green light for him to launch talks next month. Britain's Brexit Secretary David Davis said at the ...

- Sify - IN

EU nations set tough negotiating mandate for Brexit talks

The 27 European Union nations handling Britain's exit from the bloc set a tough negotiating mandate for the talks, the EU's...

- Deseret News - US