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Test your PC's Ghost Recon: Wildlands performance in this weekend's open beta.

It's that time again! And by that time' I of course mean time for one of Ubisoft's infamous open betas' a.k.a. time-limited demo periods right before a game's launch—this time for the upcoming Ghost Recon: Wildlands. We're about two weeks out from parachuting through drug-torn Bolivia officially, but you can get your ...

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Protests over Morales expose divisions among Bolivians.

Some fear Evo Morales will try to seek a fourth, unconstitutional presidential term in 2019.

- Al Jazeera - QA

Bolivian farmers threw dynamite and fireworks at police during protest over cultivation of cocaine's base product.

REUTERS/David Mercado La Paz - Coca farmers clashed with police Tuesday in the second straight day of violent protests in La Paz against a Morales government bill to limit legal areas of cultivation. Angry farmers threw dynamite, fireworks and rocks at police in an attempt to regain positions lost late Monday in a clash at ...

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Chuquisaca, Bolivia hit by strong earthquake.

A powerful and deep earthquake hit Chiquisaca, Bolivia at 14:09 UTC on February 21, 2017. Preliminary Earthquake Report: Magnitude 6.5 Date-Time • 21 Feb 2017 14:09:04 UTC

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Latin America weighs up lithium prospects.

Argentina, Bolivia and Chile are preparing to profit from the global demand for lithium. Will they do it?

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Mexico's pollution: how two entrepreneurs are driving change by embracing old cars.

After decades as the standard taxi model in Mexico City, the Volkswagen Bug is considered classic' Mexico. Take the 2002 white VW Bug parked in the gravel lot alongside Alto Rendimiento Automotriz, Álvaro de la Paz's car shop. The engine has been replaced with an electric motor held up by handcrafted supports, and the back ...

- Yahoo! News - US

Mexico's pollution: how two entrepreneurs are driving change by embracing old cars.

For Álvaro de la Paz and Héctor Ruiz García, a key path to progress lies less in getting cars off the roads than in changing the ones that are on them.

- Christian Science Monitor - US

Violent risks intelligence bulletin - 14 February 2017.

Americas Bolivia - 13 February 2017: The CEO of the Empresa Minera de Huanuni mining company said that minerals theft was causing the company losses of USD300,000 a month. Brazil - 13 February 2017: In Rio de Janeiro, President Michel Temer authorised the deployment of federal troops to

- Jane’s - US

Bolivia begins fumigation against locust plague.

Chemical spraying began in Santa Cruz department, the eastern grain region of the country.

- BBC - UK